Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey, no offense to my potential Sponsor if I decide not to join and actually publish the below review. You see, he asked me for my opinion, no holds barred (so to speak). So here we go:

Interesting thing is that many of the sites that I went to after googling "regenesis scam" are no longer to be found! Meaning they are gone. I wonder why? That's pretty suspicious to me. Many were blogs. So either those folks lost interest in Regenesis2x2 or their blogs were shut down intentionally by someone or...... or what?

There is much hype out there though on this one. Big paychecks are being waved around and I recognize some scum promoters. Just know that in order to make the big bucks in this one you will have to be very active, not passive. And many folks will not join this one because of the $325 (one-time) startup fee ($300 as a spend and $25 as a setup fee).

Technical Data: Server is in Houston, Texas, USA. Registered in Denmark. So it is quite likely that the Admin or Owner of the site is in Denmark.

They claim to be advertising in USA Today but am unable to confirm that as yet. This could well be true as others are saying the same thing. They also advertise in other Business Magazines.

So why is this one different than other 2x2 cyclers? (You need to fill the matrix below you with 6 before you get paid.) Well the difference here is that the company guarantees your first two folks on your front line via their own advertising efforts. You can also experience overspill from you sponsor. Notice that I said "you can", does not mean that you will. Now, a friend of my sponsor in California has said that he is soon getting his first check next week because his matrix has filled without him doing any advertising of his own (or promotion). Well, that's nice to hear. It took a month. He's going to make $75 profit ($325 was put in, $400 got out) because his matrix got filled and another $800 because two of his also cycled their matrices ($400 on each). Not bad for doing nothing for a month. So the magic could happen if you happen to stumble upon a couple of folks that go wild with recruiting. If not? You still will be in profit, at some point (if you do nothing).

Good news is that I may be trying this one and my upline will add both my link and your link (if you decide to join) to an ad coop, a rotator, and specific target marketing systems at no additional charge. So this means I can be passive and still earn some money.

CONCLUSION:This is a classic money pyramid operation where you need to fill your 2x2 matrix with six folks below you (or have the Company fill it and/or your sponsor). The key difference is that you will not be holding secret meetings at your house or at someone else's house. This one is online and out in the open, advertised and so on. So herein is the danger! An illegal money pyramid is operating wide in the open, even advertised, and talked about in various forums. It's already been running just over 3 months now, so how long do you think before it is shut down? Not long. So this one is going to be quite a risk if you sign up and do nothing. It may not be around in a month.

So my suggestion is that if you're going to be passive? Don't join. If you are going to be ACTIVE then there is a good chance you will make some money in this one. But again, it may be too late for this one. If you can get in at the early start then there is a good chance you will make some money. But I think it is too late for this one (I could be wrong) and summer is coming up, the slowest time for such things, in fact the slowest time for most Opportunities, on the net or off (starting in July). So you have a 1.5 month window to make some money.

Something else to consider: they have 200 telemarketers and signing on another 150 soon(but I cannot confirm that, could be a ploy to get you to send in that check). They are also blasting by fax (so they are using traditional methods for recruiting, not just on the Internet). Here is my link: (use my phone number as the ID of the sponsor on the form: 519-372-0638 instead of the five digit sponsor ID). If no link appears here means I did not join.

More news: well the longer I consider this one the more things come out to sway me not to join this one. Now I have found out that I will have to print off an agreement, sign it, and mail it in! That means there will be at least a week's delay before I can start recruiting. Time is short already. I don't need this further complication. Oh and if you're in the USA you will need to pay via Money Order (for amounts over 1K, but for the $325 they will let you fax in the application and the check, which is legal in the USA but not from other Countries)! Holy Cavemen! No wonder these folks are using traditional (old) means to recruit! It makes sense! Likely a bunch of old MLMers are running this one, as they are even taking payment via postal service (well, and fax if in the USA)!

Another thing to consider is what the Company is promising and not delivering on: their recruiting system may not actually be in place, despite what they are saying. As well, as an example, in order to stick to their promises the Operators would have to recruit 20,000 if 10,000 join passively. 40,000 if 20,000 join passively. I don't think this is sustainable, especially as the summer is coming up. And handle all this new volume via snail mail and fax? Give me a break. This programme may be too popular for its own good.

You know what? I don't have the energy for this one. If you still wish to play then use the support link up top to contact me and I can send you my sponsor's info (at