Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Avoid this scammer at all costs

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's about greed

There are two masters that most folks follow, these are greed and lust (or women and gold as Sri Ramakrishna put it). There is a third Master that some folks follow and that would be God or the Divine or the Lord (this should be the number One Master).

Now let us apply this to the situation at hand. When greed rears it's ugly head there will be those out there that will provide avenues or venues where greed can be fed. The person under it's spell will either lose or win, but usually lose if the person does not understand how the venue rules and exit strategies. As well, the person should be the master, instead of the other way around.

If the person mostly loses that person will usually experience fear and feel as if they are the victim of those who have provided the venue for their greed to feed at.

Now most folks don't like being victims as fear is very uncomfortable. Hence the fear is almost instantly transformed into anger and the victim now becomes the victimizer as he or she lashes out at the perceived perpetrator: the Admin or Owner of the venue where that person was feeding their greed. In fact, the victimizer now may also lash out at all Admins and Owners of such venues.

Do you see what am pointing at? It is not the Admin that are at fault. One can still feed their greed but keep it in check and still win some gold, but one must understand the rules of the game and have a good exit strategy. Once some gold is won one must move on to the next venue, or if one finds one's self losing consistently then one must exit such venues, after realizing that one was following a master not worthy of them and one has been enslaved by greed. Blaming those who offer the trough where greed can feed are not to blame.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let met tell you about a place I visited today

Sri Da Avabhasa: Let me tell you about a place I visited today. I went up to one of the very high places. I did not want to get too far up because I knew I might not come back, but, even so, I went up to one of the very high places.

It is difficult in some ways to describe such a place, because it is bereft of certain personal and environmental circumstances that make sense of life in your present form. The Place I visited is, in the realm of manifested form, the transition Place into the Ultimate Domain. in this Place you are in the Environment of Love-Bliss Itself, aware of countless other beings through most intimate and loving contact. Everyone there acknowledges to one another the profound Love-Blissfulness of this circumstance. It is something like being up in the sky in a mass of cumulus clouds and looking up at the sun, about to be drawn up into it.

When you look around at others there who are also involved in this Enjoyment, you see them in bodily form in some sense, you notice them as individuals, but you do not notice that you are in bodily form. You cannot see your form. You cannot stretch out your hand. Your body does not mediate between you and experience. Nevertheless, you are present in a form of a kind. Others observe you to be present in a form just as you observe them, but you have no sense of being embodied. In other words, there exists no medium in your conscious awareness between yourself and the Divine. There is simply participation in infinite Love-Blissfulness, absolute Joy, and you are drawn up closer and closer into the absorptive Power of the Divine.

Se there I was, enjoying the Living One, enjoying the Divine Self-Condition with all the other beings there, and rejoicing in the fact that this Place exists even now; even as we sit here in this circumstance, which is quite different from that Place in many ways, although at its Core it is the same circumstance.

You are Called to practice [your path or religion, ed/] and Realize that Circumstance, that same Disposition. If you do that, then a remarkable progress is initiated in your experience.

This transition Place suggests that the process in which you are involved could be described as a process of forgetting the body--not of dissociating from it, but of transcending it. This transition Place is a Place of Transfiguration and Transformation by the Divine Light. It is the Place approaching Translation into the Divine Self-Domain, Which is indescribable.

The beings I saw in the transition Place and with whom I enjoyed My Self were at this threshold, not aware of their own embodiment, not limited by any kind of mind, existing in the State of absolute Joy, yet aware of one another and constantly glancing to one another just to acknowledge that extreme pleasure, becoming more and more transparent, drifting out of this Circumstance as clouds disappear in the sky. They become vaporous and disappear, passing into a Condition That is beyond description.

How do you think I was able to visit these people? I am the One Whom they are Enjoying. They are simply in the last stage of embodied existence, and they are coming to Me, coming into the Domain of Unqualified Happiness. I Gave them My faith and participated in their Enjoyment. [wow! js, this boggles the mind and warms the heart] - The Free Daist, Da Avabhasa (The "Bright")

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey, no offense to my potential Sponsor if I decide not to join and actually publish the below review. You see, he asked me for my opinion, no holds barred (so to speak). So here we go:

Interesting thing is that many of the sites that I went to after googling "regenesis scam" are no longer to be found! Meaning they are gone. I wonder why? That's pretty suspicious to me. Many were blogs. So either those folks lost interest in Regenesis2x2 or their blogs were shut down intentionally by someone or...... or what?

