Friday, May 23, 2008


First let me say that this one is going to be huge. Potentially even bigger than Google. But no, this is not a website nor a search engine.

June 21st 2008: I now consider this one to be a scam. So avoid it at all costs.

It's a Technology. It will be used to upgrade any website out there, including your own if you have one, to Web 2.0 specs and functionality. As an example, all of the Social sites out there use Web 2.0 functionality.

If you wish to find out what Web 2.0 is and how it got started here are a couple of links:

Now, am not going to say much more as you can visit the home page using my link and read all about it. But I will say:

- it's free to join so you won't have to spend any of your money to play
- just get two free members to join and you get one share in the one million dollar giveaway
- opens July 1st but you can start getting folks joining right now
- its not a website and you don't need a website
- you don't have to recruit anyone if you don't want a share in the $1,000,000 pool

So... no risk. Big potential. Feels good, looks good, let's go.

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