Tuesday, May 6, 2008

js gets spanked by the Admin of MammothList

Well, not exactly.

I know that some of you caught my first review of this one, which was done in haste as I went to the heart of the matter and did not do further research. I was contacted by Clay (the Admin) and have now reconsidered my first impressions. Maybe. Let's see what happens. And I was accused of that.. so I did some further research.

What is the product?: a list builder. Everyone needs a list. Everyone needs more money.

What is the method of delivery?: Via personal (free) replicated websites.

How do people get exposed to the product?: Via advertising of one's own personal link to the personal website. But this one is viral. So you don't need to do all the work yourself to promote it.

How is money made?: $2 is sent to five folks on a list via Alert Pay. Your name/AlertPay address is then moved up the list. This process continues to grow as more and more personal websites start to host your own AlertPay address. This is the viral part (meaning it spreads like a biological virus via replication).

Who is the Admin?: Clay Montgomery. He's fairly well known amongst the Admins and players out there. He does not hide and he is reachable via a number of methods. I would not reveal his address...... but here is his phone number! 918.274.0328 haha!

Ok, enough of the Monty Python routine.

The key here is that you will be building your own personal list to which you can then advertise your other opportunities instead of paying someone to do that for you.

OK, listen to the sound of a record playing going... screeetch! Meaning: stop! Woah! Hold on there pardner!

I cannot go through with this. Why? Because it's about the key product here: your list!

Now listen, I have nothing against Clay. I don't even know him. Seems to be a nice guy trying to make a living.

But I know a lot about building lists, the spam laws out there, and what it takes to get a legitimate list put together.

Basically, from several inquires with Clay, he has confirmed my fears and assumptions. And those are? Well, right now folks are not asking the questions I have asked him mainly because most folks are clueless about building legit lists.

In his operation, your list will be built from the AlertPay email addresses that folks are required to submit in order to get paid. You can then log in to your backoffice at MammothList.net and you will have access to your list by downloading a .csv file (Comma Separated Variable/Value). That csv file can then, supposedly, be uploaded to an Autoresponder service.

What's the problem with that? Well, because of current anti-spam laws about 99% of the AutoResponder Services out there will allow you to upload your csv file, but they will then send a verification e-mail to each address, asking if they will accept receiving info from you. So that's called a double opt-in. What's the problem? Well, most of your folks on your list will not remember who the heck you are and why they are being asked to verify themselves! After all, they get tonnes of spam as it is. So the result is that you will lose most of your list! This is NOT the proper way to build a list. Even a Mammoth one.

What's another option? Well, there are a couple of AutoResponder Services out there that will allow you to load your list (csv file) without a double opt in, but then you take the chance of being called a spammer and reported! (By the way, I already knew all about this, as I have done a lot of AR work in the last five years... finally giving up.)

Any other options? The purchase of email spammer scripts will allow you to send up to a million leads each day and so on. Do you want to do that? Are most of you willing to do that? And how will you be untraceable? You will need your own website and so on. Will you risk it? Do you have the know-how? I do. But I will not do it. Or risk it.

Of course you can, as well, just e-mail manually to several folks at a time. And that is tedious, and also places you in jeopardy because the e-mail can be traced right back to your and your ISP.

So you see, the opportunity may sound good, but the product is unattainable by most of my own readers?! What about yours? Are they marketing experts? All of them? Doubtful.

So this is my dilemma. I KNOW that most of you will not be able to make use of the list that you will build! So there is no real product here. Just a money game at the heart of it. Those five $2 payments that may or may not explode virally. And some of you are willing to go into this because of it, like the response I got from one of my readers below. And that’s just fine! Am not judging you! Am just revealing all the facts that I can to you. Oh and the Admin has already made over three grand due to the $10 fee to join. So that’s a good thing for him.

You see? So in retrospect, and upon doing further research, the review I posted yesterday was pretty well on. Too bad I removed it.

Am sorry that I am not one of the big boys that fall into line and take advantage of such an opportunity. But actually, am not sorry. Am just not willing.

Again, nothing against Clay! It is not personal. These are just my own thoughts, in my own blog, for your entertainment (and knowledge). You decide.

So am not posting my link. Am not playing.

============response from one of my readers already================

Hey John,

I think your post provides valuable information that many people may not think about, such as what to do with all those email addresses you will have access to.

I will tell you, too, that I have joined ML. I have not paid yet. And I am interested in building a list, but that was not the reason I joined...I just wanted to play the game. I do agree that it is set up like so many other money games, and I know that it may not go very far. I have been on the net long enough, and listened to enough mentors (like you) to see that much. It kind of reminds me of Million Dollar Viral Ads, which I participated in and received one dollar from. (I have no negative feelings about Chris, the owner of that program. I chose to participate of my own volition.)

I think you do a good job in researching and reviewing programs, and giving your opinion on them. It is valuable to have such resources to use in deciding whether to participate or not. And that is the key to my point of view on this whole situation...we should all do our due diligence and then make up our own minds. There should be no hard or hurt feelings either way we choose to go. I am glad to have internet friends that are open-minded about things.

I think I shall cogitate (I love that word) a bit before I make my decision whether to pay or not. But please know, you are appreciated for your contributions to the review process.


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