Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CYCLER REVIEW: doublebydouble.com

This is a doubler that offers some products. They make the claim that other cyclers slow down and fail because those cyclers did not and do not offer any products, but that this one offers such attractive products that folks will come in droves just for the products/packages.

That is so far from the truth. So if you're going to play, get in right now, double a couple of times and get out.

The real truth is that those folks that like to play in cyclers don't give a damn about any stupid products, no matter how attractive they are hyped out to be. Most players are there to... play! To have their money cycled/doubled.

So there WILL be a slow-down, folks will not come back after taking profit and this one will cycle into a nose-dive.

Finally it looks like they have already launched. During the SLOWEST month of the year for such things! Brilliant move.

According to DNS records they may have launched some time in late July. So that's recent. Records were created on the 21st of July. They have the Domain registered for one year. I doubt they will last the month of August.

Since they accept e-gold and I have some, am going to try $49.

They are using one of the second generation cycler scripts. No bugs that I know of.

If you wish to risk something (they even take CC) here is my link: http://doublebydouble.com/?micronuts

Looks like a one day doubling time, so they must have just launched. And my ORDER ID is 6, so there are only 10 signed up right now and 6 orders. Pretty good chance I will cycle several times and get out with some profit.

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Iago de Otto said...

Hey, js.

I was just reading Page 19 on 9PlanetReviews, and when coming across the URL to your blogspot blogger blog I clicked on over, and even though I am not commenting on the subject matter at hand (cyclers), I thought that I would put my stuff here since, well, although it's July 30th in my part of the world (Taiwan), that is still closest to your time. I get your newsletter delivered to one of my email accounts (catholic.org), and I have been reading 9PR for a couple of years or so now. Always enjoy it, your integrity and your appreciation for the absurd, your warnings about Net scammers and your straight-to-the-point and informative advice. Good stuff.

Anyway, R. (not Crumb but) Kuntz --- I was one of the lucky ones to spend much of the time between April and July promoting CashBlasterPro, and to some success, eventually having almost 150 peeps in my downline across four levels (30 in Level One); but then just before launch when the affiliate site went south and there was no longer access to one's downline let alone the back office, mostly just 401 error pages and some other nonsense, I could say I finally agreed that the name CashBlasterPro for a piece of software it was claimed could turn the entire Net into a Web 2.0 wonderland at the push of a nuclear button, well, I finally understood the significance of that stupid name. So I started to dig, which I might have done three months, or at least two, earlier (except that there probably was not anything on it yet then), and I found stuff at Scam.com (as did you I later discovered) plus another site. After the BuzzBot Web 2.0 Upgrade was back online at a different URL with a new back office, I logged in but didn't (and still haven't) bother(ed) to download and install that little BuzzBot onto my already overloaded hard drive.

I eventually compiled some of this info into an essay on the results of those findings and posted it about on the Internet as well as on my blogspot blogger blog Chaos Chasm II, which links to this post comment I am making. The specific title to that posting on Chaos Chasm II is "The Unappreciated" and was posted on July 19th. The stats I swiped from Scam.com and another site (which delivers the true death blow to CBP and Mr. R. [not Crumb but] Kuntz) are compiled under "Crass Bastard Ho" at the end of June ("Crass Bastard Ho II" is at the beginning of this month), within which I also make mention of 9PlanetReviews.

So. Well. This comment is just meant to be a "Howdy!" However, I will be back. Later.

Yours in good faith,
Iago (not his real name)

P.S. I like the suggestion about using Google Advance Search in the four-day affiliate experience section "BEGINNER IN AFFILIATE MARKETING". That's cool.

P.P.S. For sure, Numenmail is a scam. I did that for a short while about two years ago. Hey, like you say, it was "free". Gotta go now.