Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swisscash, now do you believe me? Scam!

Hey! What did I tell you about swisscash? Over and over and over and then stopped? Apparently they disappeared and are purportedly soon coming back to raise more cash. Yeah right. To rip you off some more, in case you have not been ripped off enough.

And look at all the login problems at QLX. And now they are postponing the commissions run to give you folks a chance to become active, if you're inactive. Yeah sure. Oh oh, I think am getting unpopular with some folks that keep promoting that one. Oh well. Life is way too long and then you die.

Here is another blogger that has been railing against swisscash, go and read it as it is quite entertaining, rife with condemnation and righteous anger. Well, I agree with the blogger. But I laugh a lot

Here is the full blogpost from northerncalm, hope the blogger does not mind me posting it here. There is no profit motive in doing it, just to spread the word once again:

"Swisscash is the scam of the moment.

In reality, its returns are quite low compared to some of the big
scams of the past, the problem is they offer very high returns for
multi-level-marketers, which in turn inspires these slimy sorts to
con people out of their hard earned money into the 'guaranteed'
returns of Swisscash.

Everywhere I look there are more and more people popping up,
promoting this scam, either blind to its fallacy, or knowing of it
but trying to get as much off their referrals as they can (some
members proudly parading the fact that they are working as a team and
have suckered in $100,000 + from their downline.)

It's funny, originally Swisscash claimed SwissMutual or whatever-the-
hell they're legitimate multi-trillion dollar fund is meant to be
called, has been around since 1948 or some such similar date. Then,
the Swiss government, along with other agencies, release warnings and
basically say they've never even heard of the existence of such a thing.

But of course, this gets 'legitimately' explained away because
SwissMutual is no longer registered in Switzerland. What a load of
bulldust. They originally claimed it did have long standing
connections to the land of the Swiss. You'd think the governing
bodies would have at least bloody heard of such a thing before it
'stopped being registered there.'

That's just a tiny example of the false claims and idiotic lies that
spring up from this program but the problem is - people lap it up
like a puppy loves warm milk.

"Of course, the dodgy site with bad grammar MUST know more than the
multiple government and third party agencies which have pointed out
that it's a scam. We know nothing about SwissCash's inner workings,
or who's behind it - they MUST be telling the truth."

A whole cottage industry has popped up, all hailing to the God of
SwissCult. There's exchangers, between SwissCash's internal point-
currency, complete with phone numbers. There's cheerleaders
everywhere. There's 'teams' working towards common goals, once again
complete with details. They even have SwissCash parties in some
countries such as Malaysia where every week they all meet and discuss
their team and their deity, SwissCult.

It's sad - a lot of the people in these teams are living in countries
with a median income lower than most. The SwissCult is offering them
the promise of 'guaranteed' returns and a better life, the idea of
working as a team, towards a common goal. They can see nothing else
than the fake promises.

These people are being suckered, by smiling she-devils and shysters,
more money than they can afford to lose.

But, wouldn't it be funny, if this cottage-industry that has sprouted
up around SwissCash, with third party exchangers, teams, and the like
somewhat sustained SwissCult and allowed it to go on and on and
eventually grew into a legitimate income stream and trading market
that could sustain the cult?

That'd be a thought - a scam so cult like, that it ends up
legitamizing itself. A market so popular, that by force of
conviction, it wills itself into legitimate existence.

SwissCult - don't do it."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avoid paid to read sites that offer more than $2 per link

I was surfing today and found an interesting Paid To Read (emails) site. Or so I thought. I was astounded at the first e-mail I found in my backoffice there ( Why? Well, the advert was for a ForEx site and offered 10,000 cents for an 80 second view of the site! I was astounded! I stared closely at the figure, and did the mental math review: ok now, 100 cents is a dollar, so then 1000 cents is ten dollars, and 10,000 cents must be ... $100 USD! Right? No, I did not launch the calculator!

Ok, so I stared at the website and waited the 80 seconds... got the “you have been credited” message and went to see what my earnings were. $100 bucks! Woohoo.... Now, I had joined about ten days back, and had accumulated something like 20 to 30 emails (none came to my email box, despite my settings.. so I had to access them via the backoffice there). So I then went through the next 20 or so “emails” and collected $100 per link... some where $50 per link, but most were at $100. And I wondered how they could afford to pay us all $100 per click!? Most of the ads were from the same ForEx joint.

