Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's about dreams

I just had a thought.

And I know that some of you think am nuts.

Because of some of the things I say, like this is a dream world like any other, but somehow you are anchored in this one. Well ok. Fine. So be it. But look at the signs, ok?

Don't be so closed that you are not aware of the signs. Myself? I know am in a dream. Just like I know when am in a nocturnal dream.

I have finally been able to notice that am in a dream. And then wake up.

Have you? No? Dreams seem very real, then you wake up and forget! But not I. Not any longer.

So now listen: I don't care how much in debt I am. It's funny money in a not so funny dream! So I don't particularly care about the money. It is ephemeral! Fleeting! But your feelings and experiences are not. They tend to carry on from dream to dream (life to life).

So don't ignore your feelings. But do devalue your price on making money! Try to hold a bigger picture, will you? I hope you will. God is always with you. You have never left. But you think you have, and so you are so confused. Very confused. Now choose the side of your right-mind, or the HS.

Now go.


Lydia said...

Hi John,

Happy Easter! :)

I don't think you're nuts. Well..wait a minute, sometimes I do. Okay a lot of times I do. ;) But...aren't we all? Sure.

Yet, I certainly don't think you're nuts when it comes to what you wrote. Or maybe we're both nuts? Possible. Agreed with you, and also feel the same way. Especially lately. Sometimes its comforting, sometimes its ...zombyish, weird...almost not of this world..wait...what was that? Ahhhh yup. Not of this world. Or of any world..In limbo, in between states. Maybe? Or possibly
we're both nuts.

Not sure really. Just makes ACIM so much more accurate, doesn't it?

Well..turkey was good, so was the ham. This limbo at least has good food!

Now go!?(where should I go?)

love ya

js said...

Right you are, I think.

Therefore am not.

It can get weird, I agree.

And ACIM seems to be quite accurate.

Everything is happening at the same "time". Hence Deja vu and so on. But am getting off-topic. And that's ok.

love, js