Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, so what am I thinking?

Am thinking that the system in place is designed to rob you of your financial freedom (and other freedoms). The system has been setup in such a way that you have to keep working day and night just to stay afloat. It's far too complex to describe in this blog. But.... google The Protocols of (the Elders of) Zion and read that document and you will be astonished at how much of that has been already implemented. And yet the document was written over 100 years ago (am not sure how long ago, but enough to astonish even yourself).

The scammers do not help either.

In fact, I suspect that the Authorities turn a blind eye to a lot of the scams that are going on. They certainly have the technology to monitor all e-mails (google ECHELON) and track folks to their point of origin, I have no doubt about that. So what gives? Why are they not shutting down more of the scammers and hackers? They certainly do have the resources to do it. Don't believe anything else to the contrary.

So am I suggesting a conspiracy to remove the folks in the middle? Sure I am. Look at all the businesses failing and the large conglomerates taking over. WalMart has a fleet of trucks larger than what the US Army has! And there is more! Google Walmart.

Or look at this link: http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/conspiracy/facts/walmart.html

So the Internet is the last bastion of financial freedom. But it's a mine field! How are you supposed to find the right programs? Well, I try to find them for you. But you also have to get rid of that mindset that you may have been brainwashed with that says that you can become financially free starting with zero cost, or very little cost. That's just a pipe dream! If you continue to believe that? You will continue to lose $320 here, $20 there, and all that will total up to thousands of bucks lost and you will have nothing to show for it.

So get rid of that mindset and commit to some sort of budget and especially time. And hard work. There is still some time left to get free, but not much time. One day we will find that the Internet is being regulated by the Powers That Be.

So which programs do I think are worthwhile to put your money, time, and effort into?

Here they are:

1. PlugInProfits - very passive as it does not require you to call anyone, e-mail anyone, talk to anyone. Just put your time and money into it and let the AutoResponder handle your prospects.
2. FollowOurLead - this one is more active. But all you have to do is to invite your prospects to the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday calls. 90% of folks invited get converted.

The first one has six sources of legit income. The second one has four. Do ok with these and you have 10 sources of income! Which eventually ads up!

Go for it.


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