Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where to advertise your opportunity and get some nice traffic

Installment 1.
Info Editorial by John Stankiewicz.

Ok, am going to assume that you have one or another opportunity that you wish to put out there and get some recruits or make some sales. I'll use MoneyListProfits as an example (or MLP for short).

Now, am not going to tell you specifically where to advertise or get that traffic. Why?

Well, you must know the old adage about fishing. I'd rather teach you how to fish rather than give you the fish. That way you can grow, learn, and feed yourself.

So... in that vain.... If you are on a low budget then I would, if I were you, use a search Engine like Google and query on FORUMS. You will get many pages full of forum links. The key is to find those forums which contain folks who are having an ongoing discussion that has something to do with the product or service (or opp) that you are selling. Here is another good source of FORUMS:,EN

Having found a related forum or discussion group (such as one of the yahoo discussion groups) you can do several things.

Sign up with the forum or group and then look for the User Profile or User Control Panel or CP. Once there look for a way to Edit your Signature. This is the signature that would automatically appear at the bottom of your post, or reply to a post, or article post. Learn how to use BB code to enter your text and your link.

Here is an example which most forums accept (but you may have to adjust it in some forums):

[b][url=""][font="Verdana"][color="#008000"]Only for the desperate – others stay away[/color] [color="#FF0000"](do not CLICK!)[/color][/font][/url][/b]

Notice that in the above I use a MoneyListProfits specific link with a tracking code. In my MLP backoffice (for Affiliates) I used the Tracking Manager to create a specific link with a description saying that this is the Signature at

Also notice the interesting text and the use of color. The “do not CLICK!” is in RED, which usually means danger (as in EXIT signs and other warnings), but folks cannot resist clicking on the link; what could happen? Why can’t I click on it? Who is he to say I should not click on it... and such thoughts occur to the reader. So it is a good tactic to use. Am not saying you should use EXACTLY the above phrasing, be resourceful. You will be quite pleased when you come up with a good slogan that works.

Now, once you reply to somene's post (being helpful and not trying to sell anything) the reader's attention will be drawn to your signature at the bottom of the post. If the reader clicks on that they will be taken to the MLP home page where Tushar does a good job of getting them to buy the product.

While we're on the topic of Forums.... There are Forums out there where you are allowed to post an article or a discussion (thread/topic) on other opportunities than the main ones being promoted by the Forum owner(s). Take advantage of that by creating a new TOPIC and post your article or get a discussion going on whatever you're trying to sell, such as MLP.

Finally, do not be discouraged if you don't get sales immediately. It takes a while to develop trust in the forums. So do not try to sell folks on anything, simply be helpful and let your Signature do the work for you.

In the next Installment I will discuss how to get targeted traffic to your web page, site, or to the landing page which does the selling for you, if you have some budget and can pay for the traffic.

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