Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got a neat surprise today when trying to sign in. All of a sudden, after a PIN Challenge am getting a screen basically saying that I appear to be on an OPEN PROXY, and they don’t like that. Tried twice, can’t sign in, so I can’t fix that.

So, I powercycled the modem and got a new IP. That did not work either as it is in the same network. So I tried the only other thing I could (as I don’t know if the problem is on the e-gold end or my ISP), which was to switch to my Rogers connection. That worked just fine!

Now, what changed? Well, I have my first ISP working on that. But also e-gold, today, implement some more security measures. And it could well be that because I have HIGH SECURITY on the IP address, the IP address I got from my first ISP may indeed look like it is on an OPEN PROXY. In the meantime I will use me Rogers connection if I wish to access e-gold. Thought I’d like to know if all of a sudden you develop the same problem. Of course you may not have a backup connection, so you will have to call e-gold to resolve that.

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