Saturday, July 19, 2008

New programme launching soon, do read.

Ok, here is an important announcement from a person that I do trust. Ken Russo. Read on.

Greetings Everyone,

Make no mistake. MrsVIP remains at the very top of my list of recommended programs and I expect that it will for years to come.

In the interest of diversification I will be joining Oceanside Wealth. There is an extensive discussion at the ASA forum....

We are now seeing programs programs which empower each and every member to earn without having to complete a cycle, fill a matrix or build a downline. The first program to successfully combine the network marketing model with a passive income producing model is QLx3. The second (and best) program to do so is MrsVIP. Now we have Oceanside Wealth (OW) presenting a new program which will appeal to the masses. Thankfully, we are witnessing a major transformation in this industry whichtends to render referral-based programs obsolete and this is extremely good news for the vast majority of industry participants who have never been able to develop the additional income stream(s) they desperately seek.

I am in agreement with the following review from a fellow member...

begin review
Oceanside Wealth Review

Program announcement has exploded over at ASA forums and other various forums:

Oceanside Wealth Builders will be available to the public this MONDAY, July 20, 2008 for signups. I will be sharing and quoting some of what I heard from various contacts, forums, etc. I've heard a lot of good things about this company, mostly from my good friend Jake over at ASA. He feels this program may be the next "V-Lane". This is a new investment opportunity with a 15-20% average earned monthly (some months doing 30-40%). This earning percentage does not expire. The matrix side of the company can prove to be great source of income. This program has a somewhat similar structure to our favorite opportunity out there, MrsVip & V-Lane Traffic, in the sense that you have to join the matrix to take advantage of the product. In this case, the product is investments. People on the forums are excited to get in early because of the 2x10 "community" forced matrix, where people will be placed automatically LEFT TO RIGHT, all the way down to the first 10 levels. With the amount of excitement this program has been given, you can pretty much count on the 2x10 matrix to fill up quickly with no open spots. Getting in early is wise. I believe that if you get in early, and I mean early, you can bank on making a nice income from the matrix, even if you don't sponsor. Many will be watching closely for launch. Subscription is $60 a month. Weighing risk vs reward, I feel that this opportunity is worth the risk, and the reward can be much higher.

Matrix Chart:
Level 2 $10
Level 3 $50
Level 4 $400
Level 5 $80
Level 6 $640
Level 7 $320
Level 8 $1920
Level 9 $2,560
Level 10 $33,280

Now I can't guarantee these will be the earnings or anything. The site hasn't even launched. I just
did some due diligence and gathered information from the forums, contacts, and company. Do realize
that even though everyone is going crazy over the matrix, it's the product that matters the most at the
end of the day. Most people aren't matrix builders. After the initial craze of signups, the 15-20% average
monthly return is what should keep the program alive. I won't lie by saying I'm not excited to see what the
matrix can bring though.

Anyways, I'm in this program because of Jake's recommendation. I've known of Jake for years but only
became friends with him since January 2008 or so. I truly believe he changed his path, since he no longer
promotes ponzis. I don't think he'll steer us wrong, and will provide good opportunities.
Message from the company:

"Hello everyone, We are very excited to bring you this phenomenal opportunity with Oceanside Wealth!
I just got off the phone with my web programmer and we should be ready to start putting in positions in
the matrix as early as Friday. To give everyone a little foresight of what to expect... REAL RETURNS
based on our ACTUAL RETURNS. We use an institutional grade $60 million Forex trading program
along with the many years of experience of our trader to bring you phenomenal returns. We will be
posting monthly performance graphs along with doing live webinars so you can see our amazing results!
We will also have a built in front-end matrix with a $60 per month membership fee. You will then be able
to add any amount in $100 increments on top of that to go into our program. When we say any amount,
we mean ANY AMOUNT. There will be no maximum with us as we do not have to "look" for places to
put the money. It all gets combined with our personal portfolio to leverage it. The matrix will be a 2 by 10
forced matrix with the first 10 levels "community forced". This means that the first 1046 people will be
placed automatically left to right all the way down the first 10 levels. This will ensure that there are no
open spots and no one will get left behind. Jake said that he thinks we will fill the 2 x 10 matrix in about
a month, so as soon as we are live, you will want to put your position in ASAP. We will definitely be
here for the long haul and are looking forward to helping as many people's dreams come true as possible."
end review

Just last night (Thursday, July 17) I saw an hour long demonstration of the trading platform and I was
very impressed.

This program will not be launching until this coming Monday, July 20.
This gives you time to review the information contained in the forum
link provided above. Please do not send questions about Oceanside Wealth
to me at this time. Instead, post them in the forum and I'm sure they will be
responded to quickly. As you review the information in the forum you will
see that Oceanside Wealth is very similar to MrsVIP in that they both have...

...a membership matrix structure

...a passive income opportunity*

...the means by which ALL members can earn, whether or not they refer
a single person.

*Since we are required to view and rate websites an average of 22 days
per month, V-Lane Traffic cannot be defined as totally passive. Oceanside
Wealth is totally passive.

I have already decided to join the program based upon the information I have seen.
I will be sending my referral link as soon as the program launches. I will send a 24
hour notice prior to the launch as a reminder.

Active marketers should pay close attention to the matrix income potential. I am not
going to hype the matrix portion of the program. While there is always significant spillover
the moment a program launches, especially a 2-wide matrix, it is not of major significance
to inactive members who find themselves on the lower levels of any matrix. It will be of
interest to our active members and I suggest that everyone make your contacts aware
of Oceanside Wealth. The purpose for the matrix side of the program is to reward the
efforts of active marketers and responsible sponsors. Without active marketers these
programs would not exist. While we are not required to refer anyone to earn in the matrix,
those that do will earn a 50% matching bonus on anyone they do refer!

As is always the case, most of the members of OSW will not be in the "active marketer"
category. Like V-Lane Traffic, they will see the value of the passive portion of the program
and they will understand that the returns from the program will greatly exceed the monthly
cost of membership assuming they have adequate funds available to make the program
work for them.

Watch for more info about OSW very soon from myself and the forum.
Whether or not this program can perform as advertised and can sustain long-
term remains to be seen. If so, I expect that our team will grow steadily as has
been the case with QLx3 and MrsVIP. As many of you know, our group accounts
for almost 1/2 of the entire QLx3 and GMS membership base. One thing is certain.
Whenever a forced matrix is part of the equation, joining sooner is always much better
than joining later.

The payment processors will be....

Strict Pay
Solid Trust Pay
Alert Pay

Ken (and js)

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hey John...interesting post. That's for the heads up about the new program...will be watching to see further comments on how it goes.