Friday, January 11, 2008


Ok, my first impression in seeing all those cartoon usernames is that this one may be an outright scam and those usernames are fake. I mean, look at all those positions and pretty well ALL of the usernames there are from cartoon characters! That is HIGHLY suspicious to me.

And look at speedygonzalas: 2050 positions at $10 a position! How much moola is that? Over $20 Grand! Who in their right mind would put in twenty grand in a cycler in this climate? And 200% ROI? That's just nuts!

And what is all this about?:

"a" do not invest in this line $5.00 200.00% 3874 $3560.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $2.00 150.00% 2905 $1186.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $4.00 200.00% 2579 $1924.00 1/11/2008
"a" do not invest in this line $1.00 150.00% 7447 $1026.00 1/11/2008

Sounds like a "cheat" trap. But who would invest so much money in a cheat trap?

Now let's look at those stats:

Total Positions: 29537
Total Withdrawn: $$18,890.49
Member Count: 4368
Paid Members: 2542
Free Members: 1826
Total Sales: $151,746.86
Total Paid: $117,547.30
Last Member: Ptchero
Last Joined: 1/11/2008
Running Time: 2m 9h 39m

Total withdrawn is nearly $19K. But Total Paid is $117K. What the f***ck? So this one too has a compounding feature then? Bad for you, good for Admin, again. And they are over 77% through their reserves, so they are about to run with your money! Stay out.

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Cheryl Casey said...

I wish I'd seen this before I joined. I bailed out because of the HIGHLY unprofessional responses from the admin (no capital letters, no explanation for the difficulty, and MENTIONING HIS PERSONAL LIFE???)...

... and that same day I started getting spam to my paypal e-mail address about other cyclers. I hadn't had a single piece of spam before then. REAL professional and cute, huh?