Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About preparedness, surrender, and more

I have a message for all of you who are trying to prepare for what's coming up soon. And I mean in a preparedness sort of way, disaster preparedness and more.

What you will find, if you research groups that are into disaster preparedness, or what's to come is that most of them don't have true faith in God, or as I prefer to call Him or Her... the Divine.

Why do I say that?

Because it is obvious. Those of us who prepare to survive the coming times are firmly entrenched in the body and believe in the body. And we also fear that God will not provide for us. So we prepare for all eventualities, or some.

Then there are those who have True Faith and so know that the Divine, or God, will take care of them, no matter what is to happen and how. (And from many documented accounts... this is indeed what happens, perhaps unexplainable to the unbeliever, but nevertheless documented).

Let me tell you my stance. I believe, utterly, that one needs to surrender one's ego entirely to the Divine, to God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna.... It is not surrender of own power. One does not have own power! That is only the ego speaking! So surrender to a Master or even a representative of the Divine here, is surrender of not own power, but of ego.

Once one is surrendered? All works out as it should and as it will work out, and one is at peace! After all, is that not what you want? Peace of Mind? Yes! And then love is unobstructed. And the Presence of Love is felt! Everywhen and Everywhere! And even now.

But while one sides with the ego? Love's Presence is obscured! By one's own actions of refusal. Even if those go unnoticed by one.

Am I being clear enough for one?

So cease your concerns about the future (as those are the ego's cencerns, to survive, but you are NOT the ego, am telling you this, trust me)! Cease your desire to survive (as the body), for you are not the body. You are pure Spirit, Perfect and Unchangeable, Unalterable, Happy (and Eternal).

Once the ego is recognized for what it is one is able to drop it and then Love's Presence is known yet again. That is what re-cognition means. Knowing once again. Just momentarily forgotten.

Those are my thoughts and feelings on all this. I will hope that you will ponder that, no matter which faith you subscribe to, no matter which Religion you are in, no matter what Path you are on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's about dreams

I just had a thought.

And I know that some of you think am nuts.

Because of some of the things I say, like this is a dream world like any other, but somehow you are anchored in this one. Well ok. Fine. So be it. But look at the signs, ok?

Don't be so closed that you are not aware of the signs. Myself? I know am in a dream. Just like I know when am in a nocturnal dream.

I have finally been able to notice that am in a dream. And then wake up.

Have you? No? Dreams seem very real, then you wake up and forget! But not I. Not any longer.

So now listen: I don't care how much in debt I am. It's funny money in a not so funny dream! So I don't particularly care about the money. It is ephemeral! Fleeting! But your feelings and experiences are not. They tend to carry on from dream to dream (life to life).

So don't ignore your feelings. But do devalue your price on making money! Try to hold a bigger picture, will you? I hope you will. God is always with you. You have never left. But you think you have, and so you are so confused. Very confused. Now choose the side of your right-mind, or the HS.

Now go.