Friday, May 23, 2008

REVISIT: MoneyListProfits or MLP

This is for those folks who are good at sales and for those folks who like earning from paid to click programmes.

Well, just like the HYIP arena, this one is full of scams as well.

So where would you go to find out which of the PTC (or PTR) programmes are really paying and not scamming?

I've found only one place that is reliable, that updates their list frequently, that tracks your downlines in each PTC or PTR, that ensures that you don't lose your downline when a particular PTC or PTR goes down.

MLP is an integrated system. It allows you to track your sales, allows you to sign up with their proven list of PTCs, and even gives you the opportunity to earn income from selling the MLP system itself.

Watch this video then decide for yourself.

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