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In times of change the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to work in a world that no longer exists - Eric Hoffer

PLEASE READ - Before reading on, you'll need to re-program your mind from any negative past experience you've had. As you'll learn, Mrs VIP is NOT just a repeat of other opportunities you've seen before.

Here is a simple, straightforward explanation and map of the main points. There is NO referring needed. If you want, you can lock yourself in the dark and never tell a soul. However, there are many benefits for referrers and a link with that info will be included at the end.


MrsVIP is a revenue-sharing program that's been created with longevity and long-term stability in mind. CEO, Dr. Mara Greenway PhD. and Vice President, Vee Gordon (known as Mrs. Vee), created MrsVIP as a hybrid between a conventional Network Marketing system and 3 'view-and-rate' programs all in one convenient interface with a virtually passive opportunity included. MrsVIP has implemented many steps to ensure that they operate as a safe and reliable opportunity for all members and that they remain SEC compliant. Part of this includes a change in vocabulary and thinking. Terms such as: surfing, adpacks, roi, etc. don't apply to the way this program is structured.


About 15 minutes a day just giving a quick rating to 25 sites. Miss a day and it doesn't matter. You just don't get paid for that day.


MrsVIP/V-Lane is a full service media and advertising agency. It is not a HYIP, it is not a traditional “surf” site and it is most definitely not a ponzi. It may take our members a long time to "re-program" their way of thinking, but eventually, hopefully, members will come to the realization, that we actually really mean what we say! So, when we say we plan to be around for years.... that's exactly what we mean. In fact, the program can be sustained forever IF the key and core components are in place:

1. Solid and diversified investments
2. Controlled growth
3. Being legal and compliant
4. Steering clear of online investments

We have very solid investments in diverse niches of the economy. We have stated that we will be transparent and our portfolio will be laid bare for all to see in the very near future. Now we will not give away “the company secrets” but what you need to know to perform your own due diligence will be available.

We constantly monitor the growth of V-Lane and to this end, we will not hesitate a second to do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals ... even if it means closing the program to the public and not accepting anymore new members.

We are 100% legal and compliant and will always run this program within the law. This is well documented and may not always be popular with some members but on this we will not budge – we are and always will be a legal entity.

We do not, and will not ever, invest funds in HYIP’s, surf sites or any other risky online businesses. Our investments are solid business investments that are not “here today, gone tomorrow”.

As you can see, there is no such thing as getting "too big to survive", because we are not planning to let it get to that point in the first place.


You can join with anything from $20 to $10k using e-bullion, solidpay or wire transfer.

There are two steps to joining -

STEP 1 - Subscribe to the matrix at one of three levels, which is the portal to the passive opportunities.

(IMPORTANT - Do NOT let the word matrix put you off. This is merely the portal, NOT where the bulk of your money is made).

Pay into your Mrs VIP wallet, then transfer from there to buy your packages. (There is a small charge for wallet transfers).

The level you join at depends on how much you'll be spending on marketing packages. You can upgrade later as your income increases.

Ruby - $20 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

Emerald - $40 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

Diamond - $60 a month (Taken automatically from your commission earnings)

STEP 2 - Decide how much you want to spend on marketing packages. These allow you to advertise your website and boost its Alexa ratings. You can spend anything from $20 to a max of $10k. Transfer the currency to the wallet, then transfer from the wallet to make your purchase.


There are currently three passive income streams.

1% a day for a year

2% a day for 65 days

3-8% daily until 115% is reached.

The maximum purchase for the first is 10k. This alone would earn you 3k a month. This is the most lucrative and recommeded you start in. You can then max out in the other two and earn about $6200 a month being 100% passive.

EVERYONE gets paid and EVERYONE gets paid on the 1st of the month. Once you've been paid either cashout or reinvest. It's up to you.

***They are shortly to issue a card with a DIRECT link to Mastercard, not via some dodgy middleman.

EXAMPLE - Here's what a totally passive member can earn starting with just $240.

You can join MrsVIP at the Ruby level.

The cost to join is $40 which includes your one-time account
set fee ($20) and your first month member fee ($20).

You will then pay $20 each month thereafter beginning with
your second month and your monthly fee can be deducted from
your earnings.

You have now spent $40 out of your $240 start up capital.

You will now use the remaining $200 to purchase a marketing
package in V-Lane Traffic.

Although there are 3 types of marketing packages available,
I am basing this discussion on the "1% for 365 days" option.
I am also using a 30 day month even though some months have
fewer or more than 30 days.

Each month your net earnings are used to purchase a
new 1% for 365 days package.

Here is the suggested strategy...

Month 1 -----------------------------------------------------$200
Month 1 earnings --------------------------------------------$60
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$40

Month 2 -----------------------------------------------------$240
Month 2 earnings --------------------------------------------$72
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$52

Month 3 -----------------------------------------------------$292
Month 3 earnings --------------------------------------------$88
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$68

Month 4 -----------------------------------------------------$360
Month 4 earnings --------------------------------------------$108
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$88

Month 5 -----------------------------------------------------$448
Month 5 earnings --------------------------------------------$134
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$114

Month 6 -----------------------------------------------------$562
Month 6 earnings --------------------------------------------$169
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$149

Month 7 -----------------------------------------------------$711
Month 7 earnings --------------------------------------------$213
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$193

Month 8 -----------------------------------------------------$904
Month 8 earnings --------------------------------------------$271
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$251

Month 9 -----------------------------------------------------$1155
Month 9 earnings --------------------------------------------$346
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$326

Month 10 ----------------------------------------------------$1481
Month 10 earnings -------------------------------------------$444
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$424

Month 11 ----------------------------------------------------$1905
Month 11 earnings -------------------------------------------$571
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$551

Month 12 ----------------------------------------------------$2456
Month 12 earnings -------------------------------------------$737
Deduct $20 - used to pay your monthly fee in MrsVIP----------$20
Net earnings-------------------------------------------------$717

At this point you have maxed out your earnings because you are at
the Ruby membership level. From this point forward you have many
options... can withdraw your earnings on the first day of each month can upgrade your MrsVIP member level can use a portion of your funds to participate in the other
2 marketing package options which are....

2% for 65 days plan
3% to 8% variable plan which expires at 115%

While this process is taking place you will become much more
knowledgeable and informed with regard to the many possible
strategies that can be implemented in this extraordinary

If you were start with 1k in the 1% a day plan, you'll be maxed out in the 1% daily plan and earning 3k monthly in your 10th month. You could then put some of that into the other two income streams and max out to about $6200.

You can join now to take a look. Your membership will be held for 10 days, which gives plenty of time to make your purchases.

This has been just a short overview. There is lots more going on in the background. The website and the forum answer virtually all the other questions you may ask. On the other hand, don't do anything until you've heard these calls. I believe they will convince you that Mrs VIP is about change, and not like what you've seen before.


This link walks you through the entire sign-up process

Exciting member call and latest plan - A MUST to listen to

Intro and interview with founder Dr. Mara Greenaway

CLICK BELOW to join, for business modelinfo/referrer info, forum and more FAQ.