There is much hype out there though on this one. Big paychecks are being waved around and I recognize some scum promoters. Just know that in order to make the big bucks in this one you will have to be very active, not passive. And many folks will not join this one because of the $325 (one-time) startup fee ($300 as a spend and $25 as a setup fee).

Technical Data: Server is in Houston, Texas, USA. Registered in Denmark. So it is quite likely that the Admin or Owner of the site is in Denmark.

They claim to be advertising in USA Today but am unable to confirm that as yet. This could well be true as others are saying the same thing. They also advertise in other Business Magazines.

So why is this one different than other 2x2 cyclers? (You need to fill the matrix below you with 6 before you get paid.) Well the difference here is that the company guarantees your first two folks on your front line via their own advertising efforts. You can also experience overspill from you sponsor. Notice that I said "you can", does not mean that you will. Now, a friend of my sponsor in California has said that he is soon getting his first check next week because his matrix has filled without him doing any advertising of his own (or promotion). Well, that's nice to hear. It took a month. He's going to make $75 profit ($325 was put in, $400 got out) because his matrix got filled and another $800 because two of his also cycled their matrices ($400 on each). Not bad for doing nothing for a month. So the magic could happen if you happen to stumble upon a couple of folks that go wild with recruiting. If not? You still will be in profit, at some point (if you do nothing).

Good news is that I may be trying this one and my upline will add both my link and your link (if you decide to join) to an ad coop, a rotator, and specific target marketing systems at no additional charge. So this means I can be passive and still earn some money.

CONCLUSION:This is a classic money pyramid operation where you need to fill your 2x2 matrix with six folks below you (or have the Company fill it and/or your sponsor). The key difference is that you will not be holding secret meetings at your house or at someone else's house. This one is online and out in the open, advertised and so on. So herein is the danger! An illegal money pyramid is operating wide in the open, even advertised, and talked about in various forums. It's already been running just over 3 months now, so how long do you think before it is shut down? Not long. So this one is going to be quite a risk if you sign up and do nothing. It may not be around in a month.

So my suggestion is that if you're going to be passive? Don't join. If you are going to be ACTIVE then there is a good chance you will make some money in this one. But again, it may be too late for this one. If you can get in at the early start then there is a good chance you will make some money. But I think it is too late for this one (I could be wrong) and summer is coming up, the slowest time for such things, in fact the slowest time for most Opportunities, on the net or off (starting in July). So you have a 1.5 month window to make some money.

Something else to consider: they have 200 telemarketers and signing on another 150 soon(but I cannot confirm that, could be a ploy to get you to send in that check). They are also blasting by fax (so they are using traditional methods for recruiting, not just on the Internet). Here is my link: (use my phone number as the ID of the sponsor on the form: 519-372-0638 instead of the five digit sponsor ID). If no link appears here means I did not join.

More news: well the longer I consider this one the more things come out to sway me not to join this one. Now I have found out that I will have to print off an agreement, sign it, and mail it in! That means there will be at least a week's delay before I can start recruiting. Time is short already. I don't need this further complication. Oh and if you're in the USA you will need to pay via Money Order (for amounts over 1K, but for the $325 they will let you fax in the application and the check, which is legal in the USA but not from other Countries)! Holy Cavemen! No wonder these folks are using traditional (old) means to recruit! It makes sense! Likely a bunch of old MLMers are running this one, as they are even taking payment via postal service (well, and fax if in the USA)!

Another thing to consider is what the Company is promising and not delivering on: their recruiting system may not actually be in place, despite what they are saying. As well, as an example, in order to stick to their promises the Operators would have to recruit 20,000 if 10,000 join passively. 40,000 if 20,000 join passively. I don't think this is sustainable, especially as the summer is coming up. And handle all this new volume via snail mail and fax? Give me a break. This programme may be too popular for its own good.

You know what? I don't have the energy for this one. If you still wish to play then use the support link up top to contact me and I can send you my sponsor's info (at http://jsblog.ca).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About preparedness, surrender, and more

I have a message for all of you who are trying to prepare for what's coming up soon. And I mean in a preparedness sort of way, disaster preparedness and more.

What you will find, if you research groups that are into disaster preparedness, or what's to come is that most of them don't have true faith in God, or as I prefer to call Him or Her... the Divine.

Why do I say that?

