Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: Work for 3 Dollars

PROGRAMME REVIEW: Work for 3 Dollars

As you may already know am not into forced matrices, especially those with monthly payments. Why? Because no matter how many I recruit? 2/3 or more of them will have quit in two to three months as most folks can't recruit and overspill does not seem to be working.

Most of these 2x9 and 3x15 forced matrices do not ever get filled, and the monthly fee of $39 or more is just too high. So folks quit. Then you have to find new folks to keep it going. So these are the main barriers to success in these.

But... am changing my mind on this one. Why? The barrier to joining is so low that most folks reading this one will join. How much? You already know. Three bucks. And it's one time. After you have 3 or more folks in your downline due to overspill or from your own (free) advertising... you are free and clear. And likely making some money.

So this is why am going to support this one and suggest you spend the three bucks to do so yourself. The risk is.... three bucks! And some of your time to mention the program in your blog, to your list, to your friends, in forum signatures, and at many of the free advertising venues that I list lower in my blog. Just do a Ctrl-F on Advertising and keep hitting NEXT until you find the list.

So this one gets my thumbs up. Spend your three bucks now (http://workfor3dollars.com/?r=micronuts), if you wish. Oh and they take AlertPay only. I can trade you STP and e-gold if you don't have any. Let me know.

Oh and when I got to the members area I noticed an upgrade link, went there, read about it, and chose to upgrade for the $10 to Gold Status. Seems worth it, at least for me. If you do decide to upgrade (and do so only if you think you can get quite a few folks into this one) then know that it may take up to 48 hours to upgrade you to Gold... so don't launch any major campaigns until you notice that you are upgraded. Myself? It's been over three hours now.... and am going to launch regardless. But I have to say that in these days of the Internet it's nuts to have to wait 48 hours for an upgrade to occur! It should take minutes! Or even an hour or two at most! Don't you?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spiritual Experiences and how they affect our lives:

One of my friends, a well-known one on the Internet Scene, just sent me this observation:

I had a cool experience this morning. I was out side drinking my coffee and I was watching the sun rise and the thought came to me that this world will continue, the plants will thrive the birds will sing etc... no matter what problems I choose to create no matter what labels good or bad I choose to put on things. I thought that was pretty cool. Then I spent over 2 hours on the phone with the IRS and had basically a spiritual experience with the woman on the other end of the phone. It is amazing how kindness can be transmitted to others to help them

forgiveness helps too

js: And I agree! Forgiveness, kindness, not judging the other person on the other end of a call, or in direct contact, really does lead to peace. And that's what A Course in Miracles teaches you! The way to change the world is to change your mind about it. And forgive all the (apparent) others. They are only doing their jobs, or just having their fun!

And then I got another reply from my friend:

Thanks john. The coolest thing is to realize that for so many years I walked through this world asleep to these things not realizing the impact that my thoughts and actions have on others. To see the difference is really amazing for me...lol BTW at the end of the call to the IRS she wasn’t able to solve my problem. They lost my payment from last year somewhere... but the lady thanked me for having such a beautiful personality. It was pretty heart warming for me. Before I called though I heard you saying forgive them.

js: Now I won’t post his name here, or identity, but his phone number is 985-555-2512.

Friday, September 19, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: CashLinkFinancial or CLF.

There are quite a few big leaders into this one.

It includes an upfront forced matrix (but we are also told we don't have to recruit in order to earn) and a backend where these folks are diversified into some instruments that they list (most of which I don't myself understand, except for ForEx and Real-Estate).

I've read most of the back and forth in the CLF thread at the ASA Forum ( http://www.asamonitor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10054 ) and have found mostly banter, accusations, bickering, and paid notices... but no real info on how much one can expect to earn outside of the matrix (as in due to trading in ForEx, RealEstate, and so on).

They are registered in Panama and hence, presumably, immune to the long hand of the SEC. This is likely true as p2p is in the same position and the so-called Authorities have failed to close them down so far.

Am not going to form an opinion as yet. I need further data and am in the process of obtaining such data.