Sign up now.

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Why work from home contest

Ok, myself and Blondie have come up with a list of reasons why it is a good idea to be working on the Internet from home. In no particular order: (a brainstorming session between js and Blondie): Oh and we announce a contest about all this. OK, let’s have some fun here folks! Enough of the doldrums. Working online CAN be fun!

Send us your own reasons as to why having an online business on the Internet will serve you well (list practical reasons you have NOT seen in our list and also other reasons, like we have, ok?). So, send your entries right now.

The person with the most hilarious and even useful link will earn $5 in e-gold, provided by js. There will be five top winners as decided by the judges: js and Blondie. $5 for the first, $6 for the next, $7 for the next, $8 for the next and a whopping $9 for the final, or best. As to how we will determine the rankings? Well, we’ll scratch our heads over that and decide. Whatever is most practical or makes us laugh the most! Let’s have some fun!

And don't lose your sense of humor! OK?

Ok, here we go: The TOP reasons why you should work at home, Online, on the Internet!

- being able to work naked or in my pj’s
- drinking and working
- own hours
- watching TV or movies and working
- farting out loud
- having to shower much less (or not every day)
- no make up for women
- eating and working
- being either passive or active or in-between
- having your money work for you
- being able to express your thoughts, like in a blog
- having no friggin' bosses to answer to
- being able to go out doors w/o having to "take a break" and use up your break for the entire afternoon
- being able to have sex with self any time of the day or night
- being able to say anything without fear of being fired
- being able to go on a pee break any time you like! And without permission!
- being able to poo without holding it back!
- saving lots of gasoline money by NOT having to drive to work
- making friends AND money!
- being able to talk to yourself and have other people read it and not think you are talking to yourself and are insane.
- coming in late or leaving early is NOT a big deal
- taking a Sick day will be excused by YOU
- making money while asleep!
- being able to test advertising campaigns within days, not months!
- watching the Traffic Report on TV and knowing YOU won't be in it
- no need to shave for a few days!
- no ropes around the neck with those friggin' ties
- deadlines? did you say "deadline" hahaha
- flipping off someone on the net and they never know or mooning them? You like THIS butt ???? hahaha
- developing multiple streams of income and not having to worry over any one of them failing? As your eggs are not in one basket?
- keeping the heat on to YOUR satisfaction, NOT the Company's
- not having to worry about being laid off
- no sexual harassment when you're working from home! Unless you're kinky? And go to Adult Chat sites? While working? No one will tell.
- Your boss won't know that you're surfing porn sites while working!
- staying home with the kids and/or critters
- staying home
- doing laundry and housework not ONLY on weekends
- not doing laundry for a long, long, time - and wearing the same underwear day after day, if we choose.. and use Febreeze?
- being able to take up to 15% off the mortgage or rental as you take about 15% of the home or residence for conducting your business. But be careful. You may wish to claim less, so as to be under the wire, as they say. Or under the radar.

So, send your entries right now,


What follows is rather simplified, but it will get the concept across. For a more detailed treatment of this topic read the book Thinking and Destiny, Being the Science of Man by Harold Waldwin Percival.

I will cover only briefly a bit of background information to set the context. I again refer you to the above book if you are to fully appreciate the mechanisms being discussed.

What we call the soul receives deep impressions, as if it were etched or carved, by thoughts, and certain elementals as well as the "doer" in the physical body carry out and put into place circumstances, events, or launch thoughts that will at some point manifest or exteriorize within the physical plane of the Earth. Percival calls the soul the "breath-form", which is more descriptive than "soul" in getting across what its function is.

The breath-form lives in the involuntary part of the nervous system, while the doer (or controller of the body) lives in the voluntary part. This is a simplification, there is far more to it (for example the involvement with the brain and certain glandular structures). The breath-form can be impressed with lines of thought or thinking, which then must at some point manifest physically. So the technique would be to impress the breath-form with desired lines of thinking to produce desired results. But the desired lines of thinking with their results must be considered very carefully as to honesty, rightfulness, and necessity, for one can fool one's self only so long, one can delay the manifestation of destiny only so long (due to past deeds and thoughts which were impressed on the breath-form, even from prior lives), before that destiny is forced to manifest so that the thoughts that were created or set in motion are able to be balanced. In other words, to produce results which are most beneficial for your growth is the best approach, whether they produce joy or suffering. You must keep in mind that suffering is a means to purify (or balance out) past deeds, and such suffering may manifest as various illnesses or diseases in the body. If one simply works towards getting rid of a particular illness then it may be canceled out or suppressed for a time, but the thought behind it is powerful, and has not been balanced out, so it will manifest again as another illness. So either the disease must be allowed to run its course, which leads to the purification or balancing of the thought behind it or one must act rightly to balance the thought behind the disease (such can be done by allowing the Divine to purify it, or suffering may be required in the body to "burn it off".) But to continue with the main topic....

One more thing you should know is that the breath-form lives closer to, and is affected directly by, the senses (sight, smell, taste, and hearing; Percival does not consider feeling as a sense, it belongs to the doer, while the four senses are really elementals which interact with nature and carry impressions back to the doer), while the doer has little impact on the breath-form, except through experience, which is of the senses and therefore nature. In which case, passive thinking, being caused by impressions on the senses (as most of us, our thinking, are always concerned with objects, such as money, food, sex, and various possessions, these being perceived by the four senses are therefor part of nature and passive thinking, as opposed to active thinking). So passive thinking, being intimately related to sense objects, accumulate and leave lasting impressions, or recordings, on the breath-form (the breath-form being directly affected by the senses). Whereas active thinking is done consciously by the doer whenever one considers a topic, such as a mathematical problem, or something that one is trying to obtain. And unless the doer brings in desire into the thinking the impression on the breath-form is faint or non-existent (since feeling and desire stimulate passive thinking).

Passive thinking accumulates throughtout the days and because the breath-form is etched easier by the senses passive thinking is more powerful than active thinking in manifesting what one desires or wants. Active thinking is not continuous, at least in most of us. We have difficulty in holding attention on what we actively want so a strong impression or imprint on the breath-form is not made. This is why it is advisable in goal setting to involve desire and emotions, and the senses.

Now most people's lives are controlled by passive thinking. Passive thinking is not the sub-conscious or the unconscious. There are no such things. So it is not the sub-conscious, so-called, that makes one carry out one's goals or aspirations. It is the breath-from, or soul that does that. It acts as a robot and controls the body to produce the results (with the help of elementals in nature, attached to various desires).

By the way, I would like to point out that it is the job of elementals to take a thought or thought-form and build it into whatever disease or illness, or healthy tissue, that the thought requires or demands. Various herbs and minerals (and other substances) also have elementals attached to them (which have made them) and these can be used to counteract the illness or disease or to build up healthy tissue, but only at the right time, the right place, the right person, and the right circumstance (this is why one remedy does not always work for different people or even for the same person at different times as many things or conditions must be balanced or ready for balancing to negate the thought causing the condition).

