Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avoid paid to read sites that offer more than $2 per link

I was surfing today and found an interesting Paid To Read (emails) site. Or so I thought. I was astounded at the first e-mail I found in my backoffice there (justcashinc.com). Why? Well, the advert was for a ForEx site and offered 10,000 cents for an 80 second view of the site! I was astounded! I stared closely at the figure, and did the mental math review: ok now, 100 cents is a dollar, so then 1000 cents is ten dollars, and 10,000 cents must be ... $100 USD! Right? No, I did not launch the calculator!

Ok, so I stared at the website and waited the 80 seconds... got the “you have been credited” message and went to see what my earnings were. $100 bucks! Woohoo.... Now, I had joined about ten days back, and had accumulated something like 20 to 30 emails (none came to my email box, despite my settings.. so I had to access them via the backoffice there). So I then went through the next 20 or so “emails” and collected $100 per link... some where $50 per link, but most were at $100. And I wondered how they could afford to pay us all $100 per click!? Most of the ads were from the same ForEx joint.

Finally I paused the whole thing. I looked at my earnings and they were at $2400 USD. I then looked at the emails and saw that I was supposed to have received from 1 to 5 a day (but did not). So that’s a pretty good profit in just ten days, right?

Get this: I then go and try to withdraw those earnings. And the available options? Blank! None! As a free member. So I then try the PREMIUM link and see what it costs to upgrade. I scroll down the page to see the cost: $449 USD (or was it $499, I don’t remember any more). Wow! $449 USD to get $2400 out? Seems... fair? But... hmm.... am suspicious.

Oh and by the way, while “surfing” those links at that site? I found one that was coming up fairly frequently that advertised other such similar sites and sites which purportedly will pay you $10, $20, $50 and even $100 per email (link)! Wooha! So I copied the links into a notepad.

But then I acted on my suspicions and entered “justcashinc.com scam” as a search phrase at google. I read several sites and... found at least two that had nice blacklists and boycott lists that listed this one! And recently! The various forums did not report that they were being paid! OH OH. That confirmed my suspicions that it was a scam site.

So the lesson here folks, is that, well, it seems that every arena on the ‘net has scammers and scam sites! And they abound! That’s why I trust Tushar of MoneyListProfits and his team for giving us a list of over 25 Paid To Read sites that are PAYING and not scamming us! He’s spent over two years researching these particular programmes and for a one time fee (quite low) is not only putting that list in your hands, but is also giving you a tracking system, and PTR list management system! So that you are NOT scammed any more. Have a good look! You will be pleased.


sgworks said...

I was thinking of joining MLP and have seen mixed reviews if it was worth it or not, price seems high and people have said it is hard to follow, i.e. you must be an expert in marketing already to get a downline. I have a site trying to start for free and have one PTR on it that is relaiable, see


Now I may try Tushar's MLP{ but would like to see if anyone has any more comments on his site if it is worth the $80 or so he is charging now.

sgworks said...

Well thank you for the review I've been thinking about joining MLP and Tushar's programs, I have a site dedicated to starting for free and one good PTR program on it see:


I would be interested in any more comments to see if the $80 Tushar is currently chargning is worth it.

js said...

It is worth it if you take the time to develop a good downline with each PTR. If you don't take the time? It is not worth it. Because, you see, if one folds, then Tushar simply adds another, and your downline gets transferred over.

You can't do that yourself, easily in any case.

As well, you can re-sell Tushar's system and earn some bucks quickly. So consider that.