Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here is some advice I gave to someone who is on a very low budget.

Forget 3HourProfits. Am going to remove it. It's way too time consuming. You'd have to post in excess of 90 ads per day! Unless you use your own money. The real benefit there is in finding out where to post. But I've stopped promoting that one. It worked out well for the first couple of weeks. But I think that the market is saturated with that one (although, new folks keep coming onboard the Internet....)

MLP: if you like clicking on a lot of ads and you do a lot of that, and you use the ones listed in MLP, you could, over time build a nice downline in each one of them and make some bucks... some folks actually make a decent amount ($1K to $2K per month), but after six months or more. I can't do that kind of thing. The best way to make money in this one is to actually sell the system. But... it is not recurring. So am now much more focussed on PlugInProfits (all six income streams have recurring income) and FollowOurLead.

All Teamed UP is a matrix. Later on they will have income streams. So for now... legit? Well, again, it's a matrix. But it is again not recurring. So you should decide on whether you want to put your efforts into that one or not. To me it sounds like you should be doing 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay to start making some immediate cash.

You know your options are very limited on $100. I suggest you start a blog at and start writing articles and push programs like MoneyListProfits as you can make $20 per sale.

Also set up a account, look through the market place, choose a product, generate the link to that. Review it in your blog. Then use to notify various RSS feeds. Advertise your blog. This one of the best ways to get some sales. Review clickbank products in your blog, and advertise your blog.

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