Self-suggestion may be used to generate passive thinking, which eventually will cause active thinking to take place and a thought will be generated to produce the desired results once it is exteriorized, or manifested fully or partially on the physical plane of this Earth.

The key here is to not involve any active thinking (by the doer), or wishing, during the self-suggestion session, as to not counteract the passive thinking (mental activity counteracts passive thinking). Self-suggestion involves the repetition, out loud so as to involve the hearing sense (and read, so as to involve sight), of a formula, at least three times. Here are the general guidelines:

Repeat the formula out loud

* In the morning upon waking, as the doer portion is still relaxed.

* In the evening just before retiring as the doer releases the senses (it must be the last thing done).

The formula should be short as the object in view permits, it should have a measure, and a rhyme or cadence.

Daily repetition causes grooves of lines of thinking on the breath-form, or soul. Hence even when the doer is passively thinking on some other topic he will drift into these grooves and re-enforce the formula.

Here are two examples of formulas, the first related to health and the second to improving one's self mentally, morally, and helps in growth. The formulae must take into account the whole person, rather than addressing, for instance, a particular health condition. The reason for this is that a particular illness is manifesting as a result of a thought exteriorizing and it must be either purged within the body by fully manifesting and allowing it to go through its course, or the right action taken to balance that thought. So if one were to self-suggest, via a formula, to be rid of a particular condition it would not necessarily balance the thought producing the condition (ie. no lesson is learned, the person merely wishes to be free of that illness) and hence another illness would manifest, which the person has not taken into account, nor can, fully, as the entire matter is far too complex to manage in our limited state. So it is best to address the whole body, in lawful terms, that would allow the balancing of the thoughts swarming around the person, to whatever degree, based on lessons learned. Finally, one should endeavour to include the Light of Supreme Intelligence, or the Divine, or Truth, into the formula. Only that Light can purify or balance, and for most of us that Light is like a fog and it is hard to focus It.

"Every atom in my body, thrill with life to make me well.
Every molecule within me, carry health from cell to cell.
Cells and organs in all my systems build for lasting strength and youth,
Work in harmony together by the Conscious Light, as Truth."

"Whatever I think, whatever I do:
Myself, my senses, be honest, be true."

- the first is a formula for physical well-being and the second is for moral improvement as well as for conduct in business, from "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold W. Percival, p 392-393, ninth printing, 1981, (c) Copyright, 1995, by The Word Foundation , Inc., Dallas, Texas, 75218, USA.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Take Back the Internet:

This programme, surprisingly is still running! I've forgotten about it for quite a while but have come back to it. Signup is free. So there is no risk to you. Join up.

Here is all that you need to do:

Please remember that you only have to do the following 2 things to be confirmed as a member forever.

Here they are as a reminder:

1. Accept a minimum of 1 email per day or a maximum of 10 emails per day. You get to pick which emails you want to receive based on your interests. You will get one point for each email read. You must accept these for 180 days to be confirmed as a full member for life.

2. Actively read your ads daily and refer just two persons (not per day – just two total). If you refer more, then of course you will earn more points. Each referral is worth 3 points, so it is an easy way to accumulate points since this program is totally free. More points mean more ownership - and eventually more money. But one referral in your downline is mandatory to be confirmed as a full member for life.

Once again, these are our only 2 requirements for our totally free program. But please keep in mind that this is all about points. The more points you get, the higher your percentage of ownership will be. In other words, the more emails that you read and the more members that you refer – the more points you will have. And that means a higher ownership percentage. And since our program is totally free, we anticipate a huge response.

Two cyclers that are still cycling for over a year!

10DollarsWonder: I've just repurchased 7 positions there.

e2epay: I've just repurchased 6 positions there! (Same Admin)

I expect these two to last into the next year! That's based on the past year of performance and improvements. To be honest, I still don't understand the cycling algorithm but I DO understand the money am earning! Thanks Admin!

This is one of the few truly passive programmes out there! You need not recruit! You can use your money to make it work for you. And both programmes have a full year history of working! Or more. I've lost track.

Do not trust the new

All of the old accounts have been wiped clean and they have restarted, basically saying that they have no records of old balances. But of course they do have records! And I and many others lost in there.

So why join up again? It ludicrous!

Stay the heck away!


Friday, January 18, 2008


I can't believe folks are still introducing these old cyclers/doublers! Yet they are. Here is another one:! har! Dang. Must be idiots or they are trusting that the millions of new users coming on board simply to do not know about these! Am betting on the latter!

So.. folks! Those of you who are new? Trust me! Ignore these! And even run from them like the plague!

Those of you who are into gambling? Sure. Join up... but early on and get out as early as you can! Else you will lose! Especially in today's environment! So what am saying is that it is very risky today! Not so a year or two ago. But today it is! So best you stay away!


You know all those folks that commit all those irrational murders and even just attacks on other folks? They are not ensoled! Meaning that they are just minions! Nature spirits are running their bodies! And in fact, the desires from those who have died that are ferocious ... usually these animate the animals in nature.

Because there are so many births these days? Not enough souls are out there to animate these bodies. So where do the essences come from to animate all these new and erratic bodies? From the desires of the bodies that have expired, but which desires have not yet been fulfilled! They go into Nature while the soul enter it’s hellish period, then its heaven period, then it’s return!! Here... to expiate more karma, or learn more lessons. As it is a school here! Believe it or not.

So that's why so many folks act like animals (as they are ensouled by desires, and not by an actual soul). And that is also why many animals commit freakish acts of suicide... as the soul that is now ready to reincarnate is ready to return to life and needs those desires to return to him or her, to be fulfilled or expiated. So all the accidents.. cats run in front of cars and so on. My cat did. Not in front of a car.. but simply jumped out of his body one day, hung around a friend who was meditating at that time (for about 20 minutes, and confirmed it) then left.

Do you understand?

Now don't let me lose you! If you are freaked out and wish to read only business related stuff from me? Just ignore this stuff. And only remember the business related stuff ok? I just have to remind you that this is a blog or WEBlog, or diary, and am not some stuffy accountant telling you about various opps out there. OK? Ok.

That's what makes this BLOG somewhat interesting, wouldn't you say?

Ok, you have to ask yourself:

How much do you want to be free of your full time job, or if you do not have a job earn enough to stay out of one? How much do you want to be free?

Look, let me tell you my story. It’s a short history of my Universe.

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer at the University of Toronto and took on the most difficult programme in North America, it was called Engineering Science (and Engineering Physics before that). And I was poor before that. I had to EARN my way into the University! So I won. Why? Because I took the time to actually study. I also had the desire. So I got it. Despite having immigrated from the USSRB and being very poor even through University!

I then worked the next ten years (after graduating) for Imperial Oil (Esson/Exxon) in Canada and not just 9 to 5. I was not the best. But I had a good memory and knew I could succeed. And I did. And surpassed most in promotions. But... let’s not brag. It was slavery, although I enjoyed it.