Because it is obvious. Those of us who prepare to survive the coming times are firmly entrenched in the body and believe in the body. And we also fear that God will not provide for us. So we prepare for all eventualities, or some.

Then there are those who have True Faith and so know that the Divine, or God, will take care of them, no matter what is to happen and how. (And from many documented accounts... this is indeed what happens, perhaps unexplainable to the unbeliever, but nevertheless documented).

Let me tell you my stance. I believe, utterly, that one needs to surrender one's ego entirely to the Divine, to God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna.... It is not surrender of own power. One does not have own power! That is only the ego speaking! So surrender to a Master or even a representative of the Divine here, is surrender of not own power, but of ego.

Once one is surrendered? All works out as it should and as it will work out, and one is at peace! After all, is that not what you want? Peace of Mind? Yes! And then love is unobstructed. And the Presence of Love is felt! Everywhen and Everywhere! And even now.

But while one sides with the ego? Love's Presence is obscured! By one's own actions of refusal. Even if those go unnoticed by one.

Am I being clear enough for one?

So cease your concerns about the future (as those are the ego's cencerns, to survive, but you are NOT the ego, am telling you this, trust me)! Cease your desire to survive (as the body), for you are not the body. You are pure Spirit, Perfect and Unchangeable, Unalterable, Happy (and Eternal).

Once the ego is recognized for what it is one is able to drop it and then Love's Presence is known yet again. That is what re-cognition means. Knowing once again. Just momentarily forgotten.

Those are my thoughts and feelings on all this. I will hope that you will ponder that, no matter which faith you subscribe to, no matter which Religion you are in, no matter what Path you are on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's about dreams

I just had a thought.

And I know that some of you think am nuts.

Because of some of the things I say, like this is a dream world like any other, but somehow you are anchored in this one. Well ok. Fine. So be it. But look at the signs, ok?

Don't be so closed that you are not aware of the signs. Myself? I know am in a dream. Just like I know when am in a nocturnal dream.

I have finally been able to notice that am in a dream. And then wake up.

Have you? No? Dreams seem very real, then you wake up and forget! But not I. Not any longer.

So now listen: I don't care how much in debt I am. It's funny money in a not so funny dream! So I don't particularly care about the money. It is ephemeral! Fleeting! But your feelings and experiences are not. They tend to carry on from dream to dream (life to life).

So don't ignore your feelings. But do devalue your price on making money! Try to hold a bigger picture, will you? I hope you will. God is always with you. You have never left. But you think you have, and so you are so confused. Very confused. Now choose the side of your right-mind, or the HS.

Now go.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't give up! Especially in these bad times.

Now, I wish to remind you: Don't give up! I know these times are hard, especially on families where one or both have lost their jobs. It leads to breakups, many a time. But I wish to tell you... don't give up! Bettter times will come. Stick together, right now, no matter what.

Willie Nelson and Sinead O'Conner express it best in this video:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for another story? Ok, here we go.

When I was about six years old, living in a small village in Russia, times were tough for my mother, but not I. I did not know the difference. Sure we could have meat (pork) only once a month, if that, but I did not suffer because of it. I was having too much fun as a young boy. Only later on did I find out that she held down three jobs to just make ends meet.

In any case, on several occasions myself and my best friend Misha (Michael), would be just a bit hungry around lunch time, so off we would go to the railroad tracks, about 2 Km out. We knew from experience that the folks on the trains would for some odd reason drop their trash near our village. Usually we could find quite a few wooden boards (plywood I would guess), in small sizes, the type we could pull back on and use as sleighs (like the plastic ones kids use these days) to barrel down a hill in all abandon!

So, in any case, we would gather up a few of these and bring them to Masha, my 80 year old (? not sure of her age at that time) landlady. She would use them as tops/covers for large pails of... stuff. Don't know what was in them. Could have been dead body parts. (Just joking). Pickled stuff mostly. As a reward she would give us some soup, and on occasion even some sour cream to go with that. And boy were we overjoyed!

I guess today's kids in Canada and the USA are spoiled. We had great fun, good teeth, and good health, for the most part. One day I'll tell you about burning tires. js

Monday March 2nd:

Just got the below award from Jim (Hermit Jim). See his blog for an explanation. Thank you Jim! I am going to follow the rules but some of the bloggers I follow have aleady received the reward from Jim directly.