But I will say... as compared to the info that any new member can receive from the first and second opps that I have found to be totally passive (no matrix, just a one time $25 or so fee to get started).... this one is quite the one.... as so far I have not found any data on their daily or monthly performance, nor how they fared in the last few days when the whole Market fell substantially. I would caution you to wait a bit and monitor the above forum to see how they fared in the last week or so and in the next week or two, due to the very bad news re the Markets at this time.

And support has been poor. In comparison to the two I mentioned, although the owner is apparently beefing it up soon.

So for now am trying to obtain more data and will announce to you, in this blog, whether am going to join or not.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two outstanding cyclers that have overcome all opposition!

Wow! Ever since Admin at 10DollarsWonder implemented the priority cycling feature money has been pouring in! In fact I’ve made $121 in commissions in just under 24 hours, since yesterday’s posting! It’s amazing. It has brought new life to the longest cycling cycler this year or last! 10DollarsWonder! Go go go! Oh and DeepCycler is commended as well. I think this one will continue to last! So a commendation to both! Am really amazed that these two cyclers have lasted so long in an environment where there is uncertainty and doubt. They have proven themselves to be worthy of our attention! So be it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A response to Serenity's Spiritual Post in her blog

Hi Lydia, johnski here. (I post this here because I just needed something interesting to post, at least to myself and others who are into Spiritual matters. Here is her blog.)

I have had many of those dreams. I am recently having more and more of those where I recognize that am actually dreaming. Instead of just being involved in the dream and everything is just ok as it is... am actually starting to question my life in those so-called dreams.

Are they alternate realities as per Seth? They could be, but all alternate "realities" are really just more dreams within the bigger dream or the Universes created by that part of our minds called the split mind, or the ego.

Remember that the ego is just a thought of separation from God. So each such though will likely "create" a new dream in which you are in.... and all at the same "time", so in parallel. So that is a good supposition by Seth, but does not go further , while ACIM explains it further.

I think that once you start finding out that you are in a dream, whether when you are sleeping or "awake"... that realization will start to undermine the "reality" of THIS dream, here on Earth. And those of us who experience such things will begin to question the "reality" of this place, and time.

So I'd say that Seth would better serve us all by saying that these are alternate dreams, rather than realities. As none of these are real, in the strict sense that the Course uses. The only reality or Reality is that of Heaven, the Unconditional Domain, the Divine Domain, and all else is unreal, and cannot harm us.

As to Jesus or the Holy Spirit entering this Dream or the Right side of the Mind? Remember that ACIM, at its core is a non-dualistic Teaching. Hence in Reality there is no right mind, no wrong mind, no split mind, not even an Observer or Decision Maker, none of those exist, have never happened, nor are happening now. But while we seem to be appearing in a Dream? It is a necessary Mythology. One has to start somewhere, right? (In order to appeal to folks stuck in this dualistic and conditional and apparently separate “reality”.)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Great Fear: losing your individuality

"People who meditate frequently experience a tremendous peace. But there is no excitement there, there is nothing 'interesting' in that experience. From the perspective of the ego, peace is boring. But conflict is exciting, and a part of us is tremendously attracted to conflict.

One need only observe football or basketball games or any of the other sports that so attract people--it is all competition and conflict. The greater the conflict, the greater the struggle and fighting, the greater the ego's peak experience. The participants like it, and millions and millions of people who watch it like it, because it feeds the idea that separation is real [js: from God], and the conflict with each other is real and desirable.

This then becomes the camouflage for the real conflict and separation that is our opposition to God. By holding on to conflict out here in the world, we do not have to deal with it in our own minds, where it remains buried. And so peace reminds us of what we ;most desperately wish to forget, while external conflict protects us from looking at the inner conflict with God, which the ego tells us would certainly destroy us [js. our existence as separate and independent individuals]." - Kenneth Wapnick, PhD: "The Journey Home", Chapter 3, pages 57 and 58. (facim.org)

PS: My two favorite books are Gary R. Renard's "The Disappearance of the Universe" and then "The Journey Home, The Obstacles to Peace in A Course in Miracles" by Kenneth Wapnick, PhD (get it through the above link).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

THE DREAM OF SEPARATION, a post by Sergio! One of my BLOG readers. And wow, is it packed or what?

[js: The cats look up!]

