Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I almost burned our house down.

Yeah, I was always able to cook, ever since my ma locked me in our house while she went to work and I had to peel potatoes before she came back, and watched the other children having fun outside. I even had a stool I could stnad on to get myself some soup!

And one of my friends comments on that:

I recall you telling me about that. and didn't you start a fire once out back or something too? and she didn't even beat your ass. she was thankful that you were ok.

js: exactly right. I got so frustrated over being locked up that I tried to see through the keyhole! But all was black. (And on the other side of the door was all this straw, as insulation I guess.) So I struck a match, put it through the keyhole to see what I could see. Vooooom! The door caught on fire!

Then I looked around. I saw windows. Double windows. Dang! So I broke through, not sure how, maybe my shoes? Threw my coat and shoes out and then dived through the windows! No injuries!

Neighbors arrived and put out the fire with buckets of water. The whole front entrance was full of water.

I went back in and tried to cover up. I took some pillows and stuffed them in the broken window, hoping my Mom would not notice any wind and such.

Boy was I afraid! Well, she came home, looked at me, approached me.. and hugged me! I was flabbergasted! All she said was that she was glad I was smart enough to exit the house by breaking a window (double). And that was that. No punishment! I was truly amazed!

That's one of my stories.


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Lydia said...

Hey John,

I remember you telling me this story some time ago. Something you got away with, or thought you did. ;)