Saturday, June 7, 2008

About "want" and the power of words and affirmations

The word "want" is actually synonymous with "lack". Not that it implies lack. But it's the actual definition of "want". Want is defined as lack.

Then, words have vibrations of their own. They have power. Ask anyone who is familiar with the Kabalah and other mystic paths. Words and objects/symbols have their own vibration (an actual high frequency vibration full of energy).

When words are uttered thoughts or feelings of your own have very little effect. That's why it is said that God spoke the world (Universe) into existence.

But I do agree with the author/trainer that thoughts and emotions do have power, especially when visualizing or when speaking affirmations, especially out loud.

Finally the examples that he uses, especially the last one... well, seeing something and saying excitedly that I want that nice yellow mini does not in fact have enough of my personal energy via feelings/emotions and thought to actually make it happen. That's why you must repeat an affirmation at least 21 days, upon awakening and when going to sleep. But then even ten, I would NOT use the word want in my affirmation. I would say something like "I am abundant and am receving a brand new yellow mini, pink bikini, 32 inch waist." OK?

And am talking through experience! That's how I managed to get a Lexus SC400 (worth $65 grand) 15 years ago when I practiced such things.

Finally (second finally) those folks who can see auras will report that when they look at a person they see miniature objects circling the person, such as cars, jewels, money, homes, whatever the person's desires are, both at the feeling level (Astral plane and body) and mental plane and body. The more the person focuses on those desires, and thinks about them, the more defined these objects become until they finally manifest on the physical plane (this world), via all kinds of means.

One more thing: You see, the Law of Attraction is not a one shot thought or desire. It needs steady work, as I described in my last post, above. It needs a lot of your energy and Attention (the root of mind).

And that's why it eventually works, for folks constantly focus on what they desire, unconsciously and consciously. That is why folks get exactly what they "want" (because mostly they focus on desires UNconsciously). So when things happen folks are bewildered and cry out: why me????? Oh God why me? Because, idiot, that's exactly what you "want(ed)". Haha! And folks don’t understand that. Because they don’t have that knowledge of how things work. The unconscious Mind is 90% of your total mind. You are only aware of 10% of it. The 90% is what drives your life. It’s the script you are following without knowing it. That is why Jesus said “Know thyself”. That’s the meaning.

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