Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mrs. VIP, good news!

* I have just received an e-mail from my upline in Mrs. VIP. The news looks good. Here is part of the e-mail:

“*Note - GMS stands for Global Marketing Solutions which is the Mother Corporation of MC Inc. (MARVCorp Inc.). These 2 entities have given rise to Mrs VIP (a network marketing model) and V-Lane Traffic (a passive income producing model) which have been combined and have created a very innovative, professional and well-structured opportunity which has already proven to be of tremendous benefit to average folks world wide.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this program is going to change the life of each and every member who makes the wise decision to join us in this extraordinary venture. I made a similar statement only one other time over the years at which time I introduced my contacts to QLx3 and it's strategic alliance with a very private affinity group and International Credit Union. I am very pleased to say that I my assessment was correct. QLx3/ICU has benefited each and every member and has been doing so for 8 months now. Since it remains a very complex work in progress, we are looking forward to an already fabulous program becoming even better as it evolves.

It is with greater conviction and belief that I can now say that Mrs VIP/V-Lane Traffic WILL benefit EACH and EVERY member, regardless of their marketing ability. It is providing an immediate income stream for ALL members. This means each and every member begins to earn on the SAME DAY during which they become a vested member of the program.

The most important distinction between the two programs is the level of earnings available to the members. Very simply, Mrs VIP/V-Lane Traffic provides a higher level of earnings than QLx3/ICU. This is why MrsVIP is now the program I recommend before all others including QLx3 which, of course, is my # 2 pick.

You can listen to the recording of this life-changing call at any time by clicking on this link....

Turn up the speakers, relax and get excited as you listen to the founders as they share their vision. You will learn....

.....What the program founders, Dr. Mara Greenway and Vee Gordon. are doing to keep MrsVIP/V-Lane Traffic stable, long-term and lucrative

.....More details on their plans for growth and productivity.

.....About several VERY exciting things and new ventures that are coming in 2008?

This call will leave NO DOUBTS about why MrsVIP/V-Lane Traffic is THE place for true change and the place for YOU to be!

After listening to the entire call, especially the information discussed by Dr. Mara Greenway, you will have 2 choices.

1. You can choose to remain skeptical and in a state of disbelief because you have suffered losses in previous programs. Unfortunately, in our desire to protect ourselves from further losses, many of us tend to dismiss new opportunities without taking a close look. My friends, do not make that mistake here. Gather the information you need because, in this case, there is way too much at stake.

2. You can choose to make a truly life-changing decision by joining one of the very best, most professional and incredibly lucrative programs you will ever be exposed to and this means joining as quickly as you can. You can choose to believe the information that Vee Gordon and Dr. Mara Greenway have discussed on the call and then apply the information and literally change your life with this program.

I urge you to choose wisely.

Join here -

Make sure you scroll down at the main page and you will see additional links including the sign-up link.

This link will walk you through the entire sign-up process:

Remember, each and every member earns equally in the passive side (V-Lane Traffic) of the program and they
will start to earn the very first day and each and every day, 365 days per year.

Active members earn more via their referrals to the networking side (MrsVIP) of the program.


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