Saturday, June 7, 2008


And I quote "It's as simple as that. Nordiccycler has eliminated the long wait times to cycle. Cycling all of our members quickly builds excitement which creates more sales. More sales in turn lead to more cycles. It's a never ending loop! Our program simply blows the competition out of the water."

Bu what are their stats? By the way, the above statement is false. How have they eliminated the long wait times when money is not coming in? They don't tell you. Just make conjectures.

And "We repeatedly tested different combinations of admin fees, referral bonuses and cycle percentages. After overhundreds ofhours of testing we were able to "dial in" to the optimum numbers. Our goal starting out was to calculate the optimum settings for a line that would cycle the most amount of people for a sustained period of time. What we ended up with was another story."

Haha! That's just funny or insulting. The bottom line is that when folks stop spending? The cycler dies.

No matter what the models they have used.

Now look at this statement: "The results were astounding!

Our end result is a line that will never have more than 18% percent of the members waiting to cycle. You heard that right! 82% of our members will always be cycled. Out of every 100 members only 18 will be waiting to cycle. You are going to cycle so fast with us it's going to make your head spin. You may even cycle immediately after purchasing your position!"

Really? Lets examine the stats, if they are true.

Total Sales: $1,103.00
Total Paid: $769.93

What's that then? About 70% of the reserves are paid out. Meaning only 30% left. And Admin fees are usually around the 20% mark, so that leaves 10% left! And that means... they are about to shut down.

And they have been open only 8 days! And that's a lot of days in today's environment. So best not join this one. As you will most likely lose.

Finally: "It won't slow down!

With our formula there are always enough existing members to cycle members who have not cycled. New member growth will skyrocket as word spreads that everyone is making money. Unlike other Cyclers you don't have to worry about getting in early on this one. Whether you join at the beginning or end you will cycle."\

That's just not true. Maybe two years ago it would have been, as everyone was playing in cyclers/doublers. But not today. These guys have only 23 paid members in 8 days so far! Who are they kidding? It's over for them! Do not spend in there any longer! (PS: And the money invested in there? It's piddling! Just over a grand! Two years ago such sites would have tens of thousands of bucks in 8 days!)

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