Thursday, January 3, 2008

Twittering and Social Networking - why it is not productive

Here is why I felt that Giblink would not be a success: it is one of those Social Networking Sites. And the numbers are in. They are slowing down!

Why don't these things work? Like Ojeez, Myspace and others? Because they are the wrong target audience for shits sake! Has no one thought about that?

These Social Networks are filled with teenagers and others who just wish to feel great by making new friends! And be appreciated! They, for the most part, are NOT interested in developing business relationships nor buying your e-books that you are pushing!

That's why I have been negative about GIBlink and others. I was not about Ojeez. I just wanted to test it out. I've also tested out DirectMatches, both as a paid member and a free member. Same thing. In the latter, it's just a bunch of networkers trying to convince other networkers to join their opp! To no avail! As they don't know how to lure those in. So it's a failure.

My suggestion? Stay away from Social Networks like Giblink, DirectMatches, and Twitter.

Move on.


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