Ok, this is in progress so am going to start with:

1. Blondie's Blog.

2. Serenity (already awarded and I agree).

3. Gord's Blog.

4. Essence of Life Blog.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here are the signs to watch out for with HYIPs

Here are the signs to watch out for with HYIPs (and can be applied to some scam SURFs), events usually proceed in the following manner:

  • The Admin announces that suddenly they are experiencing a DDOS attack and/or
  • The Admin adds new plans (because he needs more money coming in before he runs), especially plans in the upper stratosphere to get the BIG bucks in with a large daily ROI (I've seen this over and over and over) and/or
  • The Admin creates new promotions in order to get more money in (you know, prizes and such).
  • For some odd reason payments stay long in PENDING status, more than what is usual in the past, or rules are changed from say from 24 hrs to pay to 2-3 business days or to even 7 to 9 business days. Red flags!
  • Admin pays out selectively. Small payments. To monitors and bloggers to keep them happy and unsuspecting.
  • There is a server crash or payments stop and Admin is gone! Folks in forums complain, specutate, bitch, to no avail.
  • Detractors are fed upon with a frenzy... and in time folks start to wake up to the fact that ... Admin is gone, site is gone, they have lost.
  • Finally the various forums like MMG, CIF, ASA, move that thread to the scam/closed area.
  • Admin opens a new HYIP or SURF, and the cycle begins again. So there you go!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SURF REVIEW: Proven, safe, long term ESPsp


This is a new autosurf that has just been launched by the Admn of ESP (EasyShareProfit.com). The Admin is very well known in this Industry and is very well respected.

This is what the people wanted so he gave it to us. As you also know, I recommend (usually) only those autosurfs and surfs that are being run by well-known and trustworthy Admin, unless am testing one or another and then I tell you that up-front in this blog (like BigBangSurf... still not paying by the way, at least not paying me!).

This one, like ESP, runs exactly in the same way. That's what folks wanted. It will start at a fairly high ROI as fouls pour in the door and so now is the time to get some good profits. The programme is safe as it does not entirely depend on new spends coming in, in order to survive. My feeling is that this one will do well for quite a while and will outlive most surfs out there based on past performance.

QUOTE (from the site)


Tired of losing money in high risk, high roi sites?

EasyShareSP has a proven business model that offers members an opportunity to actually earn an online income in the safest way possible. EasyShareSP offers realistic returns and long term goals that no other program can guarantee. EasyShareSP is designed to help members earn the easy way right from their own homes. After registering an account and upgrading (purchasing advertising packs), members can earn up to 10% daily (of their advertising packs) by simply clicking on the surf button and viewing a number of websites just like watching T.V. commercials. At the end of the day members who have viewed the required number of sites will have their accounts credited (12 am server time). Once earnings have appeared members have the option of withdrawing their earnings to their payment processors or compounding their earnings (meaning to purchase more advertising packs using earnings). Upgraded members can also earn 5% referral commissions from their upgraded downlines. An upgrade will finally expire once a total of 120% has been earned on that upgrade.

The majority of surf programs fail simply because they run out of funds to pay their members. Those kinds of program are doomed once outgoing funds begin to exceed incoming funds.

Here at EasyShareSP, that will never happen because the system is designed to equally divide a percentage of earnings to members based on incoming funds. This means members will continue to receive a maximum of 10% daily as long as there are enough funds to maintain that percentage.

If, for example, there is a decline in incoming funds the system will automatically adjust the daily percentage of member's earnings based on the available funds to make sure that there is enough for every member to receive payment without putting any strain on the program. This kind of system allows a program to last indefinitely and run smoothly; and most importantly EVERYONE will get paid.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why don't folks, worldwide, behave like this!????

I got this video from Grace, today, and it's fantastic! Makes you wonder why the rest of the world does not take a lesson from this and behave like this! Watch!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Am stupefied over this!

You know? It is quite astonishing to me how certain folks get so affronted, in their minds, that they will never speak to you again!

Have you had that experience? Am sure you have. And myself as well.

A while back I denegrated a certain blogger by saying some negative things about his blog post, and how it was silly and not serious.

Well, from then on? He quit posting in my 9-planetreviews.blogpsot.com blog.. right thereafter. Forever more. No matter how many good posts I made in his blog. And it continues.

I just don't understand that behaviour from someone with so much experience! Holding on to past grievances, even when I appologized!

Wow. Still cannot fathom the ego! Because ego is what it is. But I have been friendly with him, in his own blog posts.... but never an answer or a word.