Finally I paused the whole thing. I looked at my earnings and they were at $2400 USD. I then looked at the emails and saw that I was supposed to have received from 1 to 5 a day (but did not). So that’s a pretty good profit in just ten days, right?

Get this: I then go and try to withdraw those earnings. And the available options? Blank! None! As a free member. So I then try the PREMIUM link and see what it costs to upgrade. I scroll down the page to see the cost: $449 USD (or was it $499, I don’t remember any more). Wow! $449 USD to get $2400 out? Seems... fair? But... hmm.... am suspicious.

Oh and by the way, while “surfing” those links at that site? I found one that was coming up fairly frequently that advertised other such similar sites and sites which purportedly will pay you $10, $20, $50 and even $100 per email (link)! Wooha! So I copied the links into a notepad.

But then I acted on my suspicions and entered “ scam” as a search phrase at google. I read several sites and... found at least two that had nice blacklists and boycott lists that listed this one! And recently! The various forums did not report that they were being paid! OH OH. That confirmed my suspicions that it was a scam site.

So the lesson here folks, is that, well, it seems that every arena on the ‘net has scammers and scam sites! And they abound! That’s why I trust Tushar of MoneyListProfits and his team for giving us a list of over 25 Paid To Read sites that are PAYING and not scamming us! He’s spent over two years researching these particular programmes and for a one time fee (quite low) is not only putting that list in your hands, but is also giving you a tracking system, and PTR list management system! So that you are NOT scammed any more. Have a good look! You will be pleased.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where to advertise your opportunity and get some nice traffic

Installment 1.
Info Editorial by John Stankiewicz.

Ok, am going to assume that you have one or another opportunity that you wish to put out there and get some recruits or make some sales. I'll use MoneyListProfits as an example (or MLP for short).

Now, am not going to tell you specifically where to advertise or get that traffic. Why?

Well, you must know the old adage about fishing. I'd rather teach you how to fish rather than give you the fish. That way you can grow, learn, and feed yourself.

So... in that vain.... If you are on a low budget then I would, if I were you, use a search Engine like Google and query on FORUMS. You will get many pages full of forum links. The key is to find those forums which contain folks who are having an ongoing discussion that has something to do with the product or service (or opp) that you are selling. Here is another good source of FORUMS:,EN

Having found a related forum or discussion group (such as one of the yahoo discussion groups) you can do several things.

Sign up with the forum or group and then look for the User Profile or User Control Panel or CP. Once there look for a way to Edit your Signature. This is the signature that would automatically appear at the bottom of your post, or reply to a post, or article post. Learn how to use BB code to enter your text and your link.

Here is an example which most forums accept (but you may have to adjust it in some forums):

[b][url=""][font="Verdana"][color="#008000"]Only for the desperate – others stay away[/color] [color="#FF0000"](do not CLICK!)[/color][/font][/url][/b]

Notice that in the above I use a MoneyListProfits specific link with a tracking code. In my MLP backoffice (for Affiliates) I used the Tracking Manager to create a specific link with a description saying that this is the Signature at

Also notice the interesting text and the use of color. The “do not CLICK!” is in RED, which usually means danger (as in EXIT signs and other warnings), but folks cannot resist clicking on the link; what could happen? Why can’t I click on it? Who is he to say I should not click on it... and such thoughts occur to the reader. So it is a good tactic to use. Am not saying you should use EXACTLY the above phrasing, be resourceful. You will be quite pleased when you come up with a good slogan that works.

Now, once you reply to somene's post (being helpful and not trying to sell anything) the reader's attention will be drawn to your signature at the bottom of the post. If the reader clicks on that they will be taken to the MLP home page where Tushar does a good job of getting them to buy the product.

While we're on the topic of Forums.... There are Forums out there where you are allowed to post an article or a discussion (thread/topic) on other opportunities than the main ones being promoted by the Forum owner(s). Take advantage of that by creating a new TOPIC and post your article or get a discussion going on whatever you're trying to sell, such as MLP.

Finally, do not be discouraged if you don't get sales immediately. It takes a while to develop trust in the forums. So do not try to sell folks on anything, simply be helpful and let your Signature do the work for you.

In the next Installment I will discuss how to get targeted traffic to your web page, site, or to the landing page which does the selling for you, if you have some budget and can pay for the traffic.

Visit my key BLOG and read some more reviews and updates.

This one may help you with your Niche

Editorial Review by John Stankiewicz.

