Thursday, November 29, 2007

Review: Project QuickCash

The following is a compilation of my posts in my main blog concerning Project QuickCash. I review many opportunities there and give my honest and sometimes hilarious reviews.

The posts below are from the earliest posts, to the most recent post.

November 24th entry:

Project QuickCash: I am simply impressed. I have got my hands on the QuickCash e-book that's coming out soon, on the 29th, as you know. But I simply am moved to talk about it again. As I keep reading the draft copy, and am only on the first of his five techniques, am just enthralled!

I tell you, once you are familiar with how to use Google Adwords? This first technique will blow you away! I was not even aware of the source! And it's at Google and most folks don't even know the link! That's a clue. I will not reveal it. Not yet.

And indeed, true to his word, the Author focuses on minimizing your costs! So for instance, he instructs you NOT to bid more than thirty cents on a particular keyword or phrase! So I quickly went back to my Adwords Campaign that I set up just today and reduced my bids to 30 cents or less. He says the way to reduce your costs and still get noticed is to adjust your ad copy and your keyword phrases. Indeed! Oops, I just revealed too much!

Trust me, once you are familiar with Adwords and have used Google Assassin long enough? You will want to get this particular e-book as it will allow you to expand on what you know from DJKassassin/Google Assassin.

Well I can't stop.... within fifteen minutes of setting up an Adword Campaign following his first method that he reveals? I got over 20 clicks! Just like that! No sales yet, but ha! That's where the tweaking comes in and understanding of the market (what folks are clicking on, and why, and he teaches you this). But the thing is? I pretty well had instant results! Whereas with other campaigns that I had set up in the past? No clicks for a day or two! So it works! And you know? It can be fun! Learning how to do this right and beating the competition! I certainly am excited about it! Am sure you can tell!


November 26th entry:

I just received a note from the developer of Project QuickCash, the system that will show you five ways to make Quick Cash. I have the draft report and have written about it in my BLOG several times (you can search for it via Ctrl-F or Edit, Find). You may have visited the sales page already, but I urge you to visit it again as the Author has now placed a very interesting video there. He talks about it in the note below.

"Hi John,

A quick update on my latest project - yes, the same project that I
know will give the common man the power to earn hefty profits

We're still 3 days away from launch, but right now I have assembled
an eye opening video for you to watch:

Click to watch =>

I guarantee that this video will change your perception towards
Internet Martketing. You will get to see proofs of income I have
made using some quick, very easy and zero/low cost techniques known
to very few people..

One of the techniques took me just 2 hours and $30 to implement. Yet
I earned a whopping $13,150 from it.. It's mind blowing.

You must hurry and watch the video now.. I am going to take it down
pretty soon..

To your success,


P.S. Stay tuned for more updates on Project Quick Cash. Remember it
launches on Thursday, 29th November at 12 Noon EST and it is going
to change the face of Internet Marketing.."

js: Well, I don’t know if it is going to change the face of Internet Marketing, but as you know, I have the draft of that e-book and am very impressed! He actually is revealing true secrets. Stuff I did not know about! And it is quick to implement. Now that the Holiday is over am going to delve into his other four techniques and try to implement at least two of them before the book comes out this Thursday. I know, an unfair advantage.


November 28th entry:

I just sent out the following ALERT:

“Well, unlike all the big hitters out there like Jonathan L and the others, I have not bombarded you with daily e-mails or alerts re Project QuickCash.

But am sure you have read some of them. And the evidence is clear. This one is a winner and a great addition to DJKassassin.

As I've told you before, I have a draft copy and am very impressed. The 5 techniques that Alok will reveal tomorrow at 12 NOON EST truly do work. Am not the only one who has tested at least one of his techniques in the last few days.

So.... am hoping you will stay with me and use my link:

You can even go there right now and watch the video.

Then go back tomorrow (Thursday), after 12 NOON EST, and get your hands on it! I will as well (I want to see the final copy).

Oh and I've started a new review site/blog where I summarize only the best opps that I have found. Check it out:


Project QuickCash has launched today!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get Paid to Read e-mails Exposed

Below is a Review that I did of MoneyListProfits in my BLOG on August 15th. Since that Review was published I now have had 63 folks purchase the system (as of Nov. 27th) and started earning money. Here is the review:

There is an arena of making money from home, on the 'net, which I haven't talked about as yet. It's the arena of PTR programs (Paid To Read e-mails). Now this one is rife with scams as well. Just like any other arena of Internet Opportunities. It is filled with free programs and those that charge you for your participation (and, hopefully pay you).

It's a minefield that I did not wish to walk through as it seemed very boring to me. Well, having looked at a professional system around this am changing my mind.

Basically, a fellow named Tushar has spent the last few years researching, testing, and participating in hundreds of PTR programs. He has found many scams, and just a few (20+) free programs that are actually paying. (This list is actually larger and not available to the Public.)

Now, am not going to talk too much about it here as you can read his home page where he goes into a lot of detail around these programs. I just will tell you that basically you can make from $200 to $2000 or so per month, just by spending a few hours here, a few hours there, on the weekend, during lunch, and so on, and it can be fun.

Why should you look at this one? Because he's done all the work for you in finding the ones that will not scam you, that actually do pay, so that you can shorten your own research time. He also outlines step by step what you should do and how to do it. Why re-invent the wheel? The smart folks will take that wheel and run with it.

Now, his home page is rather lengthy, but I spent a full afternoon reading it and finally signed up. You will be surprised at how cheap it is do so. As well, since I do have lots of time... am going for it myself. Warning: toss all you know about these PTR's a way and pretend that you're a newbie. There's lots to learn from Tushar and his team of researchers, even if you're a savvy Internet Marketer.

If you haven't yet visited the detailed page, or haven't yet watched the video where Tushar shows proof of income, then go ahead.

The time is ripe.

I'll send you an update of my review that I did after I played with the system for over 20 days. It's quite interesting and reassuring. This is the real deal.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scams abound

Well I haven't written here in over the month. But I keep my main blog updated each day at

Basically, there is not much to report on except the scams out there and that's very boring and tiring.

Even the slick ones, with lots of support staff, are scams. They just don't seem that way until it is too late.

And all of the Reverse Pension Programs are scams. Not one has paid out yet. One of them has even reached their membership goals but have not paid out, can you believe that? Instead they are taking in more members! How long will folks go on believing their lies?

I guess forever. After all, everyone wants to make a quick buck. No one really wants to put in al lot of effort to get a decent income.

Well, am adrift. I will likely work my way towards being a Super Affiliate. What else is there to do? Play the games? Not for me. Besides, these days those last only a few days, vs. a few weeks or months, more than a year ago.

Take care and visit my blog.