All there is is No-thing Being Everything and what appears as part of that everything is the belief and experience of being a separate self — an apparent individual with its own free will, choice and ability to act. This happening is uniquely human and is called self-consciousness.

To most people it is the reality. That apparent feeling of being separate is at the root of the suffering, inadequacy and sense of loss that drives people to search for escape or resolution. It is Being dreaming that it is apart from itself, looking all over the place for that which is already Everything. It is the hypnotic dream of separation which, for the dreamer, is very real. The dilemma for the dream seeker is that the feeling of separation drives the seeking for resolution, which further fuels the sense of separation.

The development of an intelligent understanding 'mind' apparently brings with it the ability to make choices and take actions in an attempt to negotiate with 'the world' lived in. These negotiations are not always successful and the individual seems to experience its own pain and pleasure.

It also develops a great respect for the guidance and control apparently emanating from the understanding 'mind'. However, as long as there is a sense of separation, there is a sense of disquiet or loss and there is a seeking to dispel that sense. It seems logical that the much respected understanding 'mind' must be capable of investigating the cause of this disquiet and discovering ways of dispelling it.

The separate entity can only try to imagine or project an idea of what it must be like not to be separate. What is sought is the possibility of a future goal or state that can be realised and therefore, logically, must be approachable. Consequently, the function of seeking and the teaching of becoming locks the seeker into a state of continuously approaching something that it cannot comprehend. All of this is the expression of Being, arising as the good, old, dependable and reliable understanding ‘mind’ functioning as it can only function . . . in continual movement and anticipation. It is this activity of becoming which very effectively keeps the seeker in the hypnotic dream of reaching out for something it cannot grasp.

Of course, Liberation can apparently happen despite all of this effort. The only other hope for the dream seeker is to believe that another benevolent energy (say God, Consciousness or a so-called enlightened teacher) would be motivated to guide and influence the seeker along a path which would eventually lead them to fulfillment.

All of these ideas of becoming, purpose and destiny arise in the dream. But the paradox is that although Being appears as the dream seeker, Being is not a state that can be imagined, conceived of, attained or even realized by the seeking of it. Being requires absolutely nothing … it is the Nothing and Everything that is already immaculate fulfillment and wholeness. Nothing needs to be changed or attained, lost or found, for Being to simply Be. The appearance of separation is simply the expression of Being. The very idea of something needing to approach that which it already is, is wonderfully futile. Being is a comedian with an audience which never laughs.

The dream seeker feels a sense of loss and unworthiness, and so is very attracted to dream teachings which involve purification, hard committed effort, surrender, devotion and the development of renunciation and detachment. There is a kind of logical inevitability and worthiness about these ideas which resonates with the sense of lack. The almost endless path of striving happily ensures the continuation of the individual experience. These ideas seem to arise out of a very substantial and reliable history of traditional wisdom which surely must be respected, even though it is only available as words on bits of paper.

Two traditional ways which seek resolution, or escape, from the sense of separation are meditation and self-inquiry. In meditation it seems possible, through apparent choice and guidance, to reach certain states of stillness or bliss which seem better than feeling separate. The belief is that continuous effort with meditation will solidify the state and eventually make it permanent. But these states are only refined personal experiences happening within the dream-story. So like all other time-based activities they come and go away.

Self-enquiry is a similar process in that the goal is for the individual to choose to take action or make the effort to reach a place called awareness which, its teachers promise, will bring personal peace of mind, happiness and the end of all suffering (?).
There is a great emphasis on the need for properly carried out investigation of thought processes etc, and the necessity for vigilance from “being distracted by self-centred thoughts”.
All of this activity is based on the principle of the enquirer “getting oneness” and maintaining personal possession of it.

The effect of the state of awareness is apparent movement into a place of detachment which at first feels very freeing, powerful and safe . . . rather like being in a glass box from which life can be watched without the watcher being affected. It is still a subtly dual personal experience within the dream-story of separation and so it is transitory.

Awareness of life happening is not 'Being life'.

Predictably the state of awareness (Buddhist mindfulness) is easily forgotten or mislaid, or it can be overwhelmed by dream thinking or any powerful emotional situation, for instance. The glass box shatters and the place you seemed to be in seems lost again. The dream seeker either starts self-enquiring again, for another boost, or it is realised that awareness is just another refuge from within the dream of separation. All of this is simply the expression of Being.

