Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jake of ASA Forum suspends my account

Holy shit My account at the ASA Monitor Forum has just been suspended by Jake of ASA! Here is the error message am receiving:

Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on Jul 29 2008, 11:08 PM.

And all that was due to the questions that I have been posing around OceanSideWealth!



He did not like it as it is his pet Project! So much for a distracted Reviewer eh ? A guy that reviews and is not influenced by others? That does not seem to be Jake! OceanSideWealth seems to be his pet Project! And it could be a good one, no doubt, but what I have uncovered, and the questions that I have asked in his FORUM... leads me to believe that he is VERY involved, that he HAS signed up other leaders before launch (despite his claims of no preference in the public forums) and ... well, that is enough!

So I published such details and have found that my account, tonight, at ASA, is suspended! Just after my posts!




HermitJim said...

Hey John...sounds like a case of people protesting too much for something NOT to be up.

Any program should be willing to withstand a little scrutinity and should not be afraiod to answer a few questions, don't you think?

Glad I didn't join.

js said...

Right you are Jim! He could not stand the heat. And I appreciate that. Having told his audience that all is fair, then having at least two folks come out and tell the world that it was not fair and so on? Wow, that would cause me to blush as well, if I were the guy prooting that one.


js said...

prooting? Wow. What is prooting? I think I meant promoting!


js said...

Well, it's a good thing I got banned from ASA Forum as the shite really hit the fan after that!

JD out of Australia decided to launch silently in order to stress test the system... and stayed open! So all of the work that went into getting Leaders and downlines lined up? All down the drain!

And JD, Jake, lost all credibility.