Thursday, July 31, 2008 Ok, I have NOT cycled in the appointed time.

What does this mean? It means they are NOT gettig enough folks coming in! So... STAY OUT of it. And get 0ut if you can. I was hoping that that this one would last more than a day.. but ha! I guess I was wrong!

OK it is WAY past my cycle time.. and I have not cycled. This one is toast, over, done, gone, bye bye. Told you! Only risk what you can risk. Oh well. Maybe I and you will cycle in the next couple of days, but for new folks? STAY OUT.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is a doubler that offers some products. They make the claim that other cyclers slow down and fail because those cyclers did not and do not offer any products, but that this one offers such attractive products that folks will come in droves just for the products/packages.

That is so far from the truth. So if you're going to play, get in right now, double a couple of times and get out.

The real truth is that those folks that like to play in cyclers don't give a damn about any stupid products, no matter how attractive they are hyped out to be. Most players are there to... play! To have their money cycled/doubled.

So there WILL be a slow-down, folks will not come back after taking profit and this one will cycle into a nose-dive.

Finally it looks like they have already launched. During the SLOWEST month of the year for such things! Brilliant move.

According to DNS records they may have launched some time in late July. So that's recent. Records were created on the 21st of July. They have the Domain registered for one year. I doubt they will last the month of August.

Since they accept e-gold and I have some, am going to try $49.

They are using one of the second generation cycler scripts. No bugs that I know of.

If you wish to risk something (they even take CC) here is my link:

Looks like a one day doubling time, so they must have just launched. And my ORDER ID is 6, so there are only 10 signed up right now and 6 orders. Pretty good chance I will cycle several times and get out with some profit.

Bad news for the OceanSideWealth opp

Looks like they launched already! It’s such a mess. Below is an e-mail I received from my upline who WILL NOT be joining and for good reason. As you can see from my own posts below, I seriously started to question the programme in the ASA forum and finally got banned by Jake. Hence I will not be joining either and suggest you do not either. It’s not worth it on the front end and I seriously question the viability of their robot trading programme.

So here’s the note from my upline:

“Subject: Oceanside Wealth - Unbelievable But True

Hello Everyone,

Believe it or not, while most of us were sleeping the
following message was posted in the ASA forum by JD
who heads the Oceanside Wealth admin team....


First off I really want to apologize for not giving the proper notice about
what I am about to tell you. We have been up all weekend long and I
have maybe had 1 hour of sleep per day. All day long today we have been
taking peoples advice and running stress tests on our server. During a
final stress test, our programmer put a sign up link live and a bunch
of people got in. As of right now we have maybe 20 people who have
signed up but our server guys are insisting we keep the server up so
that they can continue to run diagnostic tests throughout the night. We
have no control right now that people are signing up so we want to give
an official notice that everyone can sign up. We didn't want to launch
right now but in order to get our servers ready we have to allow people
to sign up right now. Our server techs are in Australia so they are
working on it right now during the day.

So while this is not the
exact way we wanted to launch, we at least wanted to give everyone the
notice that you can now log in and join Oceanside. There are only like
20 people who have gotten in, and there are all kinds of script errors
going on right now so it is very slow going, but they have urged us to
proceed so that they can get a handle on these errors and fix them once
and for all. Please don't worry, you have not been buried behind a
bunch of people, as the going is very very slow right now. We realize
there will be unhappy people because we haven't given an official
notice, but we have to do this in order to get all the bugs worked out.


As I stated in the forum...
Words cannot described what has transpired tonight. This is the most unprofessional act by a program administration that I have ever seen. There is no way I can continue to support this program.

I am in complete agreement with this member's comments....

Seems to me this is a REAL launch..I have received half a dozen offers already to join..A secret launch
...What the heck is this all about? I absolutely REFUSE to get cought
up in this...This is just WRONG and I don't think it is going to be
very well received by the public who were left out in the cold.

is quickly turning into a complete JOKE. I could have signed up already
because believe me If you have a team email chances are i am already on
your list so I knew about this the moment it happened...But I REFUSE to
sign up!!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

WOW a secret Launch..I am just
shakeing my head trying to figure out how Oceanside figured this was
the way to go..This just absolutely smacks of preferential treatment
and back office deal cutting..For lack of a better word the whole thing
just seems DIRTY. I guess i don't recall Vlane haveing a SECRET launch
for the privilaged few.

When Oceanside first came on the scene
it really appeared to me that this would be a great oportunity for alot
of people..but looks like greed and back office politics got in the way
of that. I just can't endorse a program that does not provide a level
playing field for ALL.
I have my principles and I have my business ethics and they are not for sale even for a top level matrix position.

Full steam ahead with Vlane..The most ethical program on the net.

How anyone with an ounce of ethics or professionalism can continue to support this program is beyond me.
As far as I am concerned, Oceanside Wealth is history! There are
much better projects to focus on.”

