Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Law of Attraction, The Secret behind "The Secret"

This particular eBook is written by someone that is highly qualified in the fields of Quantum Physics, Philosophy, and Spirituality. His name is Dr. Eric Amidi.

Most of the information on the contents of the eBook will be found on the page you are taken too once you enter your name and email address for a free Report on the eBook.

Modern Quantum Physics tells us that we are not separate from anything and anyone that we perceive with our senses, and that means you are indeed connected to everything and everyone else. That's the way I've chosen to put it. Of course the real secret is a level higher in understanding and I've written on that in my blog. In any case, the good doc has this higher understanding to help us to understand how we in fact affect our destiny, by submission or by volition.

Here is a great excerpt from the Doctor himself:

"The problem with most manifestation guides is that they teach you all of the concepts, but none of the “meat.”

If you’ve ever been left wondering “What do I do with all of this great information?,” you know exactly what I mean.

The truth is, most manifestation teachers don’t know how to apply what they are talking about. They don’t understand the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, so they can’t tell you what to do when you run into delays or problems.

After studying how the greatest achievers and miracle workers of different cultures and religions performed miracles, I put together my findings in an ebook.

When you read my ebook, you'll see you can choose what to have and who to be in this world, from many many possible realities out there.

When you read the method that I show you, you can manifest anything you desire in your life.

This is exactly how Miracle Workers, Kahunas, and Shamans do it. "

I agree with him. Most folks that preach the Law of Attraction to the masses perhaps "know" the concepts (most actually do not understand the mechanism, or how it works) but don't give you the techniques and methods to make it work. Certainly the Kahunas do, but you will find few Kahunas writing about it.

In any case, this looks like a great eBook to have and to practice from to manifest what you consciously want and perhaps even change what you unconsciously want and are manifesting. So I highly recommend this one.

Now, consider that most books on the Law Of Attraction are not worth the price you are paying, even if it is below $20 (plus postage), as you will not get much out of them except for some concepts. As well, most are just copycats. But "The Secret behind "The Secret" is truly unique and contains the procedures you need to use to start manifesting within a week.

I bought the book myself and quickly read most of it. Am satisfied. At its core he incorporates a system that am familiar with and which includes specific instructions on how to manifest your desires. In addition the Author surrounds that system with good advice on various aspects like the tapes that run in your head that are self-defeating, self-talk, lack of control of feelings (and thoughts) and so on. So am satisfied that the eBook includes a comprehensive system that will help you to manifest in this world.

But keep in mind that this advice is for those of you who actually believe that this world is real, and you wish to manifest your desires here. Finally I know that the system that he describes works as I have studied many testimonies by folks who have used the system to actually manifest desires, avoid accidents, improve their health and more (a few years ago).

Go and get the Free Report on this one and then read the full description on the next page.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

About "want" and the power of words and affirmations

The word "want" is actually synonymous with "lack". Not that it implies lack. But it's the actual definition of "want". Want is defined as lack.

Then, words have vibrations of their own. They have power. Ask anyone who is familiar with the Kabalah and other mystic paths. Words and objects/symbols have their own vibration (an actual high frequency vibration full of energy).

When words are uttered thoughts or feelings of your own have very little effect. That's why it is said that God spoke the world (Universe) into existence.

But I do agree with the author/trainer that thoughts and emotions do have power, especially when visualizing or when speaking affirmations, especially out loud.

Finally the examples that he uses, especially the last one... well, seeing something and saying excitedly that I want that nice yellow mini does not in fact have enough of my personal energy via feelings/emotions and thought to actually make it happen. That's why you must repeat an affirmation at least 21 days, upon awakening and when going to sleep. But then even ten, I would NOT use the word want in my affirmation. I would say something like "I am abundant and am receving a brand new yellow mini, pink bikini, 32 inch waist." OK?

And am talking through experience! That's how I managed to get a Lexus SC400 (worth $65 grand) 15 years ago when I practiced such things.

Finally (second finally) those folks who can see auras will report that when they look at a person they see miniature objects circling the person, such as cars, jewels, money, homes, whatever the person's desires are, both at the feeling level (Astral plane and body) and mental plane and body. The more the person focuses on those desires, and thinks about them, the more defined these objects become until they finally manifest on the physical plane (this world), via all kinds of means.

One more thing: You see, the Law of Attraction is not a one shot thought or desire. It needs steady work, as I described in my last post, above. It needs a lot of your energy and Attention (the root of mind).

And that's why it eventually works, for folks constantly focus on what they desire, unconsciously and consciously. That is why folks get exactly what they "want" (because mostly they focus on desires UNconsciously). So when things happen folks are bewildered and cry out: why me????? Oh God why me? Because, idiot, that's exactly what you "want(ed)". Haha! And folks don’t understand that. Because they don’t have that knowledge of how things work. The unconscious Mind is 90% of your total mind. You are only aware of 10% of it. The 90% is what drives your life. It’s the script you are following without knowing it. That is why Jesus said “Know thyself”. That’s the meaning.

