Friday, January 18, 2008


You know all those folks that commit all those irrational murders and even just attacks on other folks? They are not ensoled! Meaning that they are just minions! Nature spirits are running their bodies! And in fact, the desires from those who have died that are ferocious ... usually these animate the animals in nature.

Because there are so many births these days? Not enough souls are out there to animate these bodies. So where do the essences come from to animate all these new and erratic bodies? From the desires of the bodies that have expired, but which desires have not yet been fulfilled! They go into Nature while the soul enter it’s hellish period, then its heaven period, then it’s return!! Here... to expiate more karma, or learn more lessons. As it is a school here! Believe it or not.

So that's why so many folks act like animals (as they are ensouled by desires, and not by an actual soul). And that is also why many animals commit freakish acts of suicide... as the soul that is now ready to reincarnate is ready to return to life and needs those desires to return to him or her, to be fulfilled or expiated. So all the accidents.. cats run in front of cars and so on. My cat did. Not in front of a car.. but simply jumped out of his body one day, hung around a friend who was meditating at that time (for about 20 minutes, and confirmed it) then left.

Do you understand?

Now don't let me lose you! If you are freaked out and wish to read only business related stuff from me? Just ignore this stuff. And only remember the business related stuff ok? I just have to remind you that this is a blog or WEBlog, or diary, and am not some stuffy accountant telling you about various opps out there. OK? Ok.

That's what makes this BLOG somewhat interesting, wouldn't you say?


Jan said...

Haha, totally unexpected to read about Minions on a IntOpps blog, but u made my day.

A fellow MV reader.

Jan said...

Haha, totally unexpected to read about Minions on an Internet Opps blog, but the contrast made my day.

Just found your blog. U just write what u goddamn please, Loonie!! (:)-o

Another MV reader.

js said...

Hey Jan. Thanks.

I think you will enjoy my larger BLOG here: