Saturday, June 7, 2008


Here is yet another goofy HYIP and likely a scam (99% probability).

Look at the stats:

Started May 20, 2008
Running days 17
Total accounts 607
Active accounts 356
Total deposited $ 20,078.06
Total withdraw $ 9,086.93

They are only 17 days old and already almost 50% of the way through their reserves. Unless they attract some brand new money they will fold in about 8 days when they reach 80% depletion.

Secondly, their plans are kind of mixed up. The first one quotes 20% to 24% Daily for 6 days. But don't say if that is ROI or Profit. Likely ROI. And that's just ridiculous.

The second plan says 130% to 150% after 6 days. What's that? ROI or Profit? Likely total ROI. And that would make it from 22% ROI per day to 25% per day for six days. Absolutely ludicrous. Pure Ponzi. Given that? Recall they are almost at 50% through their reserves. I give another 7 or 8 days before they shut down or run even earlier.

Finally, given that they will only run another 7 to 8 days? Even the five day plan is in jeopardy. For if you do manage to make it, by the time it comes to pay you out? They’re out of money! I hope you see that. Because these HYIPs are basically ponzi cyclers. Except for the profit sharing pool ones, which do even worse. Usually.

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Isabel said...

They`re online yet.It looks a good program.I am in and got paid everyday instantly.Hope they keep it.