Another way for the dream seeker to avoid simply Being is to try to understand or develop clarity about its own nature. It is very easy to get stuck in ‘Advaita’ or ‘non-dual’ concepts. The singular and unrelenting reiteration of such ideas as “all there is is Being", “everything is the expression of Being” or “there is no one” are an arid and simplistic form of communication. It doesn't address or illuminate the dream seeker’s apparent dilemma and it obviously ignores the primary energetic essence of the implicit aliveness of simply Being.

To continuously say that being awake or being asleep is not relevant because “Being is all there is” is like telling a blind person that it’s OK to be blind because “seeing is all there is”. This is pure idealism. Of course, there is no such thing as being asleep or being awake, but this is not seen until there is no one looking.

This message communication is not dependent on clear concepts, however much they may expose confused concepts. Speaking happens and words can only point to another possibility which is beyond verbal expression. It is the eternally new message which is hidden within the scriptures and either overlooked or rejected in the ‘mind’.

The idea of prescriptive teaching, guidance or the offer of any kind of help simply does not arise. This is a message without hope or comfort of any kind for the individual, but invariably the dream seeker will still believe that something is on offer … this is the function of seeking. It is also possible that all that will be left is nothing, and then another possibility could arise. However, there is no agenda or motive because nothing is for sale.

It is possible that clarity could arise, but absolute understanding is not liberation. Nevertheless, all of this conceptual communication is secondary to the primary element that is most illuminating. That primary element is energetic, impersonal aliveness … the implicit, vibrant wonder of simply Being. It is an energetic shift, apparently out of contraction into boundlessness. This boundlessness cannot be owned and so cannot be given. Its simplicity utterly confounds the ‘mind’, but what arises is an impersonal recognition that there is no-one and nothing to be liberated. All ideas of separation, individual suffering, free will, choice, meaning and purpose, destiny, hierarchy and tradition, are simply seen by no-one as the dream-play of Being.

It seems that the seeking ‘mind’ is fascinated by struggle and complexity. The whole fabric of seeking is full of stories of great edifices, seemingly arising out of simple beginnings. Buddhism, Christianity and so many other dogmas, arise and grow and fight each other over having better gods. Catechisms of sin and worthiness, degrees of awareness and levels of enlightenment are investigated, dissected and struggled over.

The mind loves the idea of enlightenment being some kind of distant, virtually unobtainable, perfect place of permanent bliss, free from suffering and full of omniscience, omnipresence and lots of other important ‘omni’s’ stomping around, shouting the odds and saving the world. And of course, because all this glory and specialness has to be attained, it seems there has to be a long haul through the dark night of the soul, endless past karmas, original sin, right-thinking, right action and preparation for the bardos. “It is a tale told by a fool, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Yet Natural Being is such an ordinary and gentle constant. When it is seen it is. When it is avoided it is. It requires no effort and demands no standards. Being timeless there is no path to tread, no debt to pay. When this is heard and confusion collapses, when the contraction of struggling to get something falls away and the vibrant energy of being aliveness becomes apparent, something else is seen, very naturally of course, because it is already all that is.

Seeing and Not Seeing

A simple, direct, but fundamental shift in perception reveals that all there
is is liberation. But oneness does not become apparent through
something gained, rather through something lost. Many will come across
this rare and radical message and quickly shuffle back to that which they
think they can know and do. But there are those with whom this
communication will resonate . . . and there will be a sudden seeing and
falling away of all seeking, even for that which they have called

All there is is this. Oneness is being this . . . whatever is apparently
happening . . . reading these words, breathing, blood coursing through the
body, sounds being heard, thoughts coming and going and feelings in the
body the sense of sitting on a seat maybe. Here is oneness being
aliveness as this.

No effort is needed for that aliveness to be. Nobody is doing aliveness. Is
anybody doing sitting on a chair? Thinking is oneness thinking "I don't get
where this is going", or "this is too simple". All is simply aliveness,
oneness, being. It cannot be taught or achieved. Who is apart from being
to achieve being? Who can lose or gain this when this is all there is?
Resisting oneness is oneness resisting. Seeking oneness is oneness seeking

Aliveness is oneness apparently happening. Aliveness is being alive. There
is only being and the nature of that being is emptiness and fullness,
nothing and everything, movement and repose.
In that wholeness arises the idea "I am a separate individual". This seems
to be the beginning of a dream called "me being someone in a world with
which I have to negotiate".

