Thursday, February 12, 2009

4th Totally Passive Opp added

Totally Passive Opps: the first two are now suspended as I indicated yesterday. The third I've dropped and so the 4th replaces the 3rd. From now on when I say ...the third totally passive opp, I mean the one that's paying. I can't mention the name yet, not until they open to the public.

And now... drum roll.... I have been apprised of the 4th totally passive opp: Yep, not Guradian EG. One of my readers, and a blogger himself, told me about it last night and I researched it this morning. I like it! Now... this is a Managed ForEx group. I told you earlier I lost 8K with Managed Forex Groups. The key reason for that was that my partner went from one promising trader to another, then another, then another. Each one lost our money and util it was all gone. An unfortunate string of circumstances.

I like RFI because their strategy is entirely different. It's about outsourcing to a number of ForEx traders who all use independent and dissimilar strategies to trade, thus spreading the risk. All of that is well-explained on their About Us page. Do read that before you join (for free)

Another thing I like about this outfit is that there is no fee for withdrawing your money. And they return your principal back to you at the end of the contract, so that's even more profit for you.

But how are they faring during this economic downturn? Read for yourself, below. Finally they take AlertPay, PerfectMoney, and Liberty Reserve (you can start with ten bucks). Oh and once you have made your deposit, click on the Compounding link up top and change that to whatever you wish. I myself will compound at 100% for a while. Enjoy!

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