Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swisscash, now do you believe me? Scam!

Hey! What did I tell you about swisscash? Over and over and over and then stopped? Apparently they disappeared and are purportedly soon coming back to raise more cash. Yeah right. To rip you off some more, in case you have not been ripped off enough.

And look at all the login problems at QLX. And now they are postponing the commissions run to give you folks a chance to become active, if you're inactive. Yeah sure. Oh oh, I think am getting unpopular with some folks that keep promoting that one. Oh well. Life is way too long and then you die.

Here is another blogger that has been railing against swisscash, go and read it as it is quite entertaining, rife with condemnation and righteous anger. Well, I agree with the blogger. But I laugh a lot

Here is the full blogpost from northerncalm, hope the blogger does not mind me posting it here. There is no profit motive in doing it, just to spread the word once again:

"Swisscash is the scam of the moment.

In reality, its returns are quite low compared to some of the big
scams of the past, the problem is they offer very high returns for
multi-level-marketers, which in turn inspires these slimy sorts to
con people out of their hard earned money into the 'guaranteed'
returns of Swisscash.

Everywhere I look there are more and more people popping up,
promoting this scam, either blind to its fallacy, or knowing of it
but trying to get as much off their referrals as they can (some
members proudly parading the fact that they are working as a team and
have suckered in $100,000 + from their downline.)

It's funny, originally Swisscash claimed SwissMutual or whatever-the-
hell they're legitimate multi-trillion dollar fund is meant to be
called, has been around since 1948 or some such similar date. Then,
the Swiss government, along with other agencies, release warnings and
basically say they've never even heard of the existence of such a thing.

But of course, this gets 'legitimately' explained away because
SwissMutual is no longer registered in Switzerland. What a load of
bulldust. They originally claimed it did have long standing
connections to the land of the Swiss. You'd think the governing
bodies would have at least bloody heard of such a thing before it
'stopped being registered there.'

That's just a tiny example of the false claims and idiotic lies that
spring up from this program but the problem is - people lap it up
like a puppy loves warm milk.

"Of course, the dodgy site with bad grammar MUST know more than the
multiple government and third party agencies which have pointed out
that it's a scam. We know nothing about SwissCash's inner workings,
or who's behind it - they MUST be telling the truth."

A whole cottage industry has popped up, all hailing to the God of
SwissCult. There's exchangers, between SwissCash's internal point-
currency, complete with phone numbers. There's cheerleaders
everywhere. There's 'teams' working towards common goals, once again
complete with details. They even have SwissCash parties in some
countries such as Malaysia where every week they all meet and discuss
their team and their deity, SwissCult.

It's sad - a lot of the people in these teams are living in countries
with a median income lower than most. The SwissCult is offering them
the promise of 'guaranteed' returns and a better life, the idea of
working as a team, towards a common goal. They can see nothing else
than the fake promises.

These people are being suckered, by smiling she-devils and shysters,
more money than they can afford to lose.

But, wouldn't it be funny, if this cottage-industry that has sprouted
up around SwissCash, with third party exchangers, teams, and the like
somewhat sustained SwissCult and allowed it to go on and on and
eventually grew into a legitimate income stream and trading market
that could sustain the cult?

That'd be a thought - a scam so cult like, that it ends up
legitamizing itself. A market so popular, that by force of
conviction, it wills itself into legitimate existence.

SwissCult - don't do it."

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