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jake of ASA Forum suspends my account

Holy shit My account at the ASA Monitor Forum has just been suspended by Jake of ASA! Here is the error message am receiving:

Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on Jul 29 2008, 11:08 PM.

And all that was due to the questions that I have been posing around OceanSideWealth!



He did not like it as it is his pet Project! So much for a distracted Reviewer eh ? A guy that reviews and is not influenced by others? That does not seem to be Jake! OceanSideWealth seems to be his pet Project! And it could be a good one, no doubt, but what I have uncovered, and the questions that I have asked in his FORUM... leads me to believe that he is VERY involved, that he HAS signed up other leaders before launch (despite his claims of no preference in the public forums) and ... well, that is enough!

So I published such details and have found that my account, tonight, at ASA, is suspended! Just after my posts!



OceanSideWealth and Jake of ASA

[quote name='Jake234' date='Jul 26 2008, 08:44 PM' post='184502']

Now look Jake. I don't mean to stir up any trouble. Am a reviewer. An investigator, and someone that also participates if it deems worthy, in my opinion.

You too have published your opinions in the past, and I won't remind you of the trash you promoted, or should I?

We all have.

Now let's close that era. We both are smarter now and are helping folks.

The same with this deal.

Am not here to trash it.

Am here to invstigate it and put my hard earned money into it! So are you!


So don't you give me any s h i t over investigating this one and getting all the answers! That's supposed to be your job as well! Unless you are bought out or what? Am sure you are not and you too investigate these things as well! OK?


Now shut up and give us the goods! Sorry to be so upfront and uptight! But it is YOUR JOB to give us all the facts, instead you are getting pissed off over your pet project, or so it seems! Don't delete this as I will then post it elsewhere!a


admin of

OceanSideWealth LAUNCH delayed until Aug. 3rd 6 PM EST

Link: (The JOIN link will appear on the left when the CLOCK expires in fact make it 5 minutes after it expires)

LAUNCH IS NOW DELAYED one whole week, now set at 3rd of August, 6 PM EST! Keep checking this blog. Server could not handle the load.

Good Morning Everyone,

You will need $61.50 in your payment processor
account - $60 plus $1.50 service fee.

Watch the countdown clock at this site.....

As soon as the clock expires you may proceed.

Here are the step-by-step sign up instructions


1. At the main page click on "Join" at the bottom of the left side menu

2. On the next page enter your desired username, email address and postal zip code.
Make sure there is a green dot next to distributor

3. Check the box to accept terms and conditions

4. On the personal details page insert company name if desired. Otherwise, leave blank

5. Enter first and last name

6. Enter address details

7. Enter home phone number

8. Enter email address

9. Enter email address again to confirm

10. Choose your password

11. Confirm password

12. Select security question

13. Insert security question answer

14. Make sure sponsor is correct

15. Click on Continue

16. Under "Package Selection" check the box under "Purchase"

17. Click on Continue

18. Under "Autoship Package Selection" check the box under "Add to autoship"

19. Click on Continue

20. Where it says " When you are happy with your order:" click on Continue

21. Scroll down to select your payment method

22. Complete payment

23. You will see a "Signup Complete" page which will contain you username, password
and referral link. Send your link to your contacts along with these instructions.

Friday, July 25, 2008

ALERT 228 - OceanSideWealth final instructions and link from js of 9PR

Tomorrow (Saturday) after 10 AM EST I will send you a link: (for those of you who are joining) via an ALERT.

Use this site to find out what time that is in your area:

Click on the link, sign up, and you will likely get an email with your own personal link. Send that to your friends, family, neighbors, the next door cat and dog and don't forget the skunks.

Right now you can go to and look around. Read the TERMS, the COMP PLAN and so on. Also go to the Forum at ASA (link is somewhere below) and read, read, read. Read the info I have below (a summary), so you can make an informed decision.

Information on the ForEx side of things will appear in September.

Before you sign up, ensure that you can access your pay processor and that you have at least sixty USD in there.


PS: Part of your monthly fee and earnings in the Matrix will go towards your principal in your ForEx account. In any case, many folks are excited. And I don't see the monthly $60 as a problem, especially if you are going to be involved in ForEx. With most traders you have to open an account of $10K minimum, whereas here it is made up by the MATRIX earnings and you can add more to your ForEx principal in one hundred dollar increments.

Now have a good night and expect another ALERT tomorrow sometime after 10 AM or when the clock goes to zero.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OceanSideWealth: More info for you. READ THIS if you are going to join this Saturday at 10 AM EST or later.

