Saturday, July 26, 2008

OceanSideWealth LAUNCH delayed until Aug. 3rd 6 PM EST

Link: (The JOIN link will appear on the left when the CLOCK expires in fact make it 5 minutes after it expires)

LAUNCH IS NOW DELAYED one whole week, now set at 3rd of August, 6 PM EST! Keep checking this blog. Server could not handle the load.

Good Morning Everyone,

You will need $61.50 in your payment processor
account - $60 plus $1.50 service fee.

Watch the countdown clock at this site.....

As soon as the clock expires you may proceed.

Here are the step-by-step sign up instructions


1. At the main page click on "Join" at the bottom of the left side menu

2. On the next page enter your desired username, email address and postal zip code.
Make sure there is a green dot next to distributor

3. Check the box to accept terms and conditions

4. On the personal details page insert company name if desired. Otherwise, leave blank

5. Enter first and last name

6. Enter address details

7. Enter home phone number

8. Enter email address

9. Enter email address again to confirm

10. Choose your password

11. Confirm password

12. Select security question

13. Insert security question answer

14. Make sure sponsor is correct

15. Click on Continue

16. Under "Package Selection" check the box under "Purchase"

17. Click on Continue

18. Under "Autoship Package Selection" check the box under "Add to autoship"

19. Click on Continue

20. Where it says " When you are happy with your order:" click on Continue

21. Scroll down to select your payment method

22. Complete payment

23. You will see a "Signup Complete" page which will contain you username, password
and referral link. Send your link to your contacts along with these instructions.

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