Saturday, June 7, 2008

PRGRAMME REVIEW: RightDownTown (redirects to DollarzBlaster).

An old one with a one time payment. One time payment programmes usually do not work out unless you are good at recruiting, and there is no recurring income, because it is one time. So if you are going to put in any effort of any kind into it you need to go into those that have monthly fees.

Back in December paypal started to shut down accounts that participated in DollarzBlaster and the popular opinion out there seems to be that they are a scam.

Well, whether or not they are a scam? Immaterial, as Paypal is causing trouble for some accounts, and not for others. But hey, if RightDownTown does have a multi-level payout plan (again, does not matter, the plan seems to have at least three levels)? Then indeed they are in violation of paypal's end-use/acceptability policy. So you're looking for trouble by playing in this one.

Never ever play in programmes that have more than a one level payout, seem like a chain letter or randomizer and who accept Paypal.

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