Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Being inundated with Happy New Year messages?

Ok, so you may have noticed that you are being inundated with happy messages for the new year from all of the lists that you are on (and from just other folks). But I have not sent one. Why?

Because, like you, I somehow feel that we should be telling the truth. Not all this wishful thinking, congratulations, and keeping your attention. In fact, am about to unsubscribe from most of the lists am on, as most of these experts do nothing but send me at least one email each day and always, somehow or other, pushing their point of view or their product or service. And that's fine, I guess (it’s their business), but am tired of it. I need to focus! Not read tens of e-mails a day from the same guys! (Oh and by the way, am quite used to now just being there like a drone and deleting most of those e-mails: Broughton? DEL. Casey? DEL. Filsaime? DEL. Walt? DEL. Jody Hans, a very definite DEL. See what I mean? Not that their e-mails are not any good; they just keep repeating themselves.)

As well, I don't wish to fill you with positive suggestions, positive energy and all that. After all, you will continue in your patterns (do what you have always done) because you simply don't notice those patterns, that draw you in, like a robot. So what's the point of telling you to be positive and so on? None, except to annoy you.

You see, you need to start to notice your patterns. Your habits. How you start projects and never finish them, or start too many, lose attention and interest, or get fixated in one or another and don't see the bigger picture. But as you start to NOTICE this behavior, this patterning, you will, by and by, engage in it less and less... until you are able to transcend (or go beyond) your habitual patterns and start to build new patterns, patterns that lead to ..... what it is you want.

So am not going to give you all that positive mindless advice that most folks give you, pat you on the back, and say what a good person you are! The fact is, you are NOT your ego. Your True Nature is yet undiscovered by you. And I can say with all confidence (as I have studied the matter for over 15 years now) that your True Nature is Divine (and Perfect).

But a part of your Mind does not think so. It thinks you are separate from the Divine and deserving of punishment. In fact, you feel separate from the Divine, and even other people (that’s the evidence that the ego presents you, but you must suspect it!) And guilt.

Ok, am not going to make this into a lecture, just wanted to give you a brief glimpse (and am not immune, by the way, most of us live in our egos, even if we do have some Knowledge).

So just remember, the ego is not here to congratulate you! It is here to keep you imprisoned in this Matrix-like (fabricated) world (with all the taxes and loans you cannot possibly pay back legitimately).

So please start to notice your own activity and behavior (don’t act on it, just notice it). And in the meantime, do the practical thing to keep it going here, which means make some money, pay the rent, pay the taxes (if you will), and be responsible. But don't lose sight, while doing those tasks, of what I just said. And am not the ONLY one saying this. Do your research, if you will. Others say the same thing, in different ways. Some of it you catch, most of it you don’t.

< end diatribe >

So... am going to remove myself from most of the "Gurus of Internet Marketing" lists, or, most likely wanna-be's and focus on:

a) PlugInProfits for myself and to help others of you that have joined
b) FollowOurLead (same as above but am more passive there)
c) work a few of the surfs like Mrs. VIP, and some HYIPs that are still going well (MinVestment for instance)
d) continue to evaluate new opps because my readers are quite diverse, so not all of you will join the above two, and quite a few of you will still enjoy making money in such programmes as 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay and am sure others will come along. I will review those and others, such as new e-books that are about to come out or have come out.

So that's it then. That's my focus. Basically work the two systems above, and continue to keep this blog updated so that I can help you to NOT lose money, or not too much, and help you to even MAKE money from the various opps out there.

Now, that means discovering new venues for advertising a) and b), and even new methods. And passing those on to you, if you are interested. Because it is all about getting that targeted (if possible) traffic. Remember, there are millions of new users coming on line every month! Most have NOT heard about what is available and what is legit. So putting yourself in front of them should be a priority. They will sign up with you or with someone else. But many will sign up. So come along with me in that journey. I do this full time. So it's not a game for me.

Now have a great day! If you can. As to how you feel? It's a choice that you have to make, and do make, in every moment.


PS: a) and b) are LONG TERM programmes! You MUST devote a minimum of six months or even a year! Else you will keep spinning your wheels and going nowhere with the various scams and ponzis out there. Especially in today’s climate! So yes, play in some of them, like 10dw and e2epay, but also go long term, for that stable, recurring income with multiple sources! And don’t make the mistake of advertising any ONE programme... you MUSt grab the person’s email address and name and get them into an Autoresponder series that builds trust over time and introduces them to multiple streams of income. That’s the way to go. Other have done it, it’s not a theory. So can you. Just follow in their footsteps. See a) and b) above.

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