Until I got tired of the downsizing and negative energy there (when they “merged” with Texaco, meaning they took it over). So I arranged to get fired.

And it worked.

I was now free, speeding down the highway, screaming freedom at the top of my lungs. My throat was sore for the next three or four days. But I was free.

I was so full of wanting to be free of that constrictive environment that I arranged my own firing! Can you imagine? I had to as they felt I was too valuable a resource to let go. It's a long story whick I may tell some time but I will spare you the details for now.

I was young at that time, about 33, and dropped Science Fiction for everything that is Spiritual, in nature. I could no longer read Science Fiction. I wanted to find Reality! Why was I here? Who was I really? What really is the Divine? Those were the questions running through my mind.

That's when I entered Network Marketing or MLM in 1993 after serving 10 full years at Imperial Oil Ltd.

In the meantime... I started up my career in Network Marketing with Nu Skin! They had one of the most difficult plans, but yet the most rewarding. A stair-step-breakaway! I won't go into the details, but trust me, these are far and few between now. Why? Because Company Owners had realized that they pay out the MOST to the Independent Distributors like you and me. And in a few years of working that business with Enrich International? I had a downline of over 2500 good folks and a full time pay check.

But... disaster struck. Enrich International were bought out (about 8 years after I joined) by Royal Numico (who also own Gerber Baby Foods, GNC...) and proceeded to change the compensation plan three times in a row to make sure we were making less, as in 1/3 or less of the previous earnings!

So for about 8 years I made a full time income and then all of a sudden 1/3 or less. So I had to quit that one!

So the lesson learned there? No matter how stable the Company (and that one was 10+ years stable), if it gets bought out? You will most likely lose! And Royal Numico of Gerber Baby Foods proved that.

After that I was "burned out" as an MLM leader.

I then joined Nucomm Marketing as a tech person for Comcast, one of the largest ISPs in the USA. I served in many roles over the next four years.

Then I noticed that... or had thoughts that... shucks, all those folks walking around have very few skills, compared to myself and others, and all they could do was hold down an $80 a day job, changing passwords, activating modems, doing tech troubleshooting, and I was sure that I could do far better at home, in front of my computer, over the Internet. I was sure of it! So I quit Nucomm and did just that.

That's when I decided to start a review of all the doublers/cyclers out there. They were very popular at that time. I set up a site called Soon an outfit called OWL or One World Line noticed me... and convinced me to set up a site for them. That was when was born. I created the site, was the Reviewer, and support person (and did most of the work, it turns out).

Eventually doublers died down and I launched what you now know as Why? One of the readers of my other site was whining and complaining because I was not reviewing more opportunities. It felt like he wanted me to review all opportunities on all 9 planets! Thus was born.

That's basically my history. Although pretty sparse.

Of course my BLOG was far more popular during the cycler/doubler era, and even during the hyip era, which are just ponzis in disguise.

I have turned my attention to programmes that are far more long term... and legit. And I don't mean private placements as there are still many scams in those.

But I continue to revue various opps so that I can either steer folks away from them, or if I find good ones? Steer folks to consider them. In the end it is your decision and please do not blame me. It is a minefield out there and am not responsible in the end. In fact, without my advice... you will likely lose more.

One more thing that I have lost myself in... why are you wanting to partake in all these programmes? Why? Because you truly wish to be either free of your job, or you wish to supplement it! Without loss! Right? Right.

So... I cannot guarantee you any of that. But what I do promise is that you will make more informed decisions as a result of reading my blog. I sure hope so. But I cannot control the gambler in you. That's all.

And I promise to try and present you with short term income opps and long term income opps, as I find them, review them, and approve them. But then in the end it is up to you. It's best to agree.

OK, enough rambling. The message is that you need to have that desire to be free, then focus. Do the manifesting exercise below.


This one may come to you as or others (the dag will be replaced by other usernames). No matter. Same opp.

This is a 2UP programme with a twist. Instead of giving up your first two sales to your upline you give up your 1st sale and your 3rd sale. That's just an effort to convince you that you will do well with this one.

Listen: if you are good at recruiting it will not matter to you whether you give up your first two sales, or your 1st and 3rd! So that's just a marketing tactic. Don't trust it.

So then... it's really a 2UP programme... sometimes called an Infinity Programme, because if you can make it work you can make a lot of bucks, to infinity! But most of these demand big bugs for each sale, like $500 or more. But even the ones at $50 are hard to work.

I've tested a number of these over the last five years and it is very disappointing, even for someone who can recruit ok. It surely is not a PASSIVE programme. So? Avoid.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here is some advice I gave to someone who is on a very low budget.

Forget 3HourProfits. Am going to remove it. It's way too time consuming. You'd have to post in excess of 90 ads per day! Unless you use your own money. The real benefit there is in finding out where to post. But I've stopped promoting that one. It worked out well for the first couple of weeks. But I think that the market is saturated with that one (although, new folks keep coming onboard the Internet....)

MLP: if you like clicking on a lot of ads and you do a lot of that, and you use the ones listed in MLP, you could, over time build a nice downline in each one of them and make some bucks... some folks actually make a decent amount ($1K to $2K per month), but after six months or more. I can't do that kind of thing. The best way to make money in this one is to actually sell the system. But... it is not recurring. So am now much more focussed on PlugInProfits (all six income streams have recurring income) and FollowOurLead.

All Teamed UP is a matrix. Later on they will have income streams. So for now... legit? Well, again, it's a matrix. But it is again not recurring. So you should decide on whether you want to put your efforts into that one or not. To me it sounds like you should be doing 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay to start making some immediate cash.

You know your options are very limited on $100. I suggest you start a blog at and start writing articles and push programs like MoneyListProfits as you can make $20 per sale.

Also set up a account, look through the market place, choose a product, generate the link to that. Review it in your blog. Then use to notify various RSS feeds. Advertise your blog. This one of the best ways to get some sales. Review clickbank products in your blog, and advertise your blog.

How to properly manifest:

Let us suppose that you wish to manifest a Cooper Yellow Mini (car) in your life. First let me explain the mechanics. First you would focus your thoughts on the object of your desire. Those thoughts about the object will then coalesce into a thought form (a form on the plane of Mind or the 5th density). Continue attention on that object will then cause astral matter (proto matter) to gather around the object on the Astral plane or 4th density. Focussing your feelings and emotion (and desire) on the object will cause the object to gather etheric matter and then physical matter around and eventually that object will manifest on the physical plane or 3rd density.

Now the above would work very well for manifesting an apple. So how about that Yellow Mini? Surely your focus and attention (and energy) is insufficient to actually manifest a physical car!? And you'd be right.

Instead what will happen is that the astral form of the Yellow Mini in your Aura will be noticed by Nature's elementals, which will then act as your agents in the world and help to get you that car, whether by you winning a lottery, or the car in a lottery, or someone buying it for you as a gift, or even getting you a job so that you can afford to lease it.