Am stupefied! That a man of that age can still hold things against someone! That was said only once! Can you appreciate that? Am sure you can.

Perhaps some of your friends and neighbors are like that. It's like you really did not know them! Ok. Am letting it go right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

4th Totally Passive Opp added

Totally Passive Opps: the first two are now suspended as I indicated yesterday. The third I've dropped and so the 4th replaces the 3rd. From now on when I say ...the third totally passive opp, I mean the one that's paying. I can't mention the name yet, not until they open to the public.

And now... drum roll.... I have been apprised of the 4th totally passive opp: ResidualForexIncome.biz. Yep, not Guradian EG. One of my readers, and a blogger himself, told me about it last night and I researched it this morning. I like it! Now... this is a Managed ForEx group. I told you earlier I lost 8K with Managed Forex Groups. The key reason for that was that my partner went from one promising trader to another, then another, then another. Each one lost our money and util it was all gone. An unfortunate string of circumstances.

I like RFI because their strategy is entirely different. It's about outsourcing to a number of ForEx traders who all use independent and dissimilar strategies to trade, thus spreading the risk. All of that is well-explained on their About Us page. Do read that before you join (for free)

Another thing I like about this outfit is that there is no fee for withdrawing your money. And they return your principal back to you at the end of the contract, so that's even more profit for you.

But how are they faring during this economic downturn? Read for yourself, below. Finally they take AlertPay, PerfectMoney, and Liberty Reserve (you can start with ten bucks). Oh and once you have made your deposit, click on the Compounding link up top and change that to whatever you wish. I myself will compound at 100% for a while. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This looks like a fun one. An HYIP Manager script (time-proven, no bugs).

Pay Processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and StrictPay. Wow. I don't have that much in any of those. Maybe in LR. But you can also deposit money into StrictPay from SolidTrustPay (you do have to remember your access code, which you set up the first time you signed up with StrictPay).

The plans are pretty simple, you can see them on the front page. This is a classic HYIP. By the way, the column that says Profit? It's really ROI.

I did not simply find this one on the 'net nor received any kind of e-mail. I was introduced to this one through some contacts that I trust. So am playing in this one.

Have a closer look and then decide.

ADDENDUM Friday Feb. 6th: They've added AlertPay! Great! Just a few technical issues though this morning. Should be resolved some time during the day. I know a lot of folks are waiting to use AlertPay.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PROGRAMME REVIEW: RevolutionaryMatrix

This is one you have to actually watch to be convinced. Go to the site and watch the video. Am actually really impressed! This guy espouses my own feelings and thoughts about what is going on out there with all the liars and cheats and folks at the top making the most bucks.

I've joined this one, even mid-way into his video! Meaning am convinced. He shows honesty, truth, and more, right in that video. Most of the other videos I've seen are just crap. Like the Dark Angel videos, and the Ron whatever his name is video. All sounding very fake. But not this one. I am truly impressed. Am glad I did not pass this one by (got an email from one of my readers of my blog... but did decide to at least glance at it and am glad I did). Go and watch! At least. I mean... the guy is even Spiritual! And was the 2nd most successful member in GDI! Wow! A powerful video. Ok, I can't stop. Ok, I'll stop. Go see it. This guy is right on! The sincerity is palpable. Did I stop?

Let me give you an idea: Michael D'Archangelo's video presentation I would rate at about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Jame's video presentation? 10! Or more even! It really appeals that much to me. Am tired of all the shysters out there that make the most bucks! It's time for us folks to make some bucks! OK? Now go watch. Oh and it's only a few days old right now but should blossom quickly!

Wow this one is going great! Overspill galore! Now folks, sign in and clickon Your Downline or View your downline, something like that. Under each face you will notice that the name is linked to an e-mail address. Click on it. Your e-mail client should come up and send them a kind note. Welcome them, whatever. Send them a joke. Just make folks welcome. This is a good one!

But you know? Let me tone it down a bit. Who's going to get to the bottom of a 5x6 matrix? Ummm... almost no one. That's about 15,625 folks! But... All in all? I like their attitude and so on and am sure you will get your ten bucks back, each month, either from overspill or from your own enthusiastic praise and promotion of this one! Just let the video do the talking for you! You don't need to say much to your friends! Ok? Or even strangers. Just say... Shut up and just watch the video!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How I almost sank a plank in an open grave.

So I was around 6 years old living in Bielorus (White Russia). I and my best buddy were playing near the forest and there were several open graves there. As we had a night of rain the graves (I don't know how many there were, that's not what I remember) was filled with water.