Go to the section "ASA OFFSHORE OPPS"

Click on "Oceanside Wealth"

Ken: When the program does launch I believe it will be a very unique due to the community matrix which I expect will fill to the 11th level within hours, assuming their server and programing can accommodate such a huge volume.

js: You must join the matrix in order to participate in the passive investment. That's $60 a month. Those of you who join the matrix a day or two into the programme will unlikely be able to cover the $60 a month with commissions earned from your matrix (because once the company 2x10 fills you will get your own 2x10 with no overspill from the Company, but with overspill from leadership above you if that leadership has you in their 2x10). So that means that if you will have to invest something like $600 or more in order to pay the monthly $60 fee as I (js) fully expect them to give you 10% per month on average, not the 20% to 30% that is being claimed.

Below is some further info from my upline:

Oceanside Wealth builder summary

What we know so far about the company and their proposed business:(Accuracy checked by J.D. Admin., thank you Sir.)

1. They use an institutional grade Forex trading program (js: this means a robot software programme). Along with the many years of experience of their trader to bring you returns on your investment.

2. They will be posting monthly performance graphs along with doing live webinars so we can see the results.

3. They will also have a built in front-end matrix with a $60 per month membership fee.

4. You will then be able to add any amount in $100 increments on top of that to go into the program (js: ForEx trading)... There will be no maximum amount.

5. The corporate headquarters will be posted on the web site. No phone number.

6. There is never a promised set return per month, the hoped for average is 20%. The worst month was 3% and that was in April 2008.

7. They are a new Company. There are performance graphs from the software program that they are using for OW. This program has been around for 2 years (js: apparently $6 Million to license, see info below.)

What we know about the Trading program:

1. The software program that they use is 100% automated- meaning that they can set it and allow it to run on its own. It looks at 80-90 different signals before it makes a single trade and reacts to real life current events.

2. They have been using it and watching it live now for around 15 months and the WORST month was 3% in April of this year. The average has been right around 20% per month and the best month around 45%.

3. They have stop losses in place. These are set at 10% meaning that they will never be trading with more than 10% of the account. This makes it Impossible to lose more than 10% of the account at a time.

What we know about the people:

1. Jake from ASA has been in contact with this company for around 6 months. He has endorsed it as a good investment, which for many is enough to make it a buy.

2. The Company Admin in charge is J.D. The forum moderators and question answer people are leverageFx and xx

3. There is a Forex experienced Trader that we don’t know the name of yet.

What we know about the launch:

1. Saturday July 26, 2008 will be the day the company will open to signups for matrix spots. 10 AM EST.

2. There is substantial buzz surrounding the launch and matrix. Experienced investors are also focused on the forex trading returns.

What we know about the Matrix:

1. It is going to be a community force filled matrix for the first ELEVEN (11) levels (OS is the top level, hence 11 total for the 2x10). After the 11th level is complete, it will turn into a regular forced matrix (js: meaning you have to fill it, with the help, if any, of leadership above you, within 10 levels).

2. Everyone must join the matrix before they can invest.

3. You can personally sign up a spouse, family member and anyone else from your computer.

4. No multiple spots in the matrix.

5. Your matrix fees can be paid with your interest earnings

6. The Company will be giving away Cadillac Escalade Hybrids and house bonuses. The matrix is designed so that it pays out 65% back to the members and the other 35% is used to pay for the Escalades!

What we know about the payment processors:

1. Payment processors will include: Solid Trust Pay, U got Cash, Strict Pay, and Alertpay. alert pay will be used for the 1st month only

2. Everyone has to have their own payment processor account in order to sign up at launch.

3. There will be an option for you to send funds from OW member to OW member in your back office.

4. Multiple accounts are not allowed, however signups from the same IP address is ok.

5. The interest will be available for withdrawal on a monthly basis.

6. We can join with one payment processor but have our earnings deposited to another.

js: Now, I posted some comments in the ASA forum about the sixty monthly fee and then go sidetracked into talking about ForEx. One person responded with a very intelligent explanation and I post it here (hope he does not mind):

"I have not been in a position to view the trading system and I have no way to substantiate any of the claims made about it. However, JD did mention that the license for this technology alone would cost $6 million and I'm willing to accept that as the truth (js: why on earth would you?). If that's the case then it is obviously a very valuable technology as value in this industry is determined by results.

As to why they're willing to offer it to us for $100/mth (js: ummm.... $60 a month) instead of selling to large institutions, you really have to have an understanding of how compensation within this industry works to see the huge value that exists for the company.

First of all, you have to look at the capital invested by the whole group and not the individual amounts that make up the whole. If 10,000 people join OSW, you're looking at approximately $600,000 monthly that will be flowing into the trading account ( remember that all matrix commissions will not be paid out to members but will instead be invested on their behalf, with the principle held for 12 months ).

Now let's assume that the average member deposit into the trading account is an additional $1,000 (js: well, the minimum will have to be about $600 per member). This brings the account to $10,000,000 with additional deposits of $600,000 monthly ( which will grow every time a new member joins ).

