Friday, July 25, 2008

ALERT 228 - OceanSideWealth final instructions and link from js of 9PR

Tomorrow (Saturday) after 10 AM EST I will send you a link: (for those of you who are joining) via an ALERT.

Use this site to find out what time that is in your area:

Click on the link, sign up, and you will likely get an email with your own personal link. Send that to your friends, family, neighbors, the next door cat and dog and don't forget the skunks.

Right now you can go to and look around. Read the TERMS, the COMP PLAN and so on. Also go to the Forum at ASA (link is somewhere below) and read, read, read. Read the info I have below (a summary), so you can make an informed decision.

Information on the ForEx side of things will appear in September.

Before you sign up, ensure that you can access your pay processor and that you have at least sixty USD in there.


PS: Part of your monthly fee and earnings in the Matrix will go towards your principal in your ForEx account. In any case, many folks are excited. And I don't see the monthly $60 as a problem, especially if you are going to be involved in ForEx. With most traders you have to open an account of $10K minimum, whereas here it is made up by the MATRIX earnings and you can add more to your ForEx principal in one hundred dollar increments.

Now have a good night and expect another ALERT tomorrow sometime after 10 AM or when the clock goes to zero.

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