Here in this separation is the root of all fear and feeling of disquiet coming
out of a sense of loss. Again it is the appearance of oneness, and in that
appearance we embark on a journey in which we meet parents, teachers,
maybe priests, bosses and lovers, and learn how to get what we think we
want seemingly through personal choice and effort. The pursuit of
pleasure and the avoidance of pain generate transient experiences of
gratification and disappointment. The whole manifestation that we call
life is simply the drama of oneness looking for itself, for all desire is the
longing for oneness.

For some the idea of enlightenment seems to offer the promise of
fulfilment. However, the separate individual can only dream individuality.
That is its function. Inevitably in the search for enlightenment, the dream seeker is attracted to a dream teaching that promotes and reinforces the idea of individual choice and effort, which, through discipline and sacrifice, can lead to the promised ultimate experience of enlightenment. But this teaching
reinforces the illusion that there is such a thing as an individual who has
free will and the choice to become.

What is inseparable from the dream of individuality is the idea of
ownership. "What is happening is happening to me. I have a life called me
and I can, or even should, do something with my life in the time allotted; I
have to succeed; I am an individual and personal endeavour can bring me
what I need." This misconception promotes the continuation of the dream
of personal enlightenment.

The idea that presumes the possibility that dualistic practices can lead the
apparent seeker to the nondualistic perception is similar to the idea that
with sufficient effort and determination you can teach a blind man to see.

To quote "Doctrines, processes and progressive paths which seek
enlightenment only exacerbate the problem they address by reinforcing
the idea that the apparent self can find something it presumes it has lost.

It is that very effort, that investment in selfidentity that continuously recreates the illusion of separation from oneness. This is the veil which we believe exists. It is the dream of individuality."

Out of all the many awakenings that have been described to me, it is
continuously confirmed that one of the first realisations that arises is the
seeing that noone awakens. And yet we see that the majority of teachings,
both traditional and contemporary, are constantly speaking to an apparent
separate seeker (subject) and recommending that in order to attain
enlightenment (object) they should choose to meditate, selfenquire,
purify, cultivate understanding, still the mind and the ego, surrender, be
honest, seek earnestly, give up seeking, do therapy, do nothing, be here
now, and so on . . . the ideas are as endless and as complicated as the mind
from where they are generated.

These recommendations arise from the belief that the "enlightenment" of
the "teacher" has been attained or earned through the application of
choice, effort, acceptance or surrender, and that other seekers can be
taught to do the same.

Of course there can be nothing right or wrong with earnest seeking,
meditation, selfenquiry, understanding and so on. They are simply what
they appear to be. But who is it that is going to choose to make the effort?
Where is the effort going to take the apparent chooser to? where
is there to go if there is only oneness?
If there is no separate individual there is no volition, and so how can an
illusion dispel itself?

There is no person that becomes enlightened. Noone awakens. Awakening
is the absence of the illusion of individuality. Already there is only
awakeness, oneness, timeless being, radical aliveness. When the dream
seeker is no more it is seen (by noone) that there is nothing to seek and
noone to become liberated.

Here is oneness, the realisation of wholeness that cannot be attained or
owned. This is the awakening in which the awareness of what is arises
together with the dreaming of that which cannot be known. There can be a
dance between dreaming and being, and in that dance there can be a
return to the fascination of personal ownership.

However, the realisation that the dream seeker is also oneness is
liberation, the uncaused, impersonal, silent stillness which is the
celebration of unconditional love. This is all there is.

There is no me or you, no seeker, no enlightenment, no disciple and no
guru. There is no better or worse, no path or purpose, and nothing that
has to be achieved.

All appearance is source. All that apparently manifests in the hypnotic
dream of separation the world, the life story, the search for home, is one
appearing as two the nothing appearing as everything, the absolute
appearing as the particular.

