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In times of change the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to work in a world that no longer exists - Eric Hoffer

PLEASE READ - Before reading on, you'll need to re-program your mind from any negative past experience you've had. As you'll learn, Mrs VIP is NOT just a repeat of other opportunities you've seen before.

Here is a simple, straightforward explanation and map of the main points. There is NO referring needed. If you want, you can lock yourself in the dark and never tell a soul. However, there are many benefits for referrers and a link with that info will be included at the end.


MrsVIP is a revenue-sharing program that's been created with longevity and long-term stability in mind. CEO, Dr. Mara Greenway PhD. and Vice President, Vee Gordon (known as Mrs. Vee), created MrsVIP as a hybrid between a conventional Network Marketing system and 3 'view-and-rate' programs all in one convenient interface with a virtually passive opportunity included. MrsVIP has implemented many steps to ensure that they operate as a safe and reliable opportunity for all members and that they remain SEC compliant. Part of this includes a change in vocabulary and thinking. Terms such as: surfing, adpacks, roi, etc. don't apply to the way this program is structured.


About 15 minutes a day just giving a quick rating to 25 sites. Miss a day and it doesn't matter. You just don't get paid for that day.


MrsVIP/V-Lane is a full service media and advertising agency. It is not a HYIP, it is not a traditional “surf” site and it is most definitely not a ponzi. It may take our members a long time to "re-program" their way of thinking, but eventually, hopefully, members will come to the realization, that we actually really mean what we say! So, when we say we plan to be around for years.... that's exactly what we mean. In fact, the program can be sustained forever IF the key and core components are in place:

1. Solid and diversified investments
2. Controlled growth
3. Being legal and compliant
4. Steering clear of online investments

We have very solid investments in diverse niches of the economy. We have stated that we will be transparent and our portfolio will be laid bare for all to see in the very near future. Now we will not give away “the company secrets” but what you need to know to perform your own due diligence will be available.

We constantly monitor the growth of V-Lane and to this end, we will not hesitate a second to do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals ... even if it means closing the program to the public and not accepting anymore new members.

We are 100% legal and compliant and will always run this program within the law. This is well documented and may not always be popular with some members but on this we will not budge – we are and always will be a legal entity.

We do not, and will not ever, invest funds in HYIP’s, surf sites or any other risky online businesses. Our investments are solid business investments that are not “here today, gone tomorrow”.

As you can see, there is no such thing as getting "too big to survive", because we are not planning to let it get to that point in the first place.


You can join with anything from $20 to $10k using e-bullion, solidpay or wire transfer.

There are two steps to joining -

STEP 1 - Subscribe to the matrix at one of three levels, which is the portal to the passive opportunities.

(IMPORTANT - Do NOT let the word matrix put you off. This is merely the portal, NOT where the bulk of your money is made).

Pay into your Mrs VIP wallet, then transfer from there to buy your packages. (There is a small charge for wallet transfers).

The level you join at depends on how much you'll be spending on marketing packages. You can upgrade later as your income increases.

Ruby - $20 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

Emerald - $40 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

Diamond - $60 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

STEP 2 - Decide how much you want to spend on marketing packages. These allow you to advertise your website and boost its Alexa ratings. You can spend anything from $20 to a max of $10k. Transfer the currency to the wallet, then transfer from the wallet to make your purchase.


There are currently three passive income streams.

1% a day for a year

2% a day for 65 days

3-8% daily until 115% is reached.

The maximum purchase for the first is 10k. This alone would earn you 3k a month. This is the most lucrative and recommeded you start in. You can then max out in the other two and earn about $6200 a month being 100% passive.

EVERYONE gets paid and EVERYONE gets paid on the 1st of the month. Once you've been paid either cashout or reinvest. It's up to you.

***They are shortly to issue a card with a DIRECT link to Mastercard, not via some dodgy middleman.

EXAMPLE - Here's what a totally passive member can earn starting with just $240.

You can join MrsVIP at the Ruby level.

The cost to join is $40 which includes your one-time account
set fee ($20) and your first month member fee ($20).

You will then pay $20 each month thereafter beginning with
your second month and your monthly fee can be deducted from
your earnings.

You have now spent $40 out of your $240 start up capital.

You will now use the remaining $200 to purchase a marketing
package in V-Lane Traffic.

Although there are 3 types of marketing packages available,
I am basing this discussion on the "1% for 365 days" option.
I am also using a 30 day month even though some months have
fewer or more than 30 days.

Each month your net earnings are used to purchase a
new 1% for 365 days package.

Here is the suggested strategy...

Month 1 -----------------------------------------------------$200
Month 1 earnings --------------------------------------------$60
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$40

Month 2 -----------------------------------------------------$240
Month 2 earnings --------------------------------------------$72
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$52

Month 3 -----------------------------------------------------$292
Month 3 earnings --------------------------------------------$88
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$68

Month 4 -----------------------------------------------------$360
Month 4 earnings --------------------------------------------$108
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$88

Month 5 -----------------------------------------------------$448
Month 5 earnings --------------------------------------------$134
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$114

Month 6 -----------------------------------------------------$562
Month 6 earnings --------------------------------------------$169
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$149

Month 7 -----------------------------------------------------$711
Month 7 earnings --------------------------------------------$213
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$193

Month 8 -----------------------------------------------------$904
Month 8 earnings --------------------------------------------$271
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$251

Month 9 -----------------------------------------------------$1155
Month 9 earnings --------------------------------------------$346
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$326

Month 10 ----------------------------------------------------$1481
Month 10 earnings -------------------------------------------$444
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$424

Month 11 ----------------------------------------------------$1905
Month 11 earnings -------------------------------------------$571
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$551

Month 12 ----------------------------------------------------$2456
Month 12 earnings -------------------------------------------$737
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$717

At this point you have maxed out your earnings because you are at
the Ruby membership level. From this point forward you have many
options... can withdraw your earnings on the first day of each month can upgrade your MrsVIP member level can use a portion of your funds to participate in the other
2 marketing package options which are....

2% for 65 days plan
3% to 8% variable plan which expires at 115%

While this process is taking place you will become much more
knowledgeable and informed with regard to the many possible
strategies that can be implemented in this extraordinary

If you were start with 1k in the 1% a day plan, you'll be maxed out in the 1% daily plan and earning 3k monthly in your 10th month. You could then put some of that into the other two income streams and max out to about $6200.

You can join now to take a look. Your membership will be held for 10 days, which gives plenty of time to make your purchases.

This has been just a short overview. There is lots more going on in the background. The website and the forum answer virtually all the other questions you may ask. On the other hand, don't do anything until you've heard these calls. I believe they will convince you that Mrs VIP is about change, and not like what you've seen before.


This link walks you through the entire sign-up process

Exciting member call and latest plan - A MUST to listen to

Intro and interview with founder Dr. Mara Greenaway

CLICK BELOW to join, for business modelinfo/referrer info, forum and more FAQ.

Sign up now.

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