Friday, January 18, 2008


This one may come to you as or others (the dag will be replaced by other usernames). No matter. Same opp.

This is a 2UP programme with a twist. Instead of giving up your first two sales to your upline you give up your 1st sale and your 3rd sale. That's just an effort to convince you that you will do well with this one.

Listen: if you are good at recruiting it will not matter to you whether you give up your first two sales, or your 1st and 3rd! So that's just a marketing tactic. Don't trust it.

So then... it's really a 2UP programme... sometimes called an Infinity Programme, because if you can make it work you can make a lot of bucks, to infinity! But most of these demand big bugs for each sale, like $500 or more. But even the ones at $50 are hard to work.

I've tested a number of these over the last five years and it is very disappointing, even for someone who can recruit ok. It surely is not a PASSIVE programme. So? Avoid.

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