Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PROGRAMME REVIEW: RevolutionaryMatrix

This is one you have to actually watch to be convinced. Go to the site and watch the video. Am actually really impressed! This guy espouses my own feelings and thoughts about what is going on out there with all the liars and cheats and folks at the top making the most bucks.

I've joined this one, even mid-way into his video! Meaning am convinced. He shows honesty, truth, and more, right in that video. Most of the other videos I've seen are just crap. Like the Dark Angel videos, and the Ron whatever his name is video. All sounding very fake. But not this one. I am truly impressed. Am glad I did not pass this one by (got an email from one of my readers of my blog... but did decide to at least glance at it and am glad I did). Go and watch! At least. I mean... the guy is even Spiritual! And was the 2nd most successful member in GDI! Wow! A powerful video. Ok, I can't stop. Ok, I'll stop. Go see it. This guy is right on! The sincerity is palpable. Did I stop?

Let me give you an idea: Michael D'Archangelo's video presentation I would rate at about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Jame's video presentation? 10! Or more even! It really appeals that much to me. Am tired of all the shysters out there that make the most bucks! It's time for us folks to make some bucks! OK? Now go watch. Oh and it's only a few days old right now but should blossom quickly!

Wow this one is going great! Overspill galore! Now folks, sign in and clickon Your Downline or View your downline, something like that. Under each face you will notice that the name is linked to an e-mail address. Click on it. Your e-mail client should come up and send them a kind note. Welcome them, whatever. Send them a joke. Just make folks welcome. This is a good one!

But you know? Let me tone it down a bit. Who's going to get to the bottom of a 5x6 matrix? Ummm... almost no one. That's about 15,625 folks! But... All in all? I like their attitude and so on and am sure you will get your ten bucks back, each month, either from overspill or from your own enthusiastic praise and promotion of this one! Just let the video do the talking for you! You don't need to say much to your friends! Ok? Or even strangers. Just say... Shut up and just watch the video!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Take a good look America, Canada, World.. if these two can cooperate? Why can't the rest of the World???

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How I almost sank a plank in an open grave.

So I was around 6 years old living in Bielorus (White Russia). I and my best buddy were playing near the forest and there were several open graves there. As we had a night of rain the graves (I don't know how many there were, that's not what I remember) was filled with water.

So we both got the great idea of throwing in the plank that was lying beside the grave and play the game of trying to sink the sucker with our poles, which we happened to have with us for some odd reason.

Or was that my idea? Probably. I was not too bright at that time. Usually came home with my leather case, which was stuffed with books I need for school, feeling very heavy because of the report card in there. It was filled with 2's. And the scale was from 1 to 5, with 5 being Excellent. Man was that thing heavy!

But I digress. Back to the story. So I take my pole/stick and try to sink the wooden plank! It goes below the water momentarily but then pops back up! Sure puzzled the both of us.

Then you can guess what happened. Yep, my stick slips! And where do I end up? Under water! I look up and see the sky through the water and some grass! Well now am not sure if I got a bright idea or not, but I went for that grass! I grabbed it and pulled myself up and somehow managed to get myself out.

By now you are thinking.... where was that friend of yours? Well, I have no memory of where the heck he was as he sure did not help pull me out! Likely the guy was laughing his head off.

Now, I remembered the incident where I almost burned the house down. And I knew that if I showed up with wet clothing I'd get a lickin' (punishment to others of you who don't get that slang).

So I took my clothes off and for the next hour or more had to stand around butt naked and wait for my clothes to dry in the sun.

Mom never found out about that incident. Whew!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I almost burned our house down.

Yeah, I was always able to cook, ever since my ma locked me in our house while she went to work and I had to peel potatoes before she came back, and watched the other children having fun outside. I even had a stool I could stnad on to get myself some soup!

And one of my friends comments on that:

I recall you telling me about that. and didn't you start a fire once out back or something too? and she didn't even beat your ass. she was thankful that you were ok.

js: exactly right. I got so frustrated over being locked up that I tried to see through the keyhole! But all was black. (And on the other side of the door was all this straw, as insulation I guess.) So I struck a match, put it through the keyhole to see what I could see. Vooooom! The door caught on fire!

Then I looked around. I saw windows. Double windows. Dang! So I broke through, not sure how, maybe my shoes? Threw my coat and shoes out and then dived through the windows! No injuries!

Neighbors arrived and put out the fire with buckets of water. The whole front entrance was full of water.

I went back in and tried to cover up. I took some pillows and stuffed them in the broken window, hoping my Mom would not notice any wind and such.

Boy was I afraid! Well, she came home, looked at me, approached me.. and hugged me! I was flabbergasted! All she said was that she was glad I was smart enough to exit the house by breaking a window (double). And that was that. No punishment! I was truly amazed!

That's one of my stories.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Club! Take a look at this one.

Jan. 4th (Sunday)

  • Ok, am back safely. Just in the nick of time as it started to pour freezing rain as I was unloading my car.

  • Ok this one looks pretty fun. You basically join this club and when invited to send a gift to your upline and your front line you go ahead and send them an amount from $2 to $5. You will never send more than $60 PER YEAR. There are no fees. Just a fun club. I joined. Have a quick look yourself.

    PS: Do not use Safari to sign up. Use FireFox or Internet Explorer. If you don't see my id (micronuts) in the top box, follow the instructions there. Or simply use this link.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Packs of cars are like packs of dogs, this is my recent observation

You know, in all of my long travels on the highways here I've noticed an interesting phenomena.

It seems like cars travel in packs. Like running packs of dogs. I always tend to remain between two packs, one ahead, one behind.

They all seem to chase each other. Pass each other. Stay too close to each other as if sniffing the asses of those ahead, like dogs tend to do.

Some even chase their own tails as they spin out in bad weather (saw this happen on the way to see my daughter, while on the 401 in bad weather).

Many times I find myself catching up to a certain pack of (dogs) cars as they rush up to a stop light on Highway 7, then have to hit their breaks. Last time I could not resist but yell at them. Something like: Woohooo! You got ahead of one car! Congratulations! Dumb f****k. But I guess they never hear me as they continue to chase the dogs ahead of them and try to pass them.

And in Quebec it is indeed insane, as every driver tries to pass the one ahead. Even if it is a cop car! In fact, there were to guys in a car, father and son... the father kept telling the son to.. passe, passe! Meaning.. .pass him! Pass him! But the son would yell back, saying.. but Dad! It's a cop! And the father would yell back: But he's not chasing us! Pass him! Pass him!

What insanity eh? But sometimes makes for a good laugh.