I don't know which Forex Broker will hold the account for OSW but I can pretty much guarantee that the company has established a relationship where they're paid out of the trading profits as well as on the spread. On a $10 million account with ultra conservative leverage, it's likely that they'd be trading a minimum of 100 standard lots per entry. At even a 1 pip rebate the company would be receiving $100 in referral commission for every trade placed. If they place 20 trades per day which is not uncommon for a "scalper", then that's $2000 in corporate income regardless of whether the trade is profitable or not.

In additional if they have a profit sharing a arrangement they will get a percentage of the monthly growth on the account. Even if their cut is 5% of the profit it will produce significant income given the account size.

There are plenty of reasons why the company would offer this service to us instead of selling it to an institution. As the membership grows and invested capital increases, so to will their revenue.

xxxxxxx (name deleted)

ps. I completely agree with you that people should not be expecting more than 10% monthly. If they can achieve more then so be it but just consider that gravy."

I have posted the above because I want you to know what you're getting into from the start. If you ignore the above, and come back and complain two months later, I will just have to ignore you. Got it? Good.

Now go out and play.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


OceanSideWealth will be launched on this Saturday at 10 AM EST. I will send out an ALERT with the correct link. Stay tuned. In the meantime read the info (below) and fund your Strict Pay and/or SolidTrust Pay (and AlertPay) accounts with at least $60 if you’re going to participate in the matrix side of things.

The first 11 levels will be built by the whole Community (and no, you will not fill your own 2x10, not likely... so get in fast so that you’re in the Community portion).

Don’t worry if you don’t get into the Matrix as the main return will be from ForEx trading. The average return will be 30% per month and compounding will be available (that’s a pretty high return.... so even if they give us 10% return per month we will be happy campers)..

They are offshore in Panama.

Diary: Over the last few years I have been in conflict over which Spiritual Path I should be following.

- the one outlined in "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold W. Percival or
- the one outlined by the Huna Teachings (see Max Freedom Long) or
- some form of Bhakti Yoga or
- A Course in Miracles (some call it the Christian Advaita Vedanta) or
- some form of Zen Buddhism
- Advaita Vedanta
- I've considered many others (Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, New Age, and more). These are not for me.

Every time I consider this question I keep coming back to ACIM or A Course In Miracles. So this time I think am going to stick to it and practice the lessons in the Work Book and s on.

And why is this?

Well, from studying the various Teachings out there the ones that appeal to me the most (and make the most sense) all say basically the following

- What is Changeless cannot contain or encompass something that is changing (evolving or devolving, change in any case).
- What is Limitless cannot contain the limited.
- What is Infinite cannot contain what is finite.
- What is Infinite, Changeless, Eternal, Infinite, All Encompassing is Real. What is unreal cannot exist.

So to me, any Teaching that teaches that this realm, which is limited, full of change and suffering, is finite, not eternal, cannot be the Truth. It is akin to a dream, a mirage in the desert. But this applies to my own understanding; am not saying anything about yours.


I got a neat surprise today when trying to sign in. All of a sudden, after a PIN Challenge am getting a screen basically saying that I appear to be on an OPEN PROXY, and they don’t like that. Tried twice, can’t sign in, so I can’t fix that.

So, I powercycled the modem and got a new IP. That did not work either as it is in the same network. So I tried the only other thing I could (as I don’t know if the problem is on the e-gold end or my ISP), which was to switch to my Rogers connection. That worked just fine!

Now, what changed? Well, I have my first ISP working on that. But also e-gold, today, implement some more security measures. And it could well be that because I have HIGH SECURITY on the IP address, the IP address I got from my first ISP may indeed look like it is on an OPEN PROXY. In the meantime I will use me Rogers connection if I wish to access e-gold. Thought I’d like to know if all of a sudden you develop the same problem. Of course you may not have a backup connection, so you will have to call e-gold to resolve that.

If you get the below info don't go there,

If you get the below info don't go there, if you do, DO NOT click on the coin icon, it will try to load a file called amero.exe that likely contains a trojan. I was safe as am on MAC OS X.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 22, 2008 4:16:35 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: Welcome the Amero

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok, here is another lesson I have learned just today.

After a few days of almost ten bucks a day on that Adwords Campaign I have re Hydrogen, HHO, and running further on your gallon of gas using Brown's Gas?

I realized that the top keywords that I was using were simply attracting the wrong crowd? What do I mean?

Well, consider this. My main keyword that was drawing the most clicks per day was HHO and then Hydrogen kits.

Now think about it. What the heck do YOU know about HHO? All you may have heard is that there is a way to save money on the high prices of gas using water!

So who the heck was keying on HHO and Brown's Gas (same thing). Why... the folks who already knew about it and were doing some further research! So by the time they got to MY review, it was old news for them! So they bought.... NOTHING!