So we both got the great idea of throwing in the plank that was lying beside the grave and play the game of trying to sink the sucker with our poles, which we happened to have with us for some odd reason.

Or was that my idea? Probably. I was not too bright at that time. Usually came home with my leather case, which was stuffed with books I need for school, feeling very heavy because of the report card in there. It was filled with 2's. And the scale was from 1 to 5, with 5 being Excellent. Man was that thing heavy!

But I digress. Back to the story. So I take my pole/stick and try to sink the wooden plank! It goes below the water momentarily but then pops back up! Sure puzzled the both of us.

Then you can guess what happened. Yep, my stick slips! And where do I end up? Under water! I look up and see the sky through the water and some grass! Well now am not sure if I got a bright idea or not, but I went for that grass! I grabbed it and pulled myself up and somehow managed to get myself out.

By now you are thinking.... where was that friend of yours? Well, I have no memory of where the heck he was as he sure did not help pull me out! Likely the guy was laughing his head off.

Now, I remembered the incident where I almost burned the house down. And I knew that if I showed up with wet clothing I'd get a lickin' (punishment to others of you who don't get that slang).

So I took my clothes off and for the next hour or more had to stand around butt naked and wait for my clothes to dry in the sun.

Mom never found out about that incident. Whew!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I almost burned our house down.

Yeah, I was always able to cook, ever since my ma locked me in our house while she went to work and I had to peel potatoes before she came back, and watched the other children having fun outside. I even had a stool I could stnad on to get myself some soup!

And one of my friends comments on that:

I recall you telling me about that. and didn't you start a fire once out back or something too? and she didn't even beat your ass. she was thankful that you were ok.

js: exactly right. I got so frustrated over being locked up that I tried to see through the keyhole! But all was black. (And on the other side of the door was all this straw, as insulation I guess.) So I struck a match, put it through the keyhole to see what I could see. Vooooom! The door caught on fire!

Then I looked around. I saw windows. Double windows. Dang! So I broke through, not sure how, maybe my shoes? Threw my coat and shoes out and then dived through the windows! No injuries!

Neighbors arrived and put out the fire with buckets of water. The whole front entrance was full of water.

I went back in and tried to cover up. I took some pillows and stuffed them in the broken window, hoping my Mom would not notice any wind and such.

Boy was I afraid! Well, she came home, looked at me, approached me.. and hugged me! I was flabbergasted! All she said was that she was glad I was smart enough to exit the house by breaking a window (double). And that was that. No punishment! I was truly amazed!

That's one of my stories.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Club! Take a look at this one.

Jan. 4th (Sunday)

  • Ok, am back safely. Just in the nick of time as it started to pour freezing rain as I was unloading my car.

  • Ok this one looks pretty fun. You basically join this club and when invited to send a gift to your upline and your front line you go ahead and send them an amount from $2 to $5. You will never send more than $60 PER YEAR. There are no fees. Just a fun club. I joined. Have a quick look yourself.

    PS: Do not use Safari to sign up. Use FireFox or Internet Explorer. If you don't see my id (micronuts) in the top box, follow the instructions there. Or simply use this link.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Packs of cars are like packs of dogs, this is my recent observation

You know, in all of my long travels on the highways here I've noticed an interesting phenomena.

It seems like cars travel in packs. Like running packs of dogs. I always tend to remain between two packs, one ahead, one behind.

They all seem to chase each other. Pass each other. Stay too close to each other as if sniffing the asses of those ahead, like dogs tend to do.

Some even chase their own tails as they spin out in bad weather (saw this happen on the way to see my daughter, while on the 401 in bad weather).

Many times I find myself catching up to a certain pack of (dogs) cars as they rush up to a stop light on Highway 7, then have to hit their breaks. Last time I could not resist but yell at them. Something like: Woohooo! You got ahead of one car! Congratulations! Dumb f****k. But I guess they never hear me as they continue to chase the dogs ahead of them and try to pass them.

And in Quebec it is indeed insane, as every driver tries to pass the one ahead. Even if it is a cop car! In fact, there were to guys in a car, father and son... the father kept telling the son to.. passe, passe! Meaning.. .pass him! Pass him! But the son would yell back, saying.. but Dad! It's a cop! And the father would yell back: But he's not chasing us! Pass him! Pass him!

What insanity eh? But sometimes makes for a good laugh.