Get the picture? That's how these things work. But..... is this what you are doing? I'd say for most of you the answer is no. Why? Because most folks who do not have the money to get what they want are focussed on what? On the various games and programmes to make that money? Well, yes and no. What they are really focussed on is the money, more specifically on the lack of money! So lack expands! Do you understand this?

So here is what you do. You must engage as many of the senses of Nature that you possibly can on manifesting what you desire.

Get yourself a scrap book. Decide what it is you actually desire. Let's say it is a Yellow Mini. Go out and get a good picture of it. Paste it in your scrapbook. Every morning when you wake up look at that picture. Then picture it in your mind's eye. Do the same thing before you go to bed. If you wish, glance at it often during the day, but morning and evening should suffice (I can explain why later).

What about smell? Touch? Taste? Go to a dealership. Feel the smoothness, look at the color, smell the interior. Test drive it.

Then add those sensations to your morning and evening sessions. Then add desire... the utter need for that car!

Finally, do NOT dictate to the elementals the method of attainment. Let them handle it. Then go about your business, be it making money on the 'net or a day job. Don't focus on the money or the need for money. Instead follow the above procedure in all areas of your life: business, pleasure/leisure, family, spiritual.

Trust me this works. 15 years ago I did this to obtain a Lexus SC400 ($65K at that time).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, so what am I thinking?

Am thinking that the system in place is designed to rob you of your financial freedom (and other freedoms). The system has been setup in such a way that you have to keep working day and night just to stay afloat. It's far too complex to describe in this blog. But.... google The Protocols of (the Elders of) Zion and read that document and you will be astonished at how much of that has been already implemented. And yet the document was written over 100 years ago (am not sure how long ago, but enough to astonish even yourself).

The scammers do not help either.

In fact, I suspect that the Authorities turn a blind eye to a lot of the scams that are going on. They certainly have the technology to monitor all e-mails (google ECHELON) and track folks to their point of origin, I have no doubt about that. So what gives? Why are they not shutting down more of the scammers and hackers? They certainly do have the resources to do it. Don't believe anything else to the contrary.

So am I suggesting a conspiracy to remove the folks in the middle? Sure I am. Look at all the businesses failing and the large conglomerates taking over. WalMart has a fleet of trucks larger than what the US Army has! And there is more! Google Walmart.

Or look at this link:

So the Internet is the last bastion of financial freedom. But it's a mine field! How are you supposed to find the right programs? Well, I try to find them for you. But you also have to get rid of that mindset that you may have been brainwashed with that says that you can become financially free starting with zero cost, or very little cost. That's just a pipe dream! If you continue to believe that? You will continue to lose $320 here, $20 there, and all that will total up to thousands of bucks lost and you will have nothing to show for it.

So get rid of that mindset and commit to some sort of budget and especially time. And hard work. There is still some time left to get free, but not much time. One day we will find that the Internet is being regulated by the Powers That Be.

So which programs do I think are worthwhile to put your money, time, and effort into?

Here they are:

1. PlugInProfits - very passive as it does not require you to call anyone, e-mail anyone, talk to anyone. Just put your time and money into it and let the AutoResponder handle your prospects.
2. FollowOurLead - this one is more active. But all you have to do is to invite your prospects to the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday calls. 90% of folks invited get converted.

The first one has six sources of legit income. The second one has four. Do ok with these and you have 10 sources of income! Which eventually ads up!

Go for it.


Monday, January 14, 2008

As you may or may not know, All-Teamed-Up are about to launch a 60 Million e-mail campaign so I have signed up a second time as Pro under one of my members. She should be pleased when she sees that. We’re all allowed to have two accounts. So now I have my two. You should think about this right now, before they launch that campaign. Here is my second id.

Oh, and once you are logged in, go to the Forum link, register yourself, and scroll down to the Team Build link. There is a poll there for the first Team Build opportunity (the first income stream) and guess what is listed as the first one to pick? SW3NEXT.COM! That’s my PlugInProfits opp by Stone Evans! That is THE ONE to choose folks! Hands down and absolutely. So do me a favor, sign in and vote for that one! (There must be a very good reason why Admin chose to list mine first! As it is not in alphabetical order. Think about that.)

Actually, I just reread all that and the one at the top is one I suggested as SW3NEXT.NET, not .com. So if I win I will get fifty bucks. Oh well. It was a nice try on my part! D’Oh! Ouch!

Are you fat?

This one is from a friend and owner of Fat Man site and other sites in the past. It's pretty cool and I trust him. So have a look. We are talking about weight loss, not money loss, ok?

This is an interview with one of my trusted friends and admins of the past:

js: so how much have you lost since inception of your site?

Fat Man: over 40 lbs

js: Wow!

js: and in what period of time

Fat Man: 5 months or 6

my surgery derailed me a bit

js: Is there anything else you would like to tell my readers?

js: So what else would you like to say?

Fat Man: ok, nothing else, just change your eating and physical activity and you will get in shape. But also visit my site for more info.

js: Ok, what is your URL?

Fat Man:

js: Ok thanks man! js

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mrs. VIP, good news!

* I have just received an e-mail from my upline in Mrs. VIP. The news looks good. Here is part of the e-mail:

“*Note - GMS stands for Global Marketing Solutions which is the Mother Corporation of MC Inc. (MARVCorp Inc.). These 2 entities have given rise to Mrs VIP (a network marketing model) and V-Lane Traffic (a passive income producing model) which have been combined and have created a very innovative, professional and well-structured opportunity which has already proven to be of tremendous benefit to average folks world wide.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this program is going to change the life of each and every member who makes the wise decision to join us in this extraordinary venture. I made a similar statement only one other time over the years at which time I introduced my contacts to QLx3 and it's strategic alliance with a very private affinity group and International Credit Union. I am very pleased to say that I my assessment was correct. QLx3/ICU has benefited each and every member and has been doing so for 8 months now. Since it remains a very complex work in progress, we are looking forward to an already fabulous program becoming even better as it evolves.

It is with greater conviction and belief that I can now say that Mrs VIP/V-Lane Traffic WILL benefit EACH and EVERY member, regardless of their marketing ability. It is providing an immediate income stream for ALL members. This means each and every member begins to earn on the SAME DAY during which they become a vested member of the program.

The most important distinction between the two programs is the level of earnings available to the members. Very simply, Mrs VIP/V-Lane Traffic provides a higher level of earnings than QLx3/ICU. This is why MrsVIP is now the program I recommend before all others including QLx3 which, of course, is my # 2 pick.

You can listen to the recording of this life-changing call at any time by clicking on this link....

Turn up the speakers, relax and get excited as you listen to the founders as they share their vision. You will learn....

.....What the program founders, Dr. Mara Greenway and Vee Gordon. are doing to keep MrsVIP/V-Lane Traffic stable, long-term and lucrative

.....More details on their plans for growth and productivity.

.....About several VERY exciting things and new ventures that are coming in 2008?

This call will leave NO DOUBTS about why MrsVIP/V-Lane Traffic is THE place for true change and the place for YOU to be!