Ok, so you see? This is a very interesting game that requires you to use your brains, and think about it. So now I have PAUSED those high paying and poor producing keywords and phrases. Now am focussing on those who are ignorant about all this but have heard something about it in the news, usually. Am more likely to sell with these folks than the folks who already know about it and who are looking for more research and info, all to my detriment in cost per click!


For those of you who are still ignorant about what is going on here with this saving money on gas thing? It's for real. Read my reviews:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New programme launching soon, do read.

Ok, here is an important announcement from a person that I do trust. Ken Russo. Read on.

Greetings Everyone,

Make no mistake. MrsVIP remains at the very top of my list of recommended programs and I expect that it will for years to come.

In the interest of diversification I will be joining Oceanside Wealth. There is an extensive discussion at the ASA forum....

We are now seeing programs programs which empower each and every member to earn without having to complete a cycle, fill a matrix or build a downline. The first program to successfully combine the network marketing model with a passive income producing model is QLx3. The second (and best) program to do so is MrsVIP. Now we have Oceanside Wealth (OW) presenting a new program which will appeal to the masses. Thankfully, we are witnessing a major transformation in this industry whichtends to render referral-based programs obsolete and this is extremely good news for the vast majority of industry participants who have never been able to develop the additional income stream(s) they desperately seek.

I am in agreement with the following review from a fellow member...

begin review
Oceanside Wealth Review

Program announcement has exploded over at ASA forums and other various forums:

Oceanside Wealth Builders will be available to the public this MONDAY, July 20, 2008 for signups. I will be sharing and quoting some of what I heard from various contacts, forums, etc. I've heard a lot of good things about this company, mostly from my good friend Jake over at ASA. He feels this program may be the next "V-Lane". This is a new investment opportunity with a 15-20% average earned monthly (some months doing 30-40%). This earning percentage does not expire. The matrix side of the company can prove to be great source of income. This program has a somewhat similar structure to our favorite opportunity out there, MrsVip & V-Lane Traffic, in the sense that you have to join the matrix to take advantage of the product. In this case, the product is investments. People on the forums are excited to get in early because of the 2x10 "community" forced matrix, where people will be placed automatically LEFT TO RIGHT, all the way down to the first 10 levels. With the amount of excitement this program has been given, you can pretty much count on the 2x10 matrix to fill up quickly with no open spots. Getting in early is wise. I believe that if you get in early, and I mean early, you can bank on making a nice income from the matrix, even if you don't sponsor. Many will be watching closely for launch. Subscription is $60 a month. Weighing risk vs reward, I feel that this opportunity is worth the risk, and the reward can be much higher.

Matrix Chart:
Level 2 $10
Level 3 $50
Level 4 $400
Level 5 $80
Level 6 $640
Level 7 $320
Level 8 $1920
Level 9 $2,560
Level 10 $33,280

Now I can't guarantee these will be the earnings or anything. The site hasn't even launched. I just
did some due diligence and gathered information from the forums, contacts, and company. Do realize
that even though everyone is going crazy over the matrix, it's the product that matters the most at the
end of the day. Most people aren't matrix builders. After the initial craze of signups, the 15-20% average
monthly return is what should keep the program alive. I won't lie by saying I'm not excited to see what the
matrix can bring though.

Anyways, I'm in this program because of Jake's recommendation. I've known of Jake for years but only
became friends with him since January 2008 or so. I truly believe he changed his path, since he no longer
promotes ponzis. I don't think he'll steer us wrong, and will provide good opportunities.
Message from the company:

"Hello everyone, We are very excited to bring you this phenomenal opportunity with Oceanside Wealth!
I just got off the phone with my web programmer and we should be ready to start putting in positions in
the matrix as early as Friday. To give everyone a little foresight of what to expect... REAL RETURNS
based on our ACTUAL RETURNS. We use an institutional grade $60 million Forex trading program
along with the many years of experience of our trader to bring you phenomenal returns. We will be
posting monthly performance graphs along with doing live webinars so you can see our amazing results!
We will also have a built in front-end matrix with a $60 per month membership fee. You will then be able
to add any amount in $100 increments on top of that to go into our program. When we say any amount,
we mean ANY AMOUNT. There will be no maximum with us as we do not have to "look" for places to
put the money. It all gets combined with our personal portfolio to leverage it. The matrix will be a 2 by 10
forced matrix with the first 10 levels "community forced". This means that the first 1046 people will be
placed automatically left to right all the way down the first 10 levels. This will ensure that there are no
open spots and no one will get left behind. Jake said that he thinks we will fill the 2 x 10 matrix in about
a month, so as soon as we are live, you will want to put your position in ASAP. We will definitely be
here for the long haul and are looking forward to helping as many people's dreams come true as possible."
end review

Just last night (Thursday, July 17) I saw an hour long demonstration of the trading platform and I was
very impressed.

