Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get Paid to Read e-mails Exposed

Below is a Review that I did of MoneyListProfits in my BLOG on August 15th. Since that Review was published I now have had 63 folks purchase the system (as of Nov. 27th) and started earning money. Here is the review:

There is an arena of making money from home, on the 'net, which I haven't talked about as yet. It's the arena of PTR programs (Paid To Read e-mails). Now this one is rife with scams as well. Just like any other arena of Internet Opportunities. It is filled with free programs and those that charge you for your participation (and, hopefully pay you).

It's a minefield that I did not wish to walk through as it seemed very boring to me. Well, having looked at a professional system around this am changing my mind.

Basically, a fellow named Tushar has spent the last few years researching, testing, and participating in hundreds of PTR programs. He has found many scams, and just a few (20+) free programs that are actually paying. (This list is actually larger and not available to the Public.)

Now, am not going to talk too much about it here as you can read his home page where he goes into a lot of detail around these programs. I just will tell you that basically you can make from $200 to $2000 or so per month, just by spending a few hours here, a few hours there, on the weekend, during lunch, and so on, and it can be fun.

Why should you look at this one? Because he's done all the work for you in finding the ones that will not scam you, that actually do pay, so that you can shorten your own research time. He also outlines step by step what you should do and how to do it. Why re-invent the wheel? The smart folks will take that wheel and run with it.

Now, his home page is rather lengthy, but I spent a full afternoon reading it and finally signed up. You will be surprised at how cheap it is do so. As well, since I do have lots of time... am going for it myself. Warning: toss all you know about these PTR's a way and pretend that you're a newbie. There's lots to learn from Tushar and his team of researchers, even if you're a savvy Internet Marketer.

If you haven't yet visited the detailed page, or haven't yet watched the video where Tushar shows proof of income, then go ahead.

The time is ripe.

I'll send you an update of my review that I did after I played with the system for over 20 days. It's quite interesting and reassuring. This is the real deal.


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