After listening to the entire call, especially the information discussed by Dr. Mara Greenway, you will have 2 choices.

1. You can choose to remain skeptical and in a state of disbelief because you have suffered losses in previous programs. Unfortunately, in our desire to protect ourselves from further losses, many of us tend to dismiss new opportunities without taking a close look. My friends, do not make that mistake here. Gather the information you need because, in this case, there is way too much at stake.

2. You can choose to make a truly life-changing decision by joining one of the very best, most professional and incredibly lucrative programs you will ever be exposed to and this means joining as quickly as you can. You can choose to believe the information that Vee Gordon and Dr. Mara Greenway have discussed on the call and then apply the information and literally change your life with this program.

I urge you to choose wisely.

Join here -

Make sure you scroll down at the main page and you will see additional links including the sign-up link.

This link will walk you through the entire sign-up process:

Remember, each and every member earns equally in the passive side (V-Lane Traffic) of the program and they
will start to earn the very first day and each and every day, 365 days per year.

Active members earn more via their referrals to the networking side (MrsVIP) of the program.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Ok, let's have a look at the stats first:

Total Positions: 3379
Total Withdrawn: $3,875.92
Member Count: 745
Paid Members: 293
Free Members: 452
Total Sales: $21,708.29
Total Paid: $13,246.81
Last Member: stephlebo
Last Joined: 1/11/2008
Running Time: 26d 1h 48m

They are more than 50% of the way through their reserves. But what does the $3.8K withdrawn mean vs paid out of $13.2K? Puzzling, unless this cycler allows compounding! And that's not good for you! Good for the Admin, as it keeps money in the system for a long time and when they hit 80% of reserves paid out they will run with the money.

And there are ONLY 293 paid members as of this review (after running almost a month). That means.... very high risk! A successful cycler or HYIP needs a few thousand paid members, not a few hundred. This one is struggling. I would NOT risk my money in this one. Not a penny.

Now here are two cyclers that ARE successful and are cycling very well and can be trusted: 10DollarsWonder and e2epay.


Ok, my first impression in seeing all those cartoon usernames is that this one may be an outright scam and those usernames are fake. I mean, look at all those positions and pretty well ALL of the usernames there are from cartoon characters! That is HIGHLY suspicious to me.

And look at speedygonzalas: 2050 positions at $10 a position! How much moola is that? Over $20 Grand! Who in their right mind would put in twenty grand in a cycler in this climate? And 200% ROI? That's just nuts!

And what is all this about?:

"a" do not invest in this line $5.00 200.00% 3874 $3560.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $2.00 150.00% 2905 $1186.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $4.00 200.00% 2579 $1924.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $1.00 150.00% 7447 $1026.00 1/11/2008

Sounds like a "cheat" trap. But who would invest so much money in a cheat trap?

Now let's look at those stats:

Total Positions: 29537
Total Withdrawn: $$18,890.49
Member Count: 4368
Paid Members: 2542
Free Members: 1826
Total Sales: $151,746.86
Total Paid: $117,547.30
Last Member: Ptchero
Last Joined: 1/11/2008
Running Time: 2m 9h 39m

Total withdrawn is nearly $19K. But Total Paid is $117K. What the f***ck? So this one too has a compounding feature then? Bad for you, good for Admin, again. And they are over 77% through their reserves, so they are about to run with your money! Stay out.

Monday, January 7, 2008

All-teamed-up private ad-coop rotator

The below email below is from Joseph Shipley, my direct sponsor in All-teamed-up.

In essense, if you are a free member get upgraded to pro by MIDNIGHT tonight and he will add you to his rotator so you can get in profit.

If you're already pro and have less than 3 Pro's below you, and you're not on his list, get your info to him.

Here is his email:

Shipley here,

The following people are Pro Members In My Lineage and are eligible to be placed into
my rotator provided they do not already have a minimum of 3 Personally Sponsored Referrals.

If you are on the list below or I have someway omitted you, then please advise me as soon as possible
I intend to set the rotator up and load you all in not later than Wednesday. If there are errors or omissions
I need to know now, so help me out and not only confirm that you are there but also look very closely
at your ATU Url, I have done my best to assure accuracy, but I am not exactly perfect, still working on it.

This list DOES NOT include any FREE Members, the deal was all ProMembers would be put into the rotator
and I would help them get a minimum of 3, so if you are a FREE Member then get upgraded Monday so that
I can include you in this Advertising Effort.

Why am I doing this? for 2 reason, The First is that I want you to make money so that you will have it
for our BIG ONE in April and The Second reason is that I will hopefully cycle out of the ATU 2x10 this month
and I do not want it to be over.

I look at it this way each one of you below are worth $1,800.00 each you do the math, I also know that I can
not do this with out you. So when you cycle out I make money you make money and everyone is happy....right?

Onetia White
A and S
Ron Ochitwa
Michael Clark
Paul Mitchell
Pamala Beall
Khar Choo Low
Chris Randall
Erik Mollink
Reed Hyde
Victor Carnley
John Stankiewicz
Wayne Davis
Donna McCrossen
Ron Ely
Bonnie Lindquist
Margaretha Neumann
milan jurica
Russell Snyder
Dan Bourdon
Ray Ponterotto
Bill Schlosser
Arlie Lammers
Jeff Wlliams
Michael Folkerts
Donald Cox
Gregg Laikin
Jerrell Ritter
Winston Bradley
Holly Smeltzer
Marsha Souder
Beverly Lemke
Gregory Rigaud
Franklin Neece
Shirley Williams
Bill Ricke
blake smith
Ragai Yani
Joann Morris
Alda Venables
Tamasne Fehervari
lynn schaus
michael connolly
Terry Kreuz
Dale Streblow
Nancy Navarro
Eric Polden
Nancy Tolin
Sid Caruthers
Bob Hall
james byrd
John carter
Barry Naidoo
Mike Guerra
Hannu Kananen

After you have made sure that the information above is correct I would like for you to select one
of the choices below, the choice you select will generate an email. In The body of the email
Include the following information....

1 Name, First and Last
2 Telephone Number
3 Any other information that you would like to share.

Use one of the links below:

I already have 3 personally sponsored Pro Members:

I confirm that the information above is correct and that the URL is accurate:

I Believe that something is wrong and will explain in this email then contact you:

I Am a FREE Member and will upgrade to PRO by Monday Night and want to be included:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

All-Teamed-Up will be a success

I just received this e-mail from my upline in All-teamed-up. And it's a good one. Am trusting Shipley on this one.

"Hello, This is Shipley,

I have never sent an email that is as important as this one. DO NOT read it now
unless you have the time to give it your undivided attention, just come back to it
later, please.....

Because you are getting this email, you have been in my database for a long time, many of you as
much as 5 to 6 years, this email is not going to everyone.

Many of you have joined with me in programs over the years, not all of them totally successful as
we would have liked, but I do not think that anyone can honestly say that they have lost money with
me and if you did it was because you did not follow the instructions and missed entry timing.