This program will not be launching until this coming Monday, July 20.
This gives you time to review the information contained in the forum
link provided above. Please do not send questions about Oceanside Wealth
to me at this time. Instead, post them in the forum and I'm sure they will be
responded to quickly. As you review the information in the forum you will
see that Oceanside Wealth is very similar to MrsVIP in that they both have...

...a membership matrix structure

...a passive income opportunity*

...the means by which ALL members can earn, whether or not they refer
a single person.

*Since we are required to view and rate websites an average of 22 days
per month, V-Lane Traffic cannot be defined as totally passive. Oceanside
Wealth is totally passive.

I have already decided to join the program based upon the information I have seen.
I will be sending my referral link as soon as the program launches. I will send a 24
hour notice prior to the launch as a reminder.

Active marketers should pay close attention to the matrix income potential. I am not
going to hype the matrix portion of the program. While there is always significant spillover
the moment a program launches, especially a 2-wide matrix, it is not of major significance
to inactive members who find themselves on the lower levels of any matrix. It will be of
interest to our active members and I suggest that everyone make your contacts aware
of Oceanside Wealth. The purpose for the matrix side of the program is to reward the
efforts of active marketers and responsible sponsors. Without active marketers these
programs would not exist. While we are not required to refer anyone to earn in the matrix,
those that do will earn a 50% matching bonus on anyone they do refer!

As is always the case, most of the members of OSW will not be in the "active marketer"
category. Like V-Lane Traffic, they will see the value of the passive portion of the program
and they will understand that the returns from the program will greatly exceed the monthly
cost of membership assuming they have adequate funds available to make the program
work for them.

Watch for more info about OSW very soon from myself and the forum.
Whether or not this program can perform as advertised and can sustain long-
term remains to be seen. If so, I expect that our team will grow steadily as has
been the case with QLx3 and MrsVIP. As many of you know, our group accounts
for almost 1/2 of the entire QLx3 and GMS membership base. One thing is certain.
Whenever a forced matrix is part of the equation, joining sooner is always much better
than joining later.

The payment processors will be....

Strict Pay
Solid Trust Pay
Alert Pay

Ken (and js)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unbiased Review: HHO or Brown's Gas increases MPG in cars and trucks.

Rather than damage (I've been asked this question a few times), it actually cleans the engine because the byproduct of the combustion of Brown's Gas is actually water vapor! So by the end of the day you have managed to steam clean your engine. If you stop using the device, you will notice that the increase in MPG actually stays for a while. And that's due to a cleaner engine. At least this is what is being reported by some folks that are playing with this.

The device can also be removed within a minute or less. The engine will then pass inspection and all kinds of test it can be submitted to and you will find that it will not void your warranty.

Here is a long discussion that I've compiled that will help you to understand how it all works, but you (and anyone reading this post) must read the whole thing (don't stop mid-way as wrong assumptions are being changed along the way).

Here goes:

HHO, how it really works, from Mr. Smith

I found this in one of the forums on HHO (or is it 2H 2O?):

Forget about the electrical system for a minute. Think about what really gives the car it's power. Oxygen and Gasoline. The Oxygen is a pretty consistent factor of Engine RPMs so we won't worry about that. The faster the engine runs the more Oxygen is sucked in through the air filter.

Gasoline, on the other hand has the specific job of igniting the oxygen to create horsepower. Most people on this forum would tell you that gasoline burns at 20% efficiency. I disagree with that. I believe it burns at approximately 30% efficiency based on what I've read. That leaves us with an unused gasoline potential of 70%.

The Hydrogen that is created from the devices we build does not power the engine. FUGGEDDABOUTIT. That's the lamest excuse from skeptics. Conservation of energy, Bullcrap. Nobody says we are not wasting electrical energy. We know we are doing it. It takes more energy to break the water apart than we are getting from the Hydrogen.

That's not the point......................................

The point of generating the hydrogen is this... The hydrogen, when introduced to the gasoline in the combustion chamber, changes the efficiency of the gasoline burn. It allows gasoline's efficiency to change from 30% to a higher number. That number will be different on each car. It's dependent on the engine's compression ratio, the number of cylinders, the car's fuel air ratio and the amount of Hydrogen produced.

Cars that are older and do not have emmissions sensors and computers to deal with are easier to get bigger gains from. Adding 2H 2O to the engine will do nothing but cut back the need for extra gasoline without affecting much. Some owners are able to lean out their carburetors or change the ignition timing to even get better results.

Cars that are newer (Like Mine) have sensors that monitor air flow and adjust the gasoline accordingly. They have another sensor that monitors the emissions levels. If the emissions levels change significantly in either direction the computer will change the fuel level to compensate. That's the reason why on a normal car when the O2 sensor goes out you get worse fuel mileage.

