Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PROGRAMME REVIEW: RevolutionaryMatrix

This is one you have to actually watch to be convinced. Go to the site and watch the video. Am actually really impressed! This guy espouses my own feelings and thoughts about what is going on out there with all the liars and cheats and folks at the top making the most bucks.

I've joined this one, even mid-way into his video! Meaning am convinced. He shows honesty, truth, and more, right in that video. Most of the other videos I've seen are just crap. Like the Dark Angel videos, and the Ron whatever his name is video. All sounding very fake. But not this one. I am truly impressed. Am glad I did not pass this one by (got an email from one of my readers of my blog... but did decide to at least glance at it and am glad I did). Go and watch! At least. I mean... the guy is even Spiritual! And was the 2nd most successful member in GDI! Wow! A powerful video. Ok, I can't stop. Ok, I'll stop. Go see it. This guy is right on! The sincerity is palpable. Did I stop?

Let me give you an idea: Michael D'Archangelo's video presentation I would rate at about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Jame's video presentation? 10! Or more even! It really appeals that much to me. Am tired of all the shysters out there that make the most bucks! It's time for us folks to make some bucks! OK? Now go watch. Oh and it's only a few days old right now but should blossom quickly!

Wow this one is going great! Overspill galore! Now folks, sign in and clickon Your Downline or View your downline, something like that. Under each face you will notice that the name is linked to an e-mail address. Click on it. Your e-mail client should come up and send them a kind note. Welcome them, whatever. Send them a joke. Just make folks welcome. This is a good one!

But you know? Let me tone it down a bit. Who's going to get to the bottom of a 5x6 matrix? Ummm... almost no one. That's about 15,625 folks! But... All in all? I like their attitude and so on and am sure you will get your ten bucks back, each month, either from overspill or from your own enthusiastic praise and promotion of this one! Just let the video do the talking for you! You don't need to say much to your friends! Ok? Or even strangers. Just say... Shut up and just watch the video!


Arthur Raymond Jr said...

what and how does RM works and most importantly, what's the cost? Thanks

js said...

My guess is you don't reading the front page.

Ten bucks.

How does it work? It's a forced matrix, with overspill.


Did you listen to the video? Did you watch it? Let me know.


Lydia said...

Hi js! I like this one too and especially the video. I even watched it all ;) Seems like a nice guy with integrity.

Thanks for your help with this one, much appreciated as always!


js said...

I knew you'd like it Lydia. It's rare to find someone come across as being so sincere, online, in a video.

And glad to be of help. I see you have 4 now. 1 more and I'll be off to help someone else.