Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok, here is another lesson I have learned just today.

After a few days of almost ten bucks a day on that Adwords Campaign I have re Hydrogen, HHO, and running further on your gallon of gas using Brown's Gas?

I realized that the top keywords that I was using were simply attracting the wrong crowd? What do I mean?

Well, consider this. My main keyword that was drawing the most clicks per day was HHO and then Hydrogen kits.

Now think about it. What the heck do YOU know about HHO? All you may have heard is that there is a way to save money on the high prices of gas using water!

So who the heck was keying on HHO and Brown's Gas (same thing). Why... the folks who already knew about it and were doing some further research! So by the time they got to MY review, it was old news for them! So they bought.... NOTHING!

Ok, so you see? This is a very interesting game that requires you to use your brains, and think about it. So now I have PAUSED those high paying and poor producing keywords and phrases. Now am focussing on those who are ignorant about all this but have heard something about it in the news, usually. Am more likely to sell with these folks than the folks who already know about it and who are looking for more research and info, all to my detriment in cost per click!


For those of you who are still ignorant about what is going on here with this saving money on gas thing? It's for real. Read my reviews:

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