When we introduce 2H 2O to the engine the sensor (Goes Out) for all practical purposes. Even though we may be getting a benefit from the 2H 2O the engine counteracts the benefit by adding more gasoline to the fuel air mixture. The engines are running rich which can damage things after a while.

The challenge for owners of new cars is to fake out the computer's programming to lower the fuel ratio back down to normal levels or lower (Like a Carburated engine).

I hope you understand now that the goal is not to release energy from Hydrogen to power our cars. The purpose (Which seems to allude skeptics) is to change the burn efficiency of gasoline. THAT'S ALL.
Mr. Smith

2003 VW Jetta, 2.0 liter, 5 speed
2004 VW Touareg V6, 6 speed automatic

js: So in conclusion, these devices/kits simply raise the burn efficiency of gasoline from around 30% to something higher. And it is easier to do that in older cars that do not have computers. And in newer cars that do have computers? You'll have to adjust those.

But but but but........

Dino Wrote:
From what I can understand from all of this is that the hydrogen makes the gas burn better and cleaner because you have less unburned gas. This is also why you can run leaner because you are burning a higher percentage of your gas thanks to the HHO so you can get away with using less without damaging your engine.

Thanks but I'm not sure if I believe this because my standard textbook on internal combustion engines (Pulkrabek, Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine) says that IC engines already have a combustion efficiency of 98%. So the HHO must be affecting combustion in some way other than increasing efficiency.

Are there any combustion chemists on this board who can comment?

js: Dang!

Ah... here we may have an answer (BG=Brown's Gas)

" RE: chemistry of Brown's Gas in cars

The technical answer is that Brown's Gas (BG) reduces the endothermic energy required for combustion. What this means is that a gasoline charge in your vehicles cylinder with BG mixed in will take less energy to burn the fuel charge. It takes some energy to begin the chemical reaction of combustion - spark. Once the spark is present it begins the chemical reaction of a few molecules, these give off heat starting more molecules burning and so on. The presence of BG allows less heat to be needed to begin the process. This means less fuel will produce the same amount of power.

And this from Zortag:

"One would think that scientific journals would have some papers on what happens (in combustion chemistry terms) when you inject some amount of monatomic H into gasoline during combustion. Anyone know of any specific references?

UPDATE: Just found this in Wikipedia:

In this article, they reference this technical paper:
G. Fontana, E. Galloni, E. Jannelli and M. Minutillo (January, 2002). "Performance and Fuel Consumption Estimation of a Hydrogen Enriched Gasoline Engine at Part-Load Operation". SAE Technical Paper Series (2002-01-2196): p. 4–5

I ordered this paper, and these university researchers do indeed state that hydrogen injection in gasoline combustion improved overall gas mileage, although they were using a hydrogen generation process that generated hydrogen by using some of the gasoline itself rather than through electrolysis. But the basic principle does indeed seem to work and have scientific basis from peer reviewed research.

On the other hand, this paper discussed experimental results - it really didn't go into WHY (in a combustion chemistry sense) this seems to work."

And finally from Baracuda:

"'m no chemist but my uncle is and my aunt has a PHD in physics. Really that's true.

Anyway, From what I've researched and gathered I would say that AlexR's answer is spot on to the original question.

Gasoline has many many additives in it. Each with it's own molecular structure. Each of these individual molecular structures boil/vaporize/combust at different temperatures. When gasoline enters the combustion chamber it is ignited by the spark plug. This initial ignition only starts burning the fuels lightest molecules,( it does not all explode at once ). The heat generated from the initial ignition starts a chain reaction which heats and ignites the medium molecules. In turn they heat and ignite the heavier remaining molecules. The fuel only has the time it takes for the next cycle of exhaust valves opening to burn. But guess what.....Some of those molecules are still burning as they exit the combustion chamber through the exhuast valves( some haven't burnt at all ).

Hence; hydrocarbon pollution. Big oil and car manufactuers solution....Catylitic converters ( burn the unburnt fuel before it hits the atmosphere ) Or in simple terms...... Gasoline burns slowly.

HHO does not burn slowly it explodes rapidly. When you introduce HHO into the combustion chamber with gasoline. The lighter molecular structure of the HHO explodes providing the heat needed to ignite the heavier molecules in the gasoline, in a quicker fashion. Thereby assisting the gasoline in a more rapid burn or combustion. Basically; more of the gasoline burns in the combustion chamber and less leaves through the exhuast valves still burning or unburnt.......A more complete burn. Which means more power, less pollution and better mileage !
If you burn HHO in an internal combustion engine. It does not create energy, it simply allows you to extract and use more of the energy that is already there.

Have you ever used an oxy/acetolyne torch? If you have you'll know that when you light it with just the acetolyne on the flame is yellow and makes a lot of soot. But when you start adding oxygen the flame turns blue, burns hotter, cleaner, more fierce and there's no soot. It's the same principle. You don't create energy when you add the oxegyn you just extract the energy that's already there.

