Saturday, January 5, 2008

All-Teamed-Up will be a success

I just received this e-mail from my upline in All-teamed-up. And it's a good one. Am trusting Shipley on this one.

"Hello, This is Shipley,

I have never sent an email that is as important as this one. DO NOT read it now
unless you have the time to give it your undivided attention, just come back to it
later, please.....

Because you are getting this email, you have been in my database for a long time, many of you as
much as 5 to 6 years, this email is not going to everyone.

Many of you have joined with me in programs over the years, not all of them totally successful as
we would have liked, but I do not think that anyone can honestly say that they have lost money with
me and if you did it was because you did not follow the instructions and missed entry timing.

The fact is that we can all make mistakes and as a member of The Shipley Group you must admit
that the mistakes are exponentially reduced because I do my best to make sure that I do my
due diligence before I disseminate a link to join anything. I am not about losing money and have
no desire to see you lose money.

These days, thanks to all of you, we do not have to go into aged programs to make money, we are
approached by owners, admins and primary people that are on the inside and want the momentum
and the people that we have proven to generate, therefore we do not get into things late, we get in
at the beginning and we all know that the big money is always at the start.

I have always preferred startups and rarely go into anything that is aged, as you know.

There are 2 things that I want to express in this email and then I will get back to work emailing.

#1.) "ATU" All Teamed Up, is truly a program that you DO NOT want to pass up and if
you never join another program ever again, this is the one you will want to go out with, it's
working and the guys at the top have a lot of aggressive plans that go into the future well beyond a year,
so please take the time to look into ATU and if you need to call me, do so, but again what ever you do
get into the 2x10 matrix as fast as you can, spend the measly $35.00 and get $3872.00 by the time
you cycle, and IF you decide to promote you need to be aware that everyone you bring in will
put an additional $1936.00 in your pocket as they cycle after you.

I can not express to you in this email how good ATU is so again, if you want to talk, lets do it.

I have been associated with Gregg the owner of "ATU" for quite a while and you will NEVER find a
person that really wants people to make money and IS NOT in it only for here is the
link. This is my personal link and this will probably be the last time I
send it...Why because I have enough upgraded members and I am going to put all of my upgraded
members that do not have at least 3 Upgraded members themselves into my rotator to assure that
everyone that joins as a result of me gets a minimum of 3 people, this is what you may ultimately
make, if you sponsor no one...are you ready $3872.00 + $1936.00 + $1936.00 + $1936.00
for a total of $9680.00 how ever if you do promote you can make even more than that.

PS. Don't have $35.00 that's ok.... If you want to get in for FREE!!! let me know
and I’ll show you how.......If I am not immediately available give Karen a call....but just
do something, do not get left out we have a GIGANTIC advertising campaign that will
start in about 10 days and you gotta get in now!!!!

Why would I want to do this because as some of may already know, we have, what I can only
express as the best program I have ever been associated with that is in the hands of Top Notch
Cutting Edge, Programmers and Designers. The Program software is being designed, built and
totally customized from the ground up, this will be the 1st of it's kind and will be the most exciting
and the most lucrative program you will have ever witnessed and been a part of.

The cost of development as of December was at $20,000.00 by the time it's finished it will be coming in at about $40,000.00. The planning and development started back in September of 2007.

I would love to draw parallels to give you an idea of how this will operate but can not at this time.

So Back To The Question of why I would do this Why would I take myself out of the promotional side and stop brining in my own personal referrals because by doing what I am doing, those people will go
to you, you will make money so when we bring up The Biggest One In My Career, In Late April, Early
May 2008, you will have more than enough money to get in and if you have ever believed anything I
have said before you have got to believe me when I say you in April or May we will have a program that
will fulfill all of your dreams and desires I have never done anything as good, as huge and exciting as
what you will soon be a part get into ATU and lets get going so that we are all ready for "The Big One" Coming in Late April early June. [js: he’s referring to their first income stream of many to come]

My database is huge, the people getting this are in my A, B, or C list. I am moving all my A list people into B so if you want to be moved into my A list please use this link and hit send I will move you, this will mean that you will get the very first email that I send out on any and all new programs in advance of everyone." [js: not to worry, if you’re on my free ALERT SERVICE list? You will get first dibs.]

There you go folks! Sounds like it is worth the risk! Go and find out more about it.

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