Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's about greed

There are two masters that most folks follow, these are greed and lust (or women and gold as Sri Ramakrishna put it). There is a third Master that some folks follow and that would be God or the Divine or the Lord (this should be the number One Master).

Now let us apply this to the situation at hand. When greed rears it's ugly head there will be those out there that will provide avenues or venues where greed can be fed. The person under it's spell will either lose or win, but usually lose if the person does not understand how the venue rules and exit strategies. As well, the person should be the master, instead of the other way around.

If the person mostly loses that person will usually experience fear and feel as if they are the victim of those who have provided the venue for their greed to feed at.

Now most folks don't like being victims as fear is very uncomfortable. Hence the fear is almost instantly transformed into anger and the victim now becomes the victimizer as he or she lashes out at the perceived perpetrator: the Admin or Owner of the venue where that person was feeding their greed. In fact, the victimizer now may also lash out at all Admins and Owners of such venues.

Do you see what am pointing at? It is not the Admin that are at fault. One can still feed their greed but keep it in check and still win some gold, but one must understand the rules of the game and have a good exit strategy. Once some gold is won one must move on to the next venue, or if one finds one's self losing consistently then one must exit such venues, after realizing that one was following a master not worthy of them and one has been enslaved by greed. Blaming those who offer the trough where greed can feed are not to blame.


Rod said...

Good post JS
I wish people would follow it.


js said...

Thanks Rod. It's the truth.