On another note: Hydrogen is used in the oil refining process. The oil is passed over a heated catylist bed made of zeolytes (s) tungsten, copper, steel, magnesium or other things. Anyway, while it's passing over the catylist HYDROGEN is introduced. A chemical reaction occurs which cracks the oil into lighter molecules. I don't know the whole process but the length of time, temperature, and type of catylist used determines just how cracked the oil becomes. Each of these processes, along with certain additives provide the different fuels we use everyday; Naptha, Propane, Butane, Diesel, Gasoline etc, etc.
If you're interested do a search on wikipedia for oil refining or catylist cracking.

Maybe this is why you hear people say that HHO acts as a catylist to crack the gasoline in the combustion chamber. I don't know if it really does or not.

Hope that made some sense"

js: Oh and forget that stunning 98% Efficiency that is always being quoted or misquoted. Dino provides the answer here:

"Ratings of Efficiency

There are many different ways to find the efficiency of an engine, and many different parts of an engine that you can rate the efficiency.

Thermal efficiency is the percentage of energy taken from the combustion which is actually converted to mechanical work. In a typical low compression engine, the thermal efficiency is only about 26%. In a highly modified engine, such as a race engine, the thermal efficiency is about 34%.

Mechanical efficiency is the percentage of energy that the engine puts out after subtracting mechanical losses such as friction, compared to what the engine would put out with no power loss. Most engines are about 94% mechanically efficient.

This means that for a stock engine, only 20% of the power in fuel combustion is effective."

So again the best Guide out there (to implement) is this one: CENTEMAX for complete novices and newbies.

And for the more technical amongst you: Water4Gas. Have fun with your car or truck!

Back to HHO, Brown’s Gas and increasing your Gas Mileage

ok, there are some nay-sayers out there that keep standing on their hind legs and braying that it takes more energy to produce Brown’s Gas than you can get energy out of that Brown’s Gas, so poooo poooo!

What they DO NOT understand is that the Brown’s Gas (HHO or H + H or 2H 2O) improves the gasoline BURN efficiency of your car’s engine! Right now the burn efficiency is somewhere around 20% to 30%. Brown’s gas, when it enters the chamber and a spark ignites this lightest of molecules, cause the gasoline to burn FASTER and more completely, thus producing far less (if any) emissions (unburned hydrocarbons), as well as making MORE use of the gasoline being burned, thus leading to better gas mileage (how does one say... kilometrage? French I guess.)

You see, this is why your car contains a catalytic converter! To burn off that remaining portion that the engine (in one cycle) did not burn off. But with the addition of Brown’s Gas that stuff gets burned off in one cycle, hence no emissions and more bang for your gasoline buck!

So the HHO or Brown’s Gas DOES NOT contribute extra energy, kapish? Now, if any of you are interested I can print, here, a very lengthy compilation of discussions on this issue. If you read through it, by the time you get to the end? You will understand what I have just summarized. [email=""]Tell me[/email] if you want me to print all that here.

So these kits really DO work, but not for the reasons that most believe. Or are led to believe.

Increase MPG by 40 to 70% with this Gas/HHO/Brown's Gas kit

Yesterday, in my blog, I talked about the price of Gas at the pump. Is there something that we could do to lower the price of Gas at the pump? I don’t think so.

A few days ago The President of the US, George Walker Bush, was asked what he was doing to lower gas prices. His response was something like this: If I could wave a magic wand and have the price of Gas at the pump go down.... well, I’d do that! But I can’t.

Har! What a brilliant response from the Leader of the #1 Super Power on the planet.

But then... Obama was asked the same question (if he were to become President....) Guess what his answer was? Basically the same as Bush’s! Can you believe it?

So what am saying is that we have failed to influence the Governments and the Oil Industry (and the Car industry) to do something about rising prices of fossil fuels or to depend less on fossil fuels.

So as I mentioned yesterday (below) we have to take the fight to our cars! And trucks! There are now lots of folks buying Guides and Kits that allow them to extract compressed Hydrogen, or rather HHO or Brown’s Gas, get that into the car or truck engine and improve performance and mileage. And most of these kits and guides are under $200.

So yesterday I indicated that the best Guide out there (to implement) is this one: CENTEMAX for complete novices and newbies.

Now, there are some folks out there that love tinkering with their cars and that would like to be a part of an Organization that is World-Wide which loves to tinker, make new innovations, and share them with the rest of the members, with no patents, so that one can even go out there, file a patent and start producing and selling whatever it is one has discovered (from others even).

This one is a bit more expensive than the one above due to all kinds of add-on benefits. So if you are that type of person you would best be served by this one: Water4Gas. Have fun with your car or truck! Am going to as well, as soon as I buy a used car, in August I think.