Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why work from home contest

Ok, myself and Blondie have come up with a list of reasons why it is a good idea to be working on the Internet from home. In no particular order: (a brainstorming session between js and Blondie): Oh and we announce a contest about all this. OK, let’s have some fun here folks! Enough of the doldrums. Working online CAN be fun!

Send us your own reasons as to why having an online business on the Internet will serve you well (list practical reasons you have NOT seen in our list and also other reasons, like we have, ok?). So, send your entries right now.

The person with the most hilarious and even useful link will earn $5 in e-gold, provided by js. There will be five top winners as decided by the judges: js and Blondie. $5 for the first, $6 for the next, $7 for the next, $8 for the next and a whopping $9 for the final, or best. As to how we will determine the rankings? Well, we’ll scratch our heads over that and decide. Whatever is most practical or makes us laugh the most! Let’s have some fun!

And don't lose your sense of humor! OK?

Ok, here we go: The TOP reasons why you should work at home, Online, on the Internet!

- being able to work naked or in my pj’s
- drinking and working
- own hours
- watching TV or movies and working
- farting out loud
- having to shower much less (or not every day)
- no make up for women
- eating and working
- being either passive or active or in-between
- having your money work for you
- being able to express your thoughts, like in a blog
- having no friggin' bosses to answer to
- being able to go out doors w/o having to "take a break" and use up your break for the entire afternoon
- being able to have sex with self any time of the day or night
- being able to say anything without fear of being fired
- being able to go on a pee break any time you like! And without permission!
- being able to poo without holding it back!
- saving lots of gasoline money by NOT having to drive to work
- making friends AND money!
- being able to talk to yourself and have other people read it and not think you are talking to yourself and are insane.
- coming in late or leaving early is NOT a big deal
- taking a Sick day will be excused by YOU
- making money while asleep!
- being able to test advertising campaigns within days, not months!
- watching the Traffic Report on TV and knowing YOU won't be in it
- no need to shave for a few days!
- no ropes around the neck with those friggin' ties
- deadlines? did you say "deadline" hahaha
- flipping off someone on the net and they never know or mooning them? You like THIS butt ???? hahaha
- developing multiple streams of income and not having to worry over any one of them failing? As your eggs are not in one basket?
- keeping the heat on to YOUR satisfaction, NOT the Company's
- not having to worry about being laid off
- no sexual harassment when you're working from home! Unless you're kinky? And go to Adult Chat sites? While working? No one will tell.
- Your boss won't know that you're surfing porn sites while working!
- staying home with the kids and/or critters
- staying home
- doing laundry and housework not ONLY on weekends
- not doing laundry for a long, long, time - and wearing the same underwear day after day, if we choose.. and use Febreeze?
- being able to take up to 15% off the mortgage or rental as you take about 15% of the home or residence for conducting your business. But be careful. You may wish to claim less, so as to be under the wire, as they say. Or under the radar.

So, send your entries right now,

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