There is no separate intelligence weaving a destiny and no choice
functioning at any level. Nothing is happening but this, as it is, invites the
apparent seeker to rediscover that which is . . . the abiding, uncaused,
unchanging, impersonal silence from which unconditional love overflows
and celebrates. It is the wonderful mystery.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just added 2K to a totally passive Opp

I’ve just added two K to the first opp (which does not accept new members right now) and in which I have some real and substantial funds. As to the second one? Am going to be withdrawing seven or more K to buy a new/used car! It’s about time!

Ask me about the second one, as they still accept new members. If you wish. I started with seven K there and now am up to eighteen K or so. Six months I think. Not bad eh? That’s what we all like to see! Amongst all these scams!

Oh and I have far more than that in the first one. I will notify you, if you wish, when they reopen to new membership.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

God tells Noah to build a new Ark! Am not kidding you!

This is dire news. A reader of mine sent me the post that I have reported on in my main blog. Go there to read it as it is too tedious for me to reproduce it here.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Besides the Matrix V material, Adi Da, and ACIM, I have found this particular material to be of the highest kind.

Ok, this site contains a lot of Michael Topper's material. His essays will blow your mind! Besides the Matrix V material, Adi Da, and ACIM, I have found this particular material to be of the highest kind. But MT and AAA have disappeared in 1993 during an occult siege. So be careful. You may not want to read what he has revealed.

Up to you.

If you do... check these sources out: Tribe.net.

"This is drawn from a series of articles written by a fellow named Michael Topper, who uses the nom de plume "Marshall Telemachus" or even "Mother Terasu" and others. After producing a great deal of material, most of which was published by Val Valerian in his series of Matrix books, he sort of disappeared from the scene.

The series is long and complex, and the complex language usage makes it almost inaccessible to the average reader. I am sure that this was intended, because it is hard work to read it. There is no free lunch in the universe. In this series, he gives away incredible secrets of reality; but you still have to work to "get it."

I have here synopsized and condensed a portion of one section of this series with great effort to assure that I have retained the content intact."

Precis on The Good and The Evil
by Michael Topper

Excerpts from an article in which Topper discusses the higher realms in terms of economy! We thus see the Hermetic connection: As above, so below, and vice versa. We can surmise the agenda above, by observing the dynamics below! [Edited for clarity and brevity]

In the case of both positive and negative beings of 4th Density, the negotiable currency of their transactions is a bio-psychic energy; the mode of both is accumulation, in the sense of storing and putting such biopsychic energy-capital to work in powering or transforming the centers toward deeper integration and functional unity.

Due to the character of our traditional spiritual and esoteric teachings, we may have a conceptual difficulty understanding how a being of a higher density manages to acquire its status without benefit of any basic heart-development.

Positive beings at 4th density have achieved the necessary intensity and developmental alignment through conscious decisions based on recognition of the abstract propriety of identifiable divine law. […] Such beings display a recognizably "scientific" approach to spiritual considerations; they openly regard Divine Light as a mensurable magnitude. […] Their apparent "coldness" or objectivity is only apparent. They register the distress of others and modify their approach accordingly. […] One need only compare the behavior of truly negative beings to appreciate the difference. In the famous account of Whitley Strieber [there is] an adequate example. […]

In Strieber’s account, we witness the astonishing effort to transmute those horrific experiences into a positive outline. Thus Strieber, with almost excruciating transparency invokes the standard "humanistic" saw to the effect that dichotomies of good-and-evil are too simplistic and medieval, truth always being some "gray" blend of opposites; in this way he shields from himself the obvious implications of his ongoing ordeal.

But more importantly, he demonstrates to perfection the procedure of how one "falls into the hands" of the Negative Beings and, by the denial mechanism of 3rd density psychology, creates the belief that "good" things, developmental things, positively proceed from such ordeals. […]

His conclusions, his distillates of what he’s learned, insist almost schizophrenically that these entities must in some way have the "good of mankind" at heart, but that through the apparent terrorism of their utterly unworldly appearance and vile behavior they function something on the order of "cosmic zen masters," taking a stick to our stubborn skulls. […] As "proof" of the actually liberating work they’re performing, Strieber invokes the fact that owing to his jarring experiences he’s "come loose" and is able to sample in waking consciousness the phenomenon of astral travel.

read more....