Thursday, September 11, 2008

A response to Serenity's Spiritual Post in her blog

Hi Lydia, johnski here. (I post this here because I just needed something interesting to post, at least to myself and others who are into Spiritual matters. Here is her blog.)

I have had many of those dreams. I am recently having more and more of those where I recognize that am actually dreaming. Instead of just being involved in the dream and everything is just ok as it is... am actually starting to question my life in those so-called dreams.

Are they alternate realities as per Seth? They could be, but all alternate "realities" are really just more dreams within the bigger dream or the Universes created by that part of our minds called the split mind, or the ego.

Remember that the ego is just a thought of separation from God. So each such though will likely "create" a new dream in which you are in.... and all at the same "time", so in parallel. So that is a good supposition by Seth, but does not go further , while ACIM explains it further.

I think that once you start finding out that you are in a dream, whether when you are sleeping or "awake"... that realization will start to undermine the "reality" of THIS dream, here on Earth. And those of us who experience such things will begin to question the "reality" of this place, and time.

So I'd say that Seth would better serve us all by saying that these are alternate dreams, rather than realities. As none of these are real, in the strict sense that the Course uses. The only reality or Reality is that of Heaven, the Unconditional Domain, the Divine Domain, and all else is unreal, and cannot harm us.

As to Jesus or the Holy Spirit entering this Dream or the Right side of the Mind? Remember that ACIM, at its core is a non-dualistic Teaching. Hence in Reality there is no right mind, no wrong mind, no split mind, not even an Observer or Decision Maker, none of those exist, have never happened, nor are happening now. But while we seem to be appearing in a Dream? It is a necessary Mythology. One has to start somewhere, right? (In order to appeal to folks stuck in this dualistic and conditional and apparently separate “reality”.)


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CoolDeep said...

Hi friend,
Thank you so much for making me aware of my mistake. I have known Lydia recently and now we have become good blogging-friends. May be because our perspective are almost the same.