Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad news for the OceanSideWealth opp

Looks like they launched already! It’s such a mess. Below is an e-mail I received from my upline who WILL NOT be joining and for good reason. As you can see from my own posts below, I seriously started to question the programme in the ASA forum and finally got banned by Jake. Hence I will not be joining either and suggest you do not either. It’s not worth it on the front end and I seriously question the viability of their robot trading programme.

So here’s the note from my upline:

“Subject: Oceanside Wealth - Unbelievable But True

Hello Everyone,

Believe it or not, while most of us were sleeping the
following message was posted in the ASA forum by JD
who heads the Oceanside Wealth admin team....


First off I really want to apologize for not giving the proper notice about
what I am about to tell you. We have been up all weekend long and I
have maybe had 1 hour of sleep per day. All day long today we have been
taking peoples advice and running stress tests on our server. During a
final stress test, our programmer put a sign up link live and a bunch
of people got in. As of right now we have maybe 20 people who have
signed up but our server guys are insisting we keep the server up so
that they can continue to run diagnostic tests throughout the night. We
have no control right now that people are signing up so we want to give
an official notice that everyone can sign up. We didn't want to launch
right now but in order to get our servers ready we have to allow people
to sign up right now. Our server techs are in Australia so they are
working on it right now during the day.

So while this is not the
exact way we wanted to launch, we at least wanted to give everyone the
notice that you can now log in and join Oceanside. There are only like
20 people who have gotten in, and there are all kinds of script errors
going on right now so it is very slow going, but they have urged us to
proceed so that they can get a handle on these errors and fix them once
and for all. Please don't worry, you have not been buried behind a
bunch of people, as the going is very very slow right now. We realize
there will be unhappy people because we haven't given an official
notice, but we have to do this in order to get all the bugs worked out.


As I stated in the forum...
Words cannot described what has transpired tonight. This is the most unprofessional act by a program administration that I have ever seen. There is no way I can continue to support this program.

I am in complete agreement with this member's comments....

Seems to me this is a REAL launch..I have received half a dozen offers already to join..A secret launch
...What the heck is this all about? I absolutely REFUSE to get cought
up in this...This is just WRONG and I don't think it is going to be
very well received by the public who were left out in the cold.

is quickly turning into a complete JOKE. I could have signed up already
because believe me If you have a team email chances are i am already on
your list so I knew about this the moment it happened...But I REFUSE to
sign up!!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

WOW a secret Launch..I am just
shakeing my head trying to figure out how Oceanside figured this was
the way to go..This just absolutely smacks of preferential treatment
and back office deal cutting..For lack of a better word the whole thing
just seems DIRTY. I guess i don't recall Vlane haveing a SECRET launch
for the privilaged few.

When Oceanside first came on the scene
it really appeared to me that this would be a great oportunity for alot
of people..but looks like greed and back office politics got in the way
of that. I just can't endorse a program that does not provide a level
playing field for ALL.
I have my principles and I have my business ethics and they are not for sale even for a top level matrix position.

Full steam ahead with Vlane..The most ethical program on the net.

How anyone with an ounce of ethics or professionalism can continue to support this program is beyond me.
As far as I am concerned, Oceanside Wealth is history! There are
much better projects to focus on.”

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