The fact is that we can all make mistakes and as a member of The Shipley Group you must admit
that the mistakes are exponentially reduced because I do my best to make sure that I do my
due diligence before I disseminate a link to join anything. I am not about losing money and have
no desire to see you lose money.

These days, thanks to all of you, we do not have to go into aged programs to make money, we are
approached by owners, admins and primary people that are on the inside and want the momentum
and the people that we have proven to generate, therefore we do not get into things late, we get in
at the beginning and we all know that the big money is always at the start.

I have always preferred startups and rarely go into anything that is aged, as you know.

There are 2 things that I want to express in this email and then I will get back to work emailing.

#1.) "ATU" All Teamed Up, is truly a program that you DO NOT want to pass up and if
you never join another program ever again, this is the one you will want to go out with, it's
working and the guys at the top have a lot of aggressive plans that go into the future well beyond a year,
so please take the time to look into ATU and if you need to call me, do so, but again what ever you do
get into the 2x10 matrix as fast as you can, spend the measly $35.00 and get $3872.00 by the time
you cycle, and IF you decide to promote you need to be aware that everyone you bring in will
put an additional $1936.00 in your pocket as they cycle after you.

I can not express to you in this email how good ATU is so again, if you want to talk, lets do it.

I have been associated with Gregg the owner of "ATU" for quite a while and you will NEVER find a
person that really wants people to make money and IS NOT in it only for here is the
link. This is my personal link and this will probably be the last time I
send it...Why because I have enough upgraded members and I am going to put all of my upgraded
members that do not have at least 3 Upgraded members themselves into my rotator to assure that
everyone that joins as a result of me gets a minimum of 3 people, this is what you may ultimately
make, if you sponsor no one...are you ready $3872.00 + $1936.00 + $1936.00 + $1936.00
for a total of $9680.00 how ever if you do promote you can make even more than that.

PS. Don't have $35.00 that's ok.... If you want to get in for FREE!!! let me know
and I’ll show you how.......If I am not immediately available give Karen a call....but just
do something, do not get left out we have a GIGANTIC advertising campaign that will
start in about 10 days and you gotta get in now!!!!

Why would I want to do this because as some of may already know, we have, what I can only
express as the best program I have ever been associated with that is in the hands of Top Notch
Cutting Edge, Programmers and Designers. The Program software is being designed, built and
totally customized from the ground up, this will be the 1st of it's kind and will be the most exciting
and the most lucrative program you will have ever witnessed and been a part of.

The cost of development as of December was at $20,000.00 by the time it's finished it will be coming in at about $40,000.00. The planning and development started back in September of 2007.

I would love to draw parallels to give you an idea of how this will operate but can not at this time.

So Back To The Question of why I would do this Why would I take myself out of the promotional side and stop brining in my own personal referrals because by doing what I am doing, those people will go
to you, you will make money so when we bring up The Biggest One In My Career, In Late April, Early
May 2008, you will have more than enough money to get in and if you have ever believed anything I
have said before you have got to believe me when I say you in April or May we will have a program that
will fulfill all of your dreams and desires I have never done anything as good, as huge and exciting as
what you will soon be a part get into ATU and lets get going so that we are all ready for "The Big One" Coming in Late April early June. [js: he’s referring to their first income stream of many to come]

My database is huge, the people getting this are in my A, B, or C list. I am moving all my A list people into B so if you want to be moved into my A list please use this link and hit send I will move you, this will mean that you will get the very first email that I send out on any and all new programs in advance of everyone." [js: not to worry, if you’re on my free ALERT SERVICE list? You will get first dibs.]

There you go folks! Sounds like it is worth the risk! Go and find out more about it.

The success of ATU or All-teamed-up

Here's a note from Joseph Shipley re the success of ATU or All-teamed-up:

I would never be this close to catching Jonothan if it was not for you, to show my appreciation and to thank you, I will be setting up my own Promotion of 5,000,000 exclusively and apart from what ATU is getting ready to do and it's not going to cost you a thing because you are a ProMember....YES!!! That's right ALL of my ProMembers will share in the traffic that we generate and that is in addition to all the other promoting that I will be and am doing...I am going to see that everyone makes money.

I have had more signups today than any other day since I have been promoting ATU, I guess it was the email that I sent earlier (if you did not read it you will find it included below), it has to be and I am so happy that you took the time to read it because I was excited and real motivated when I wrote it, but guess what you guys have me even more excited and motivated then when I wrote the 1st email, so I want to make sure that you know that I am truly grateful and will start pumping on the rotator to get you all a minimum of 3 people as fast as possible.

I want to make sure that EVERY PRO MEMBER in my lineage has a minimum of 3 Personal referrals before the BIG ad campaign breaks, That is my next goal and commitment to all of you that have up graded to PRO.

So if you are still one of the very few FREE Member left in my lineage by all means get upgraded tonight or as fast as possible because after this email goes out to you, I will start another email campaign just like the one I have just now finished.

Is there anything else that I can do to assure you that you WILL NOT lose your $35.00 Sure there is and here it is..... For everyone that Joins ATU and becomes a FREE MEMBER and completes an upgrade to PRO before 12:00 NOON Saturday I will guarantee your $35.00 so if you do not make your $35.00 back you simple send me an email along with your password and username, I will take over your position and I will send you the whole amount less any earnings you have taken to your PayPal or SafePay Account.....There is no way on earth you will ever give this back to me especially if you act now.

[js: I’ve just got off the phone with Joseph and he will enter all of my folks that have upgraded or will upgrade to Pro, before he does the advertising, so that each of you may get your three Pro’s and be in a no loss position. So upgrade now if you have not yet already. Use the link up above or just sign in if you are a free member and upgrade for the $35.]

If you missed my earlier email take a look at it again and get going tonight... [js: look at my post of yeasterday for that e-mail]

Again, Thank You Everyone!!!!!

This is going to be a Great Year!!!!!

All Teamed Up Top 50 Pro Member Referrers

All Teamed Up Member Name Total Pro Members
Johnothan Hunt 44
CJ Clark 34
Joseph Shipley 32
Gregg Wallmuller 18
Sammy Sugden 13
bruce mcnabb 9
Mark Rosen 9
Cassandra Taylor 9
Onetia White 8
John Stankiewicz 8, no 13 now! as of this post.
Paul Mitchell 7
George Phillips 7
Richard Theunissen 6
Michael Clark 6
Sharon Wilkinson 6

Thursday, January 3, 2008

FollowOurLead Meeting Tonight and every Thursday Night

Now, for option b) (FollowOurLead) below, there is a meeting tonight at 10 PM EST! Be there! Listen. Then make your decision! Or just be informed! Here are the details:

Meeting URL (will require a small download to access room, but do it, it is safe):

To determine meeting time for your time zone, use this time converter:

If you are a team member, when entering the room, use T-Yourname to indicate that you are a team member.

Let your guests know to put a "G" before their name to indicate guest.

The meeting is Thursday, today, and every Thursday at 10 pm EST US time. (There are other times and days... and most meetings are recorded for later listening.)

