Thursday, February 5, 2009


This looks like a fun one. An HYIP Manager script (time-proven, no bugs).

Pay Processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and StrictPay. Wow. I don't have that much in any of those. Maybe in LR. But you can also deposit money into StrictPay from SolidTrustPay (you do have to remember your access code, which you set up the first time you signed up with StrictPay).

The plans are pretty simple, you can see them on the front page. This is a classic HYIP. By the way, the column that says Profit? It's really ROI.

I did not simply find this one on the 'net nor received any kind of e-mail. I was introduced to this one through some contacts that I trust. So am playing in this one.

Have a closer look and then decide.

ADDENDUM Friday Feb. 6th: They've added AlertPay! Great! Just a few technical issues though this morning. Should be resolved some time during the day. I know a lot of folks are waiting to use AlertPay.


blondie said...

Hey Look at your Visitors List js. Blondie is right under google. And we all know that no one can compete with google :P
Have a good night :)
ps, nice post by the way.

js said...

Hi Blondie, thanks for the hits!

I guess I should keep this blog more up to date!

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