Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scams abound

Well I haven't written here in over the month. But I keep my main blog updated each day at

Basically, there is not much to report on except the scams out there and that's very boring and tiring.

Even the slick ones, with lots of support staff, are scams. They just don't seem that way until it is too late.

And all of the Reverse Pension Programs are scams. Not one has paid out yet. One of them has even reached their membership goals but have not paid out, can you believe that? Instead they are taking in more members! How long will folks go on believing their lies?

I guess forever. After all, everyone wants to make a quick buck. No one really wants to put in al lot of effort to get a decent income.

Well, am adrift. I will likely work my way towards being a Super Affiliate. What else is there to do? Play the games? Not for me. Besides, these days those last only a few days, vs. a few weeks or months, more than a year ago.

Take care and visit my blog.


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