There are so many systems, e-books, self-proclaimed gurus that are willing to teach you how to make money on the Internet, but most of it is just crap. A lot of it is just rehashed material from other "gurus", Joint Ventures (that's where the big hitters sell each other's material) and outright scams.

In systems what's missing is the coaching!

Well, all of that has changed. Meet Anik. Anik managed to create a system that came from several seminars that he has conducted over the years about making money on the Internet using simple 3 page websites. And he takes you by the hand and coaches you all the way. And he's not just getting you to sell his system. Unlike most of the rest.

What's different now is that web technology has evolved to the point where a newbie can set up simple websites in just minutes. And get them noticed! (This last one is the important part! Why set up a site when it does not get noticed?)

Each site that you put up using Anik's system will be 100% automated, working for you day and night while you enjoy doing what you want to do, not what you need to do. And it WILL be noticed.

Don't sit back and lose out. Go and see the proof and get the product. Put it to use and start earning for real. No more scams. No more ponzis. It's now time to run some honest businesses and this system will show you how with simple steps and lots of coaching. Bite me if am wrong.

Visit my main BLOG
for more reviews of various Internet opps.

How am making honest money with Paid To Read programs.

After spending about twenty days with this system and clicking on
multiple links.... here is how I feel about this.

Those of you who are used to getting 12% per day, for 12 days, and
like programmes? Forget it! Get used to it! All of those are ponzi
schemes, where new money is used to pay out old and eventually, or
quite quickly, these fail and with your money stuck in there! Well,
not stuck, but gone.

As well, right now, there is no clear leader in the surf and autosurf
arena. What does this mean? If you begin to understand the
mechanics here..... you will know that without a clear leader the
others are VERY risky! Why? Because they have no place to put your
money and get a higher ROI than they are paying you! And that means
that if they are not scammers, they will surely fold within days!
Not months. Days! Because they are not popular enough to attract
the kind of money that is needed to sustain one of these surf ponzis
long enough for you to cash out.

So now what? Well, may I reintroduce you to Paid To Read e-mail
programs? They are not too different from the surf sites. It's just
that you receive the link in your e-mail box. And... one more key
difference... there are real Advertisers paying real money to get you
to click on their link and read their advert. And they pay you less
than one cent per click/visit! That's the reality.

What's the advantage you ask? Well, you're not risking your ten
bucks, 100 bucks, or thousands like you would in the surf sites (and
remember, if you have forgotten or have ADHD or ADD, read the above
again.... no clear leader.... many surf sites that will fold within
days.... hence HIGH risk.) In the PTRs you are NOT risking any of
your own money!

So.... if you're a surf addict, and are addicted to the high ROIs and
the risk? You probably won't like PTRs. But if you're sensible,
PTRs may just be for you! Especially during TV time. It's not that
hard to click on a lot of links while watching TV or listening to
music, or during some couple of hours on the weekend, with a cup of
coffee and some Kaluha.

Finally, those of you who have some ability at marketing on the 'net
and know where to market and so on (write articles, post in forums,
use your signature effectively) will make far more money by simply
selling Tushar's system! Hint hint. For more details on that... ask

In line with that comment... Turshaw also gives you an excellent link
tracking system!

If you follow all of his advice, and I do mean FOLLOW, before you even
set up your first five PTRs (join with them, I mean), you will not
be overwhelmed or disappointed.

And please do use the Tracking Management system there, so that you
can tell where your efforts are most fruitful, for those of you who
will be selling his system.

For now? Go on and read Tushar's sales letter, as it is quite good,
no real hype, very honest, and there is a video you can watch where
Tushar shows how he made some honest money with these. You can also
Ctrl-F or do a find on MoneyListProfits and find my previous reviews
and updates on MLP in this BLOG.

Remember, many of you have asked for honest programs, that are not
scams or cheats, that will really pay you. Well, this is one of
them. But.... not all PTRs are run honestly and pay. Tushar has
spent a couple of years finding the honest ones that keep paying.
And he's developed a tracking system that will allow you to maintain
any downlines you establish in the key PTRs that he and his team has
found, tested, and proven. And that's the key reason why you should
go with his system. On your own? There are hundreds of PTRs, good
luck getting through that jungle! Do you see what I mean? Does it
click with you? Ok, enough from me. Just go and read it, view it, digest it
and join it.

Visit my BLOG for more reviews.