Friday, May 23, 2008


- 2% daily for 500 days, so that's a 1000% ROI

That would be about 60% ROI per month. That's triple what some legit programmes may out that I know of, and about 6 times most ForEx payouts. So this one has a very high probability of being just a ponzi scheme (old money being paid out by new money coming in).

Question: on average, do HYIPs these days last nearly two years? Doubtful. So when did they start? Online since Jan 15th, 2004. So that's over 4 years now. Will they last another two years? That would be a very big feat. Especially for a ponzi. (Most HYIPs are ponzi schemes.)

- 27502 members
- Paid out almost $440K
- nearly $75K in referral bonuses (the have a 10 level deep referral programme totaling 30%)

You would need to upgrade by $9 to go Pro, or advertise your link and once you accumulate $9 in your account you are a Pro Member. No look at this:

"There is a monthly limit of $250, to avoid that most of the distributed profits would privilege a few rich members. You can invest again at any time."

So the only way I see you earning a large enough amount to make it worthwhile is if you recruit and earn commissions. So this is not a passive programme. I can probably do well at it, but..... These days I prefer to invest my own money (more than $250 a month), and earn 20% to 25% ROI compounded!

Ok, so this one is probably good for those folks that don't have much to invest. And they have some promotion tools that will help advertise (and rotate) your page. Am thinking that for $9 it is likely worth joining just to access the advertising tools and ideas to see if there is something there that will help me promote my other programmes. So I think I will join this one just for that.

To stay a Pro member you need to pay at least $5 a month. But am just going grab their advertising IDs and likely not renew. I'll see. If the tools allow me to advertise other pages of my own then I may stay a Pro Member. I'll let you know in a further update on this one.

And this I do not like: "You can withdraw daily, only from your cash account, with a daily minimum of $ 5.00 and a maximum of $ 20.00 (or more, depending on the level of your profits) with a $ 1.00 fee each time you withdraw to your E-gold or Alertpay account."

Well, it may be good for you, but am not excited about it. Again, am joining just for the advertising ideas.

You can read more about how it works by using my link and then clicking on the How It Works link.

Oh and one more thing. The commissions matrix is a 3x10. By the time you fill six levels you are making 1093 or more a month, but you can only withdraw $20 a day or about $600 a month. So when are you going to recover the rest? Well, of course, most folks will not even get to the sixth level of their matrix, so no worries, right?

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