Here is a new forum that has a lot of potential and am liking it. It’s called

It’s a forum that allows both newbies and experts to participate and share information about opportunities and basically how to make an income on the ‘net. Many of my friends are already joining this one, so have a look. It just got launched yesterday. So join in and let’s have some good fun!

Oh and one more thing: for now folks using FireFox may have trouble signing in after registering. But IE and Safari both work well, whether you’re on a Mac or a PC. Am sure this problem will be resolved at some point.


And I quote "It's as simple as that. Nordiccycler has eliminated the long wait times to cycle. Cycling all of our members quickly builds excitement which creates more sales. More sales in turn lead to more cycles. It's a never ending loop! Our program simply blows the competition out of the water."

Bu what are their stats? By the way, the above statement is false. How have they eliminated the long wait times when money is not coming in? They don't tell you. Just make conjectures.

And "We repeatedly tested different combinations of admin fees, referral bonuses and cycle percentages. After overhundreds ofhours of testing we were able to "dial in" to the optimum numbers. Our goal starting out was to calculate the optimum settings for a line that would cycle the most amount of people for a sustained period of time. What we ended up with was another story."

Haha! That's just funny or insulting. The bottom line is that when folks stop spending? The cycler dies.

No matter what the models they have used.

Now look at this statement: "The results were astounding!

Our end result is a line that will never have more than 18% percent of the members waiting to cycle. You heard that right! 82% of our members will always be cycled. Out of every 100 members only 18 will be waiting to cycle. You are going to cycle so fast with us it's going to make your head spin. You may even cycle immediately after purchasing your position!"

Really? Lets examine the stats, if they are true.

Total Sales: $1,103.00
Total Paid: $769.93

What's that then? About 70% of the reserves are paid out. Meaning only 30% left. And Admin fees are usually around the 20% mark, so that leaves 10% left! And that means... they are about to shut down.

And they have been open only 8 days! And that's a lot of days in today's environment. So best not join this one. As you will most likely lose.

Finally: "It won't slow down!

With our formula there are always enough existing members to cycle members who have not cycled. New member growth will skyrocket as word spreads that everyone is making money. Unlike other Cyclers you don't have to worry about getting in early on this one. Whether you join at the beginning or end you will cycle."\

That's just not true. Maybe two years ago it would have been, as everyone was playing in cyclers/doublers. But not today. These guys have only 23 paid members in 8 days so far! Who are they kidding? It's over for them! Do not spend in there any longer! (PS: And the money invested in there? It's piddling! Just over a grand! Two years ago such sites would have tens of thousands of bucks in 8 days!)


Here is yet another goofy HYIP and likely a scam (99% probability).

Look at the stats:

Started May 20, 2008
Running days 17
Total accounts 607
Active accounts 356
Total deposited $ 20,078.06
Total withdraw $ 9,086.93

They are only 17 days old and already almost 50% of the way through their reserves. Unless they attract some brand new money they will fold in about 8 days when they reach 80% depletion.

Secondly, their plans are kind of mixed up. The first one quotes 20% to 24% Daily for 6 days. But don't say if that is ROI or Profit. Likely ROI. And that's just ridiculous.

The second plan says 130% to 150% after 6 days. What's that? ROI or Profit? Likely total ROI. And that would make it from 22% ROI per day to 25% per day for six days. Absolutely ludicrous. Pure Ponzi. Given that? Recall they are almost at 50% through their reserves. I give another 7 or 8 days before they shut down or run even earlier.

Finally, given that they will only run another 7 to 8 days? Even the five day plan is in jeopardy. For if you do manage to make it, by the time it comes to pay you out? They’re out of money! I hope you see that. Because these HYIPs are basically ponzi cyclers. Except for the profit sharing pool ones, which do even worse. Usually.

PRGRAMME REVIEW: RightDownTown (redirects to DollarzBlaster).

An old one with a one time payment. One time payment programmes usually do not work out unless you are good at recruiting, and there is no recurring income, because it is one time. So if you are going to put in any effort of any kind into it you need to go into those that have monthly fees.

Back in December paypal started to shut down accounts that participated in DollarzBlaster and the popular opinion out there seems to be that they are a scam.

Well, whether or not they are a scam? Immaterial, as Paypal is causing trouble for some accounts, and not for others. But hey, if RightDownTown does have a multi-level payout plan (again, does not matter, the plan seems to have at least three levels)? Then indeed they are in violation of paypal's end-use/acceptability policy. So you're looking for trouble by playing in this one.

Never ever play in programmes that have more than a one level payout, seem like a chain letter or randomizer and who accept Paypal.