Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to HHO, Brown’s Gas and increasing your Gas Mileage

ok, there are some nay-sayers out there that keep standing on their hind legs and braying that it takes more energy to produce Brown’s Gas than you can get energy out of that Brown’s Gas, so poooo poooo!

What they DO NOT understand is that the Brown’s Gas (HHO or H + H or 2H 2O) improves the gasoline BURN efficiency of your car’s engine! Right now the burn efficiency is somewhere around 20% to 30%. Brown’s gas, when it enters the chamber and a spark ignites this lightest of molecules, cause the gasoline to burn FASTER and more completely, thus producing far less (if any) emissions (unburned hydrocarbons), as well as making MORE use of the gasoline being burned, thus leading to better gas mileage (how does one say... kilometrage? French I guess.)

You see, this is why your car contains a catalytic converter! To burn off that remaining portion that the engine (in one cycle) did not burn off. But with the addition of Brown’s Gas that stuff gets burned off in one cycle, hence no emissions and more bang for your gasoline buck!

So the HHO or Brown’s Gas DOES NOT contribute extra energy, kapish? Now, if any of you are interested I can print, here, a very lengthy compilation of discussions on this issue. If you read through it, by the time you get to the end? You will understand what I have just summarized. [email=""]Tell me[/email] if you want me to print all that here.

So these kits really DO work, but not for the reasons that most believe. Or are led to believe.

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