Twittering and Social Networking - why it is not productive

Here is why I felt that Giblink would not be a success: it is one of those Social Networking Sites. And the numbers are in. They are slowing down!

Why don't these things work? Like Ojeez, Myspace and others? Because they are the wrong target audience for shits sake! Has no one thought about that?

These Social Networks are filled with teenagers and others who just wish to feel great by making new friends! And be appreciated! They, for the most part, are NOT interested in developing business relationships nor buying your e-books that you are pushing!

That's why I have been negative about GIBlink and others. I was not about Ojeez. I just wanted to test it out. I've also tested out DirectMatches, both as a paid member and a free member. Same thing. In the latter, it's just a bunch of networkers trying to convince other networkers to join their opp! To no avail! As they don't know how to lure those in. So it's a failure.

My suggestion? Stay away from Social Networks like Giblink, DirectMatches, and Twitter.

Move on.


Let it Be!

Blondie read my post of yesterday, below, and today was so moved and inspired (inspired=inspirtaion=in spirit=breathing in the Spirit or Holy Spirit) that she found and put up this tune in her blog and which I do so below. Please listen, especially to the words. You will see that we are all in tune with each other, if we choose to just listen!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Something really interesting just has happened.

One of my readers, has had an experience with his parents.. where some of his patterning came up... and instead of choosing to retaliate, he told his ego to .. basically shut up. And then he went to my blog and read what I just posted about the ego, patterns, and patterning and experienced a moment of the shutting down of the ego-mind.

In his own words:

"John, i just managed to silent the ego....the even was based on a pattern......the last two days of my stay at home my mom aways gets angry at me......the ego starts shouting at me as i should feel guilty and miserable.....this time i responded not to my mom but as if i was talking to the ego.....i noticed it was a pattern and told him that .......and also to leave me alone
5:46 PM

***"the event was based on a..............""

Well, he felt the pattern FIRST, then read my blog (what a co-incidence, eh?) and here is his comment:

"but pretty much i felt the pattern by myself
5:54 PM

then i read your blog
5:54 PM

and felt inner peace
5:55 PM

ok now i am reading the rest

Basically what happened is that he wanted to share his experience with me. But had gone to my blog first, and read exactly what was the confirmation of his experience! How co-incidental (meaning occurring at the same time) is that?

I tell you, that is even more evidence that either the Divine Exists, or there is something far more going on here than in the physical! Or both! As in, we are all connected!? Have Faith and Heart. I cannot ignore it, can you?


Being inundated with Happy New Year messages?

Ok, so you may have noticed that you are being inundated with happy messages for the new year from all of the lists that you are on (and from just other folks). But I have not sent one. Why?

Because, like you, I somehow feel that we should be telling the truth. Not all this wishful thinking, congratulations, and keeping your attention. In fact, am about to unsubscribe from most of the lists am on, as most of these experts do nothing but send me at least one email each day and always, somehow or other, pushing their point of view or their product or service. And that's fine, I guess (it’s their business), but am tired of it. I need to focus! Not read tens of e-mails a day from the same guys! (Oh and by the way, am quite used to now just being there like a drone and deleting most of those e-mails: Broughton? DEL. Casey? DEL. Filsaime? DEL. Walt? DEL. Jody Hans, a very definite DEL. See what I mean? Not that their e-mails are not any good; they just keep repeating themselves.)

As well, I don't wish to fill you with positive suggestions, positive energy and all that. After all, you will continue in your patterns (do what you have always done) because you simply don't notice those patterns, that draw you in, like a robot. So what's the point of telling you to be positive and so on? None, except to annoy you.

You see, you need to start to notice your patterns. Your habits. How you start projects and never finish them, or start too many, lose attention and interest, or get fixated in one or another and don't see the bigger picture. But as you start to NOTICE this behavior, this patterning, you will, by and by, engage in it less and less... until you are able to transcend (or go beyond) your habitual patterns and start to build new patterns, patterns that lead to ..... what it is you want.

So am not going to give you all that positive mindless advice that most folks give you, pat you on the back, and say what a good person you are! The fact is, you are NOT your ego. Your True Nature is yet undiscovered by you. And I can say with all confidence (as I have studied the matter for over 15 years now) that your True Nature is Divine (and Perfect).

But a part of your Mind does not think so. It thinks you are separate from the Divine and deserving of punishment. In fact, you feel separate from the Divine, and even other people (that’s the evidence that the ego presents you, but you must suspect it!) And guilt.

Ok, am not going to make this into a lecture, just wanted to give you a brief glimpse (and am not immune, by the way, most of us live in our egos, even if we do have some Knowledge).

So just remember, the ego is not here to congratulate you! It is here to keep you imprisoned in this Matrix-like (fabricated) world (with all the taxes and loans you cannot possibly pay back legitimately).

So please start to notice your own activity and behavior (don’t act on it, just notice it). And in the meantime, do the practical thing to keep it going here, which means make some money, pay the rent, pay the taxes (if you will), and be responsible. But don't lose sight, while doing those tasks, of what I just said. And am not the ONLY one saying this. Do your research, if you will. Others say the same thing, in different ways. Some of it you catch, most of it you don’t.

< end diatribe >

So... am going to remove myself from most of the "Gurus of Internet Marketing" lists, or, most likely wanna-be's and focus on:

a) PlugInProfits for myself and to help others of you that have joined
b) FollowOurLead (same as above but am more passive there)
c) work a few of the surfs like Mrs. VIP, and some HYIPs that are still going well (MinVestment for instance)
d) continue to evaluate new opps because my readers are quite diverse, so not all of you will join the above two, and quite a few of you will still enjoy making money in such programmes as 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay and am sure others will come along. I will review those and others, such as new e-books that are about to come out or have come out.

So that's it then. That's my focus. Basically work the two systems above, and continue to keep this blog updated so that I can help you to NOT lose money, or not too much, and help you to even MAKE money from the various opps out there.

Now, that means discovering new venues for advertising a) and b), and even new methods. And passing those on to you, if you are interested. Because it is all about getting that targeted (if possible) traffic. Remember, there are millions of new users coming on line every month! Most have NOT heard about what is available and what is legit. So putting yourself in front of them should be a priority. They will sign up with you or with someone else. But many will sign up. So come along with me in that journey. I do this full time. So it's not a game for me.

Now have a great day! If you can. As to how you feel? It's a choice that you have to make, and do make, in every moment.


PS: a) and b) are LONG TERM programmes! You MUST devote a minimum of six months or even a year! Else you will keep spinning your wheels and going nowhere with the various scams and ponzis out there. Especially in today’s climate! So yes, play in some of them, like 10dw and e2epay, but also go long term, for that stable, recurring income with multiple sources! And don’t make the mistake of advertising any ONE programme... you MUSt grab the person’s email address and name and get them into an Autoresponder series that builds trust over time and introduces them to multiple streams of income. That’s the way to go. Other have done it, it’s not a theory. So can you. Just